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4 responses needed finest homework tutors onboard


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4 responses needed finest homework tutors onboard
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1.) Think about the Hip-Hop culture and how it has gone mainstream. What is its importance for black culture, and how is it another example of sports and the arts breaking down racial barriers? Why is it in sports and the arts that this happens and not in, for example, science or religion?

Hip-Hop has been a popular source of music for many years since the 1970s as a challenge to structural racism. African-Americans started the hip-hop evolution which included graffiti, break-dancing, emceeing, and rap music. Hip-hop originated from African-Americans preaching, singing the blues, political, and social themes which evolved to the type of music of Hip-hop and Rap. The importance of hip-hop in the black culture was that they were able to express themselves through music. They could say anything they wanted and sold many albums because of the words they spoke through their music. According to author Robin D.G. Kelley and Earl Lewis, “Hip-Hop might be the newest addition to the world of black music, but it is successful precisely because it draws on what came before” (Kelley & Lewis pg 42).

In African-American history, many of them were not able to show their skills in science, religion, or engineering. African-Americans weren’t able to pursue those opportunities until the late 1940s and after due to the white people and segregation. African-Americans were well known for their music, speech, and sports.  Again, it was due to the white people not allowing them to do more. It was because of those people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and much more, which were able to help African-Americans pursue other skills. According to editor Manning Marable and Leith Mullings, “The term hip-hop activism drew attention to hip-hop as a social critique of injustice” (Marable & Mullings pg 118). Many African-Americans had raw talent to promote so many different songs because of hip-hop, blues, jazz and much more.

Many black people were fighting to survive because of white people. White people didn’t want to give black people the benefit of the doubt. Although, there were many black people who eventually became successful and a major role model to many, that didn’t come until later in the years. Because of the opportunity being struck down by white people, black people could only be known for sports and music.


When it comes to being a good leader in general, and a great woman leader, Oprah Winfrey comes to mind. Oprah is more than just a talk show, network, or loads of money and she worked so hard to get where she is. An important quality for leaders is to be well spoken and able to draw attention from large crowds. Oprah has been doing this for quite a while, with her talk show, but she has also done specials where they talk about uncomfortable topics that would otherwise go untold. She was able to gain a following from speaking about things that really go on in life that would not be mentioned otherwise. She has faced her own adversity when a relative abused her as a child. She did not let that shut her down or stop her, she left for school to escape the toxic environment and better herself. To go along with schooling, Oprah is very smart and innovative, which is important for a leader to be. A leader should have well thought out plans that will succeed, this will draw a bigger following for a leader. Oprah is also highly motivated and driven. Once her show began, she was overweight and struggled with body image issues. She was motivated to lose weight and she eventually reached her goal of 90 pounds lost. Another good quality a leader should have is to be empathetic and caring, which Oprah is. It is good to be strong, but at the same time it is good to show that you are human. This allows the leaders following to see that they are easy to relate with. So as you can see, Oprah Winfrey has demonstrated many good leadership qualities throughout her life whether that be as a child or as a celebrity.


As a minority African American woman myself, I get a sense of pride when I see other woman in leadership positions. I decided to do some research on the characteristics that defines being a great leader. Studies shows that there are 6 characteristics; resilience, flexibility, communication, courage, humility/presence and responsibility. I wanted to talk about a person who I believe instilled these qualities and for that, I decided to write about our former first lady, Michell Obama.

First, I would like to go back in time and begin when she was a child. A little girl born on January 17, 1964 in the windy city of Chicago, IL. She was raised in an environment where her parents were role models and showed her the good things in life. Her father was the provider of the home and her mother stayed home with the children. She has always been the type of person who loved helping people. She ensured that she helped her mom around their one-bedroom apartment, to make sure once her father arrived home he could rest, as he never missed a day of work. Her parents always instilled in her and her older brother that achievement and hard work was the key to success.

She was always a gifted student and did not allow anything or anyone affect her end goal. She graduated high school at the age of 17 and was selected to study Sociology and African American studies at Princeton University, where she graduated with honors. With being one of the few minorities at this school, she experienced certain things that made her more aware of the issue of racism. After graduating she applied to Harvard Law School, where once again she faced bias from counselors that she wouldn’t excel.

After 7 years of college, she graduated with her master’s from Harvard and was offered to work with Chicago Law firm Sidley & Austin. While working there she was selected to mentor summer interns. She came across one gentleman by the name of Barack Obama and it was like love at first sight. From there initial interaction, Barack was a very persistent guy and knew what he wanted. They gotten married 4 years later which she has never looked back on.

They had 2 beautiful children, which to my surprise wasn’t the easiest for them. Michelle struggled with infertility for a long time and through many researches was able to conceive both of her children through the IVF process. Not only was she an amazing wife, but she was able to become a nurturing mother of Malia and Natasha Obama. Her trails during this process, was definitely rewarding as she was able to receive two beautiful miracles.

I believe overall, Michelle and Barack Obama showed the world a dynamic power couple. With jumbling work, family and personal time, they definitely showed the world that we as minorities are capable to exceed upon measures in this world. She focusses on being that advocate for not only women but for all minorities. Her efforts were to support and inspire the younger generation. She worked on projects to provided that support and continued encouraging them in any way possible. She was a spokesperson for “when we all vote”, to educate people on the importance of using your 15th Amendment. She also launched the “Let’s Move” movement, where she brought together community leaders, educators, medical professionals and parents to address childhood obesity, as America has the highest obesity rates worldwide. She worked on issues that was close to her heart and wanted nothing but for people of color to see that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

I believe Michelle Obama was a very strong, powerful, intellectual woman and deserves to be recognized today.



In this topic I’d like to think a little bit deeper and truly ask, does the US economy has big enough space to grow? if so, how can we potentially explode it to its max and get the best results to benefit our economy? I do find very interesting how some opinions say that technology now a days can be a limit for our long term growth, I personally do not believe that because the more technology we have the better and bigger increase in economic growth at the end of the date, yes technology develops really fast but the thing is, it never stops it always keep going and producing more and better things every day, it is not going to be a limit for the US economic growth. Perhaps, it will help contributing to it.

Something that I do find very limited for our economy growth are natural resources, those have certain amount supply because we have been exploding them for so many years that eventually they will come to an end and then what? what is it going to be next? We have to keep in mind that when the scarcity of natural resources increases, the market price and the economic incentives to look for a less expensive alternative also increases, for this particular manner the government can use the help of very skilled personnel who has dedicated their life to work on farms for example, those are the experts on natural work and that will reduce the limitation on how and where to find the natural resources needed. Few things to keep in consideration that eventually finding a solution for such an issue will benefit the US economic tremendously in the long run. I do not think it will be a bad idea, at least trying to find better ways to help our country’s economic growth. Let’s not forget that before a new product gets release to the public there has to be someone who tries it and see if it works, it is just the same concept, let us try and go from there. “Economic growth if explained as an increase in the output of a nation in terms of production of its good and services” Let’s keep the work and our economy growing.

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