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Statistics is concerned with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting collected information. Mathematical statistics is a discipline that deals with statistics in a mathematical way of thinking. This discipline uses various theories such as probability and other branches of mathematics including linear algebra and analysis. Mathematical statistics encompasses the basic probability theories, normal distributions, probability distributions, and random variables. Mathematical statistics puts its main focus on sufficient statistics, and likelihood functions, which are the fundamental notions of statistical theory. It also entails the ideas of minimum variance unbiased estimate (MVUE), maximum likelihood estimates, Cramer-Rao inequality, and asymptotic concepts.


Mathematical statistics take in multivariate distributions, moment generating functions (MGF), transformations, and limit theorems. Discrete distributions such as negative binomials, multinomial distributions, and hypergeometric distributions. Gamma distribution, beta distributions, gamma functions, and beta functions are among the continuous distributions that are explained with important derivations. Chi-square, F distribution, t, and multivariate normal distribution are the required theoretical notions discussed in mathematical statistics.


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Mathematical statistics homework help


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Math assignment help


Math is referred to as a lingua Pura (pure language). Learning and understanding math calls for talent and effort. At, we offer online service help to students who need help completing their assignments either at graduate or postgraduate levels. Our services are of the best quality and you can be sure to get the best grades in mathematical statistics subject. At, we make it a priority to engage tutors who are experts in the mathematical statistics field. These professionals have a strong background in mathematics and are sure to give the best online tutoring services to our clients. Our online support services are available all day and any time for students all over the world.


What is math?


Roger Bacon (1214-1294) defined mathematics as the most important science and the easiest in academics. He explained that ignoring mathematics is an injury and one will not be able to understand the other sciences or anything else in the world. The simplest definition of mathematics is that it is a game of numbers that is guided by a combination of rules known as the number game. Grasping the principles of the number game makes the student a winner if he plays properly. At, we provide online tutoring and mathematics assignment assistance to help students better understand mathematics concepts.


Mathematics is seen as the root of many subjects due to its logical structure. Many subjects such as economics, medicine, and social science have scared away students because they are gleaned from mathematics. Understanding math is tough for many learners. Excelling in this subject opens doors to excel in other subjects. We encourage students to contact us and get the required help to solve even the toughest math assignment problems.


Math homework help


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Statistics assignment help

Statistics entails providing solutions to problems with compound data by the use of computational formulas. Students are having challenges understanding applications and implementing software to solve complex problems. These complex methods have been simplified by information technology yet some students still cannot solve the problems. We have simplified complex problems by using genuine tools and software to make statistics easy for students. We provide one-step at-a-time guidance through statistics assignments.


What is statistics?


Statistics is a clear-cut mathematical science advancing a person’s knowledge by using empirical data demonstrated in quantitative form. Statistical analysis is defined as the collection, interpreting, and summarizing of collected information into numerical form. Finance, economics, and insurance are some application areas of statistics. Advances in statistics tool and software have made statistics application more diverse.


Statistics homework help


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