Information management 3 a vast range of online homework help to choose from

Information management 3 a vast range of online homework help to choose from

1. The device that acts as a connection point between computers and can filter and forward data to    a specified destination is called a(n):
a. NIC.

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Information management 3 a vast range of online homework help to choose from
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b. router.

c. hub.

d. switch.

2. The method of slicing digital messages into parcels, transmitting them along different     communication paths, and reassembling them at their destinations is called:
a. multiplexing.

b. ATM.

c. packet switching.

d. packet routing.

3. Which type of network serves a small group of computers, allowing them to share resources and    peripherals without using a dedicated server?
a. LAN

b. Ring

c. Peer-to-peer

d. Wireless

4. Which type of network would be most appropriate for a business that comprised three employees    and a manager located in the same office space, whose primary need is to share documents?
a. PAN

b. Campus area network

c. Domain-based LAN

d. Peer-to-peer network

5. Which of the following is considered by many to be the defining Web 2.0 application?
a. Instant messaging

b. Social networking

c. Blogging

d. E-mail

6. Instant messaging is a type of ________ service.
a. chat

b. e-mail

c. cellular

d. wireless

7. Prior to the development of ________, computer networks used leased, dedicated telephone     circuits to communicate with other computers in remote locations.
a. servers

b. packet switching

c. coaxial cable

d. routers

8. A(n) ________ is a box consisting of a radio receiver/transmitter and antennas that links to a     wired network, router, or hub.
a. access point

b. hot spot

c. wireless router

d. server

9. Electronic data are more susceptible to destruction, fraud, error, and misuse because     information systems concentrate data in computer files that:
a. are unprotected by up-to-date security systems.

b. may be accessible by anyone who has access to the same network.

c. can be opened with easily available software.

d. are easily decrypted.

10. The Internet poses specific security problems because:
a. Internet standards are universal.

b. it changes so rapidly.

c. it was designed to be easily accessible.

d. Internet data is not run over secure lines.

11. Which of the following statements about the Internet security is not true?
a. The use of P2P networks can expose a corporate computer to outsiders.

b. VoIP is more secure than the switched voice network.

c. A corporate network without access to the Internet is more secure than one that provides    access.

d. Instant messaging can provide hackers access to an otherwise secure network.

12. Evil twins are:
a. e-mail messages that mimic the e-mail messages of a legitimate business.

b. Trojan horses that appears to the user to be a legitimate commercial software     application.

c. bogus wireless network access points that look legitimate to users.

d. fraudulent Web sites that mimic a legitimate business’s Web site.

13. Redirecting a Web link to a different address is a form of:
a. snooping.

b. spoofing.

c. sniffing.

d. war driving.

14. Your company, an online clothing store, has calculated that a loss of Internet connectivity for       5 hours results in a potential loss of $1,000 to $2,000 and that there is a 50% chance of this      occurring. What is the annual expected loss from this exposure?
a. $750

b. $1,000

c. $1,500

d. $3,000

15. Analysis of an information system that rates the likelihood of a security incident occurring and       its cost is included in a(n):
a. risk assessment.

b. security policy.

c. business impact analysis.

d. AUP.

16. Biometric authentication:
a. only uses physical measurements for identification.

b. can use a person’s voice as a unique, measurable trait.

c. is inexpensive.

d. is used widely in Europe for security applications.

17. You have been asked to implement enterprise software for a manufacturer of kitchen       appliances. What is the first step you should take?
a. Select the functions of the system you wish to use.

b. Select the business processes you wish to automate.

c. Map the company’s business processes to the software’s business processes.

d. Map the software’s business processes to the company’s business processes.

18. Supply chain complexity and scale increases when firms:
a. produce products and services that coordinate with hundreds or more firms and     suppliers.

b. manage the procurement, manufacturing, and distribution functions themselves.

c. modify their existing workflows to comply with supply-chain management systems.

d. move to globalization.

19. Supply chain software can be classified as either supply chain ________ systems or supply       chain ________ systems.
a. demand; continual

b. push; pull

c. upstream; downstream

d. planning; execution

20. A build-to-order supply-chain model is also called a ________ model.
a. supply-based

b. replenishment-driven

c. demand-driven

d. push-based

21. ________ modules deal with issues such as setting objectives, employee performance       management, and performance-based compensation.
a. SCM

b. SFA

c. ERM

d. PRM

22. ________ modules use many of the same data, tools, and systems as CRM to enhance       collaboration between a company and its selling partners.
a. SFA

b. PRM

c. SCM

d. ERM

23. Which of the following is not one of the four types of customers described in the case study on       Graybar?
a. Niche customers

b. Opportunistic customers

c. Marginal customers

d. Service-drain customers

24. Which metric is based on the relationship between the revenue produced by a specific       customer, the expenses incurred in acquiring and servicing that customer, and the expected       life of the relationship between the customer and the company?
a. Cost per sale


c. Cost per lead

d. Churn rate

25. The measurement of the number of customers who stop using or purchasing products or       services from a company is called:
a. switching costs.

b. switch rate.

c. churn rate.

d. CLTV.

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