Lifc 302 quiz 1 finest homework tutors onboard

Lifc 302 quiz 1 finest homework tutors onboard

Question 1 

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Lifc 302 quiz 1 finest homework tutors onboard
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  1. Which of the following are      recommended ways to keep in-laws from becoming out-laws?

Make plans early

Be careful how you   compromise

Be positive when   things turn negative

All of the above

0.9 points

Question 2 

  1. The authors prefer to train      couples instead of individuals to become marriage coaches.



0.9 points

Question 3 

  1. This is one of the most common      marriage mentoring mistakes:

Trying to solve a   problem before it is fully understood.

Allowing the mentees   to fully explain their issue before problem solving

Encouraging the   mentees to share and grow

Trying to give   advice after the problem is fully explained.

0.9 points

Question 4 

  1. The two critical dynamics      necessary for the success of mentoring relationships are:

Responsiveness and   attraction

Attraction and   encouragement

Attraction and   attention

Responsiveness and   attention

0.9 points

Question 5 

  1. The author compares the process      and content of marriage to



the digestive   system


0.9 points

Question 6 

  1. In marriage and marriage      mentoring, you must always remember that _____ are hard.




None of the above

0.9 points

Question 7 

  1. When mentoring married couples, it      is important to set ____.





0.9 points

Question 8 

  1. The section in the book about math      in marriage coaching is used to explain what concept?

That division of a marriage   equals less happiness

That the   multiplication, or amplification of an issue equates bigger issues

That both sides   should receive equal attention

That there is value   in every marriage

0.9 points

Question 9 

  1. What is one the most important      questions for couples to ask themselves when making decisions about their      marriage?

What does our   marriage need?

What do I want in   our marriage?

Should my wants or   my needs be a priority?

How can we be most   immediately happy?

0.9 points

Question 10 

  1. For most couples who are doing      pretty well, their primary stumbling block is either the lack of time or      the lack of good communication.



0.9 points

Question 11 

  1. “Subtle selfishness is guaranteed      to leave every married couple feeling more like roommates than soulmates.”



0.9 points

Question 12 

  1. According to Peter Senge, what is      the first rule of learning?

People learn what   they need to learn, not what someone thinks they need to learn.

People cannot learn   anything. All behavior is predetermined by God and biology.

People can only   learn if they agree with all of what is being taught.

None of the above.

0.9 points

Question 13 

  1. Who is responsible for change in      the marriage coaching?

The wife

The husband

Neither a not b

Both a and b

0.9 points

Question 14 

  1. It is possible to fake genuineness      without the mentorees noticing.



0.9 points

Question 15 

  1. For readers who are facing a      crisis point in their marriage, what does the author provide?

Several strategic   Bible verses.

A bonus chapter on   crisis management

Contact information   for a crisis coach

Contact information   for a clinical psychologist

0.9 points

Question 16 

  1. In which of the following areas      are deficits the easiest to fix?




All of the above   are equally easy with the right level of commitment.

0.9 points

Question 17 

  1. According to the text, what can be      the motivating factor for improvement in a marriage when one partner no      longer wants to try just for the sake of his or her partner?

Respect for the   efforts of the marriage counselor

Respect for   marriage

Opposition to   disrupting family life

There is no   alternative. The marriage will probably end in divorce.

0.9 points

Question 18 

  1. Couples need to attend marriage      counseling in order to effectively learn the skills of asking questions,      listening, and setting goals.



0.9 points

Question 19 

  1. In dealing with conflict in      marriage, it is important to attack the issue, not the _____.





0.9 points

Question 20 

  1. As the author reflects back to      when he first got married, he expresses that

He was well   prepared for the journey ahead of time.

He knew exactly   what he was getting himself into.

He was   unconsciously incompetent.

He knew that he   would face a lot of challenges.

0.9 points

Question 21 

  1. In the conversation with clients presented      in the book, the author tells the couple that they are going to focus on      the process, instead of the content



0.9 points

Question 22 

  1. To illustrate the idea that it is      the little things that matter in marriage, the authors use which example?

The Princess and   the Pea

Mountains and   molehills

Mosquito bites and   elephant bites

None of the above.

0.9 points

Question 23 

  1. It is beneficial to remind      mentoree couples that it is not important for a couple to continue to work      on their marriage once they transition from husband and wife to dad and      mom.



0.9 points

Question 24 

  1. According to Les and Leslie      Parrott, it is possible for a couple to recover after infidelity has      occurred.



0.9 points

Question 25 

  1. What skill made all the difference      in Ted and Cindy’s relationship?

Effective arguing

Effective   child-rearing

Effective listening

Reflective silence

0.9 points

Question 26 

  1. According to the Les and Leslie      Parrott, which is a caution flag for marriage mentors?

Presence of an   addiction

Instable marriage


Both A and B

0.9 points

Question 27 

  1. If you are meeting with a couple      that you genuinely don’t want to meet, you ______

should pray for a change   of heart.

have no business   mentoring them.

call right before   the session to cancel.

power through it   for their sake.

