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Critical thinking is reflective, rational thinking. It typically revolves around a query, such as “should cannabis be legalized?” A critical thinking essay obliges you to explore the answers to these questions through a critical mind to come up with a focused reflective evaluation. To efficiently perform critical thinking, you should research your topic, evaluate and analyze the information you have collected, then derive ideas from the data. But critical thinking goes beyond cognitive skills, and it also demonstrates your general approach to life.

Critical writing and thinking require much effort and time. It would help if you had time to hone your necessary thinking skills; not all students can instantly grasp and apply them. This is the reason most students are puzzled by critical thinking writing. Now that you understand what writing a critical thinking paper entails, you can choose to personalize the type of service you need.

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How to Write a Critical Review

When you are asked to write a critical review, you must do two primary things: evaluate and summarize the text. Critical thinking may be of a journal article, a chapter, or a book. You are typically asked to read the chosen text in detail and other related text to present a practical and rational evaluation of the selected text. Although it’s a “critical” review, it does not mean that you should criticize the article negatively. Instead, you must question the text and present your evaluation or judgment reasonably.

While critical reviews may have various evaluation criteria depending on your discipline, usually, they follow a similar structure. To correctly write a critical thinking essay, check your assignment instructions regarding discipline-specific standards, formatting, and other requirements.

Structure of a Critical Review

  1. Introduction

Indicate the name of the author (s) and information regarding the text to be reviewed and concisely explain the topic of the text. Consider relating the text under review to its broader context. The introduction should also contain the review’s central argument and a brief statement about the text evaluation.

  1. Summary

Summarizing the text under review is among the main components of critical review writing. A good summary should:

  • Accurately present the points in the original text and ensure the central question the text is trying to address is well covered.
  • Discuss essential points, including the evidence used in the text to support the argument and its conclusion
  • Ensure the summary is consistent and understandable to readers who have not read the original piece.
  • The summary section should be shorter than the evaluation part following it.
  1. Evaluation

Remember that the summary part is on the author’s ideas, where you cannot make judgments or arguments. Instead, you should evaluate the original text at the evaluation part. The following are guidelines to get you started on critical thinking writing:

  • Center your argument on a particular idea
  • To write a more comprehensive review, you can plan each method you choose into a paragraph, including your positive and negative points.
  • For a shorter critical review (usually not more than one page), the best thing to do is to include a paragraph of positive aspects and another with negative ones; don’t put them in a single section.
  • If your critique has more positive attributes than negative, then start with the negative points and conclude with the positives.
  • If your critique has more negative attributes than positive, then start with the positive points and conclude with the negatives.
  • Ensure your opinions or judgments are well-supported by evidence obtained from the original text and other credible sources
  • Consider who will benefit from the text, whether it’s complex or simple and if it offers new answers to verified questions. What type of conclusions does it derive?
  1. Conclusion
  • This is typically presented as one paragraph or a short section.
  • Reiterate your general opinions of the text (give a summary of your main points but paraphrase them).
  • Briefly present suggestions if it’s suitable for the review.
  1. References

Include a list of references to indicate the other sources you used in the review at the end of the essay. Order our Critical Thinking Essays and Make your Life Easier

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