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·         BMAL 500 Class

·         Discussion Board Forum 2

Topic: Choose a business issue such as job dissatisfaction, narcissism, learning theories, etc. from your own professional work experience or peer-reviewed journal articles. Apply a total of 2 concepts (such as affective events theory, autonomy, job characteristics model, etc.) from chapters 5–9 of the Robbins & Judge textbook to the issue you are discussing. Keep in mind that chapters 5–9 deal with decision making, employee motivation, and group behavior, so find a scenario that is most applicable in those regards. Discuss the scenario and apply 2 core concepts from chapters 5


·     Communication And Conflict 560 Class Work

·         Article Review 2

For Article Review 2, please review Article 9 or 10 from your Helmick & Petersen text

  • You will be responsible for writing Eight Article Reviews that are based on articles chosen from the book entitled “Forgiveness and Reconciliation by: Raymond G. Helmick, S.J. and Rodney L. Petersen (2001).  text.  You’ll notice that the make-up of this assignment is exactly like that of the thread in your Discussion Board assignments:
    • Include an overview of the problem area discussed in the article.
    • Summarize any theories or conclusions reached by the author.
    • Briefly provide your own assessment of the article, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses.
    • Explain how the article relates contributes towards the field of conflict management.

      Each Article Review should be no more than two pages (double-spaced) in a Word document and adhere to APA style.


Article Review Rubric






  • Entry is clear and interesting.                                                                             4   3   2   1   0
  • Presentation is strong and focused.                                                                    4   3   2   1   0
  • Entry  is clear and contains one major idea.                                                       4   3   2   1   0
  • Transitions are clear and maintain flow of thought.                                              4   3   2   1   0
  • Conclusion is objective and rises from entry.                                                      4   3   2   1   0
  • Submission is 2 pages or less (double-spaced).                                     4   3   2   1   0



  • Overview of the problem area are fully discussed.                                              4   3   2   1   0
  • Issues related to conflict management are discussed.                                          4   3   2   1   0
  • Theory or conclusions resulting from the discussion.                               4   3   2   1   0
  • Assessment of the article is presented                                                    4   3   2   1   0
  • Focus is clear and coherent.                                                                              4   3   2   1   0
  • Critical thinking is evident                                                                                  4   3   2   1   0
  • Substantive; good development of ideas and concepts.                          4   3   2   1   0
  • Assertions are clearly supported and/or illustrated.                                             4   3   2   1   0
  • Overview of the problem area is discussed.                                                       4   3   2   1   0
  • Theory or conclusions resulting from the discussion are provided.                       4   3   2   1   0
  • The assessment of the article and the contribution the author makes

    to conflict management is discussed.                                                                  4   3   2   1   0



  • Sentence fluency is coherent, unified, and varied.                                               4   3   2   1   0
  • Sentence structure is complete, clear, and concise.                                            4   3   2   1   0
  • Punctuation is correct.                                                                                       4   3   2   1   0
  • Spelling is correct.                                                                                            4   3   2   1   0
  • Words are precise, unambiguous, and appropriate.                                            4   3   2   1   0


    DB ENTRY SUBMISSION                           

  • Assignment was submitted on or before established deadline.                 4   3   2   1   0



  • General appearance is professional.                                                                   4   3   2   1   0
  • Correct MLA style when giving references.                                                       4   3   2   1   0


Total Points earned:                    /100  X .25


Interaction Paper:

Interaction Paper 1 Instructions

For this Interaction Paper, you will choose a topic from the list below and write a 7­–8-page paper based on methods of conflict resolution.  You will be required to show your understanding of issues that cause conflict and the methods/resources being used today towards specific resolution.  Special permission to choose and write on a topic not included on the list may be secured from the instructor.

Area 1 Topics

Area 1 topics are about conflict and are theoretical in nature.  Your interaction paper should:

  1. Clearly define your purpose and clarify a specific question to answer.  Your purpose should be general in nature and serve to prompt a more specific question that you will attempt to answer.  For example, using the “Hillary Clinton as Peace Maker” topic, the purpose might be to explore how world leaders act as intermediaries to achieve diplomacy.  The specific question could be, “How has Hillary Clinton made attempts to maintain peace between the U.S. and hostile countries like North Korea and Iran?”
  2. Specify a method for how you will accomplish your purpose and answer your question.  This step is a preview of your research, and you will briefly indicate the tools you used  to conduct your study.  You may use any number of methods: surveying literature or journal articles, conducting surveys, studying historical cases, etc.
  3. Demonstrate your research.  In this section, you will provide the details of your research process.  Your input here should comprise the majority of your content.
  4. Draw some conclusions you reached.  In this section, you will answer the question you posed in Step 1.
  5. Summarize the results of your research.
  6. Give recommendations for further study.


Choose your topic from the list below:

  • The Biblical mandate for resolving conflict
  • Interpersonal Conflict and the Scriptures
  • Examples of IP conflict between man and God and man and man in Scripture.
  • The importance and significance of “forgiveness” in resolving conflict.
  • Techniques that may be used for international conflict reconciliation
  • Jimmy Carter as Peace Maker
  • Condoleezza Rice as Conflict Resolver
  • Bill Clinton as Conflict Resolver
  • President Obama as Conflict Resolver
  • Negotiation
  • Kissinger as Effective Negotiator
  • Hillary Clinton as Conflict Resolver
  • Mediation and conflict resolution in job disputes
  • Barriers to Conflict Resolution
  • Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution
  • Business Management Methods of Handling Conflict.
  • The Functions of Conflict
  • Dealing with Racism as conflict
  • Dealing with Gender as conflict
  • Dealing with  Multicultural conflicts
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Conflict
  • Social-Psychological Perspectives of Conflict
  • Conflict Climates
  • Stress and Conflict Affects
  • Anger and Conflict Affects
  • Confrontation and Conflict
  • Listening and Conflict
  • The Church as a Stimulus for Peacemaking
  • Any theory or model that deals with conflict
  • Techniques used in International Conflict resolution



Interaction Paper 1: Rubric

Student Name:

CriteriaPoints Possible (out of 6.75 each)
Appropriate topic area is chosen for discussion (from the list provided). 
Clearly defined purpose with statement of question the paper will address. 
Clearly presented method by which the question will be answered. 
Demonstration of method is clear in the paper. 
Conclusions from the study are clear. 
Paper is summarized. 
Recommendations for further study/research are recommended. 
Paper is appropriate length.  Recommended: 7-8 pages.  No more than 10 pages. 
MLA appropriately applied within the body of the paper. 
Works Cited pages appropriately documents the resources used. 
Specific Content 
Chosen question/topic is clearly addressed in paper. 
Major issues needed to answer the questions are dealt with in the paper. 
Adequate resources used for the study. 
Appropriate resources are used for the study (professional journals, books, etc.). 
Insightful analysis and reasoning from research is evident, 
Clear statement of answered question. 
Documentation appropriate in paper. 
Paper is proofread and uses appropriate structure and grammar. 
Paper is clear and concise. 
Paragraphs are well-developed and contain fluid transitions. 


135 Total Points

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