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School Nurse Role in Mental Health for Secondary School In the past couple years working as a school nurse, you have observed a high increase of mental health issues in secondary school students. As a result, school nurses have been at the frontline of mental health intervention amongst many other roles. The demand for mental health services has been overwhelming for the school nurses, as well as for the staff of district mental health resources. What particular concern is most common, and how school nurses are prepared to make changes?   Homework help online
Comparative Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman Two passive, write about a comparative paper about the main character. uploaded file has two readings. Write a comparative essay base on two main characters (main character in The Yellow Wallpaper and ”The story of an hour”)   Best website for homework solution in USA
Coordinating a Health Fair Medicine Assignment Paper As a school nurse, you have decided to promote health awareness by planning a health fair for students at your high school or middle school. How will you determine health promotion needs? As fair coordinator, discuss your plans, i.e., when, where, how, objectives, target grade level(s), team players. From information gathered on identified health education needs, what community agencies will you invite to participate? Describe ways you can get students actively involved   Homework help and homework answers
Value of Series of Cash Flow 6D Research Assignment Provide a half page single spaced response to each of the following questions. Cite two sources (APA) for each question and indicate for which question the source was used. No Title Page required -Describe in detail how to calculate the present value and the future value of a series of cash flows. What is APR? What is EAR? Are they the same thing? -Describe in detail the differences and similarities in calculating the present value and future value of a lump sum, annuity, perpetuity and A series of unequal (multiple) cash flows.   Online college assignments and homework help by professional tutors
Two Educational Resourcesaimed At Preventing Child Abuse Choose two educational resources (tips, fact sheets, etc.) aimed at preventing child abuse (from Prevent Child Abuse – America , Prevent Child Abuse – New York , or another credible source.)  Write a synopsis of each resource, including whether you’d recommend it, to whom and why (maximum 2 pages total.)   Homework solutions for all problems
Health Care Issues in the United States Medicine Paper Select a global health issue from the World Health Organization (WHO) list of health topics available at http://www(dot)who(dot)int/topics/en/ How has globalization influenced this issue from a positive or negative perspective?   Top-rated homework help website in USA
Respiratory Disorders Research Assignment Paper Research a Respiratory Disorder (please do not use the general term COPD as the disorder, though you may select one of the disorders listed under COPD) and write a short paper including the cause, symptoms, who it effects and treatment.   Trusted homework solutions for university students
Compare and Describe the Benefits of Natural Oils please compare and describe the health benefits and risks of Olive oil, canola oil, avocado oil, vegetable oil and coconut oil for food preparation and digestion. Create a list of the optimal oil/heat for food preparation- suggest the healthiest options/ and why.   Homework help- shaping futures worldwide
Leading Continuous Change and Establishing Permanent Change Consider an organization in your field or industry (NURSING). Describe the essential systems necessary to facilitate continuous change without compromising quality or causing burnout among employees. Describe three factors to consider when making sure that the changes made become permanently imbedded in the organization’s culture.   Students succeed with homework help
Safety Analysis Of Actual Environments Research Assignment Choose from one of the following alternatives and prepare a paper that demonstrates that you have met the course learner outcome: compare standards of child-care/education quality, risk management, and child abuse prevention and apply them to safety analysis of actual environments used by children. 1. Observe two playgrounds  in public parks, child-care, or school settings. Analyze safety according to at least 2 sets of accepted standards. Discuss the role of adult supervision in relation to playground safety. 2. Analyze an existing Emergency Management Plan or develop one. Recommend revisions and inclusions to protect children, staff, and program.   University students trust our homework help service  
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