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Chemistry assignment help

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What is chemistry?

Chemistry is a science that has its basis in physics. It can be explained to be the structure and composition of matter. An atom is the basic composition of the study of chemistry. The history of chemistry is tracked down from the term alchemy. The word alchemy has its basis in the Persian word Kimia.

Chemistry is an important science because it brings the connection in different scientific fields such as biology and geology. At, we help learners in all grades of chemistry studies.

Jean-Baptiste Dumas defines chemistry as a discipline that concerns itself with the laws and impacts of forces of molecules. His definition was later on improved to describe chemistry as the study of composition, structure, and reactions that change the form of a substance to a different one.

The learning of chemistry was brought about by the burning process that led to the metallurgy study. The purification process was discovered as a result of gold. This led to the use of chemical substances experiments of burning substances under different temperatures.

Chemistry homework help

At, we provide expert assistance in chemistry homework for students at all study levels. We prioritize to employ highly qualified persons to assist in doing your assignments. Our team has a solid background in chemistry and can offer students the best tutoring services. We clearly understand the value of time for all our clients. This is why we at ensure that the assignments are done within the required timelines as per the student’s instructions. Our completed tasks are 100% unique and their correctness is fully guaranteed. Getting chemistry assignment help is easy for all students worldwide. They only have to get in contact with live chat to converse about their assignment. After the discussion and the procedures, the writer begins the task. They ensure that they write the assignment correctly and authentically.

At, we help in these areas;

Atomic structure


The states of matter

Chemistry in action

Chemical thermodynamics


Chemical equilibrium


Chemical kinetics




Organic chemistry


Coordination chemistry


Chemical bonding



Halogen containing compounds




Chemical analysis

Nuclear chemistry

Coordination chemistry

Surface chemistry

D and F block elements


S and P block elements

Chemical periodicity

Hydrogen and its properties

Principles of extraction of metals

Biology homework help

Biology is a discipline of science that is defined as the study of natural organisms and their growth and taxonomy. This area of study was derived from ‘bios’, a Greek word meaning life. In Egypt and the Indian subcontinent, biology was studied in the ancient age. The father of biology study was known as Aristotle. Hippocrates was the father of the study of medicine, a discipline that was performed way before Aristotle’s study.

The introduction of microscopes by Anthony van Leeuwenhoek made a significant advancement in the study of biology. The discovery of organisms such as spermatozoa and bacteria was made possible since they were invisible using naked eyes.

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, Alfred Russel Wallace, Charles Darwin, and Humboldt were scientists who made an important contribution to the different biological sciences forms. Charles Darwin made the greatest contribution to the evolution theory. His theory of survival for the fittest brought about the evolution theory and extinction.

Genetics and cloning are common areas of research in biological sciences currently. Common branches of biology include; biochemistry, biophysics, ethnology, botany, and population ecology.

At, we offer help in the following biology assignment areas;

General Biology

Biology lab



Plant Biology





Diversity of life

Cell Biology



The plant kingdom

Classic genetics



Interactions between plants and fungi, bacteria, viruses

The chromosome theory

Intercellular communication

Molecules and molecular reactions in plant cells.

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