0.9 points

Question 28 

  1. A marriage mentor is a more      experienced couple who helps another couple successfully navigate a      journey they have already taken.



0.9 points

Question 29 

  1. Gaining skills in selfless      listening opens the door for couples to

fight more often.

model godly love.

put on a good   façade for others.

use more nonverbal communication.

0.9 points

Question 30 

  1. The author talks about hope as one      of the last experiences of whom?

Couples who are in   the process of getting divorced

Couples who decide   to begin the process of filing for divorce

Victims of suicide

Everyone who knows   they are about to face death

0.9 points

Question 31 

  1. If necessary, marriage mentors may      need to compromise their values and convictions in working with other      couples.



0.9 points

Question 32 

  1. Approximately 50% of martial      disruptions occur before the third anniversary, and 32% of couples who      separate or divorce do so by the fourth year of marriage.



0.9 points

Question 33 

  1. Mentoring must be amoral in order      to refrain from passing judgments on the personhood of the mentorees as      human beings.



0.9 points

Question 34 

  1. Who or what is the client of      marriage coaching according to the author?

The husband

The wife

Both the husband   and the wife as individuals

The marriage itself

0.9 points

Question 35 

  1. What is the function of a Marriage      Coach?

Providing   accountability

Facilitating   conversation

Helping the couple   choose goals

All of the above

0.9 points

Question 36 

  1. For the various different issues that      arise for couples in marriage coaching,

there is a specific   action plan appropriate for each issue.

the same general   process is used regardless of the issue.

there are   categories of issues, and each category has its own action plan.

any of the above   could be correct depending on the style of the coach.

0.9 points

Question 37 

  1. All of the following are important      views of self for mentors to have except:

I can accept and   respect people who disagree with me.

I can make a mistake   and admit it.

I have to have all   the answers for the mentoree couple.

I know my limits   when it comes to helping others.

0.9 points

Question 38 

  1. Like in the story of Odysseus,      marriage mentors become the _______ of the marriages you mentor.





0.9 points

Question 39 

  1. The Parrotts state the this phrase      is a killer for any time-starved conversation and should be dropped from      communication within marriage:

“Get to the point.”

“I’m not finished   yet.”

“Why is this   important?”

All of the above.

0.9 points

Question 40 

  1. The authors propose that all of      these are considered vital areas which tend to cause the greatest      consternation for newlyweds except:

Handling money

Relating with   in-laws

Learning the   other’s love language

Creating family   traditions

0.9 points

Question 41 

  1. According to the authors, empathy      is a personality disposition that enables you to take the focus off      yourself.



0.9 points

Question 42 

  1. The purpose of marriage counseling      is to tell other people what to do to fix their marriages.



0.9 points

Question 43 

  1. Mentorees who are rushed into      rapid changes will be set up for _____.





0.9 points

Question 44 

  1. Which of the following is NOT true      of marriage coaching?

Marriage coaching   relies on the coach’s specialized knowledge.

Coaches and mentors   are free to share personal experiences.

In marriage   coaching, the couple decides what and how to apply what they’ve learned.

Marriage coaching   is more similar to mentoring than to counseling.

0.9 points

Question 45 

  1. It is important to note that the      mentoring relationship is  ___________.

Mutually agreed   upon

Biblically based

Necessary for life

None of the above.

0.9 points

Question 46 

  1. What is one great question to ask      or statement to make to begin a conversation to feel out the listener’s      ability to be receptive?

“I need you now.”

“Is this a good   time to talk?”

“This is an   emergency.”

“How are you doing   today?”

0.9 points

Question 47 

  1. All of the above are caution flags      for those wanting to become marriage mentors except:

You are pessimistic   about marriage in general.

You’re main   motivation is to help your own marriage.

One of you is far   more motivated to become a marriage mentor than the other.

You enjoy pouring   into younger couples.

0.9 points

Question 48 

  1. Successful marriage coaching      results in

a continual   reliance on marriage coaching.

a desire to   continue marriage coaching.

emancipation from   the coach.

a perfect marriage.

0.9 points

Question 49 

  1. Fill in the blanks: The quality of      __________________ is directly related to the quality of      __________________.

healing;   relationships;

relationships;   conversations

process; content

marriage,   individuals

0.9 points

Question 50 

  1. What is the second part of the      miracle question? “If God want to give you a miracle for your marriage, …”

“… what would it   look like?”

“… how would your   relationship with your spouse change?”

“… would you be   happy?”

“… would you be   willing to receive it?”

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