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Psychology homework help

Psychology is a wide discipline made up of psychology specialists. Psychologists are specialists who perform their psychology duties in a medical setting. Psychology is defined as the study of a person’s mind especially those that influence their behaviors in a particular environment. Psychologists treat psychological illnesses and can work even in other work-related places such as businesses or schools diagnosing children with emotional issues. Social psychology focuses attention on how human behavior is affected by their social conditions just like in sociology. This particular perspective on individual behavior is of great importance to sociologists who focus on the socialization process. Psychology and sociology differ in some ways. One major differentiating factor is the degree to which psychological bookwork emphasizes internal factors that influence humans and their behavior. Sociological research scrutinizes the impact of social institutions and organizations on social life.

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Judicial and Bureaucratic Activism

The previously mentioned sections confer about the dominion over the government that is not inside the government. Judicial and Bureaucratic Activism in a section that explains the forcefulness and extent that the government has and holds outside the government. The section puts into consideration how some groups of the government use their power that is not done on purpose as per the constitution. The government bureaucrats have a significant amount of power to make adjustments to the purpose of its legislature. The power rendered is because the provisions of the constitution state objectives generally and ignore important details to be set by the bureaucracy. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1976 is based on advocating for safe and healthy workplaces for employees. This section is not useful until it clearly stated the comprehensive rules and explains what is unsafe in many work situations. This particular directive is given by the judicial and bureaucratic system, that is, the power of law, subject to court review.

The bureaucrats are now able to implement other rules that are way past the legislature’s aim. The directives they implement make less potent the purpose of the legislature. After an election, the voted-in persons are tempted to make changes in their administration which leads to major changes in rules and policies. The policy-changing process is a long one and not easy to do. There are several ways of rewriting rules and regulations easily and faster for the new administration. Changing bureaucrats is way easier and faster than appointing new ones who will oversee the writing of new policies and directives. Cutting the budget on some projects and increasing the financing of some projects is another way of fast-changing regulations. The new administration may also create awareness among its employees on understanding which efforts will lead to promotions and which will not. The results of changing the rules can also be accomplished without having to change the legislature’s intent. Every new leader will therefore make rewriting policies an important thing to do.

Sociology homework help

We focus our study on social behavior concerning origin, organizations, and institutions. We use different ways to analyze and investigate to grasp the understanding of social changes and disorders. Some sociologists carry out research that is directly linked to welfare and social policy. The goal of other sociologists is to increase their understanding of social processes and interactions. Sociology basically focuses on the behavior and effects of humans with micro and macro level systems and the social structure system.

Sociology Homework and Thesis Help

Sociology is a science that emphasizes on the society and its social interactions and social culture. Sociology draws its concern on law, religion, sexuality, and social class. Individual activities are heavily influenced by their interaction with the social structure. Sociology has increased its focus on other areas such as health, education, the internet, and, the military with the objective of advancing the systematic function.

Important theories of sociology include; classical theory, functionalism, sociology of film, and, structuralism. The theories should be studied by all sociology students in all the different institutions.

Classical theory

This theory is the first sociology theory. Sociology of Globalization consists of different concepts and theories and is regarded as the most typical because of the difference of opinion in classical social theory. Randall Collins, a sociologist, performed a survey researching the theories of sociology. Randall used four theories of sociology which are; conflict, utilitarianism, symbolism, and, interactionism. Functionalism theory by Durkheim and Conflict theory by Marx and Weber are both modern theories that focus on social culture. Pragmatist theories by Mead and Cooley base their focus on social interaction. A traditional theory, symbolic interactionism by Simmel is concerned with the micro-level structural system.

Utilitarianism and Social Darwinism Theories of Sociology

Utilitarianism is a moral theory that calls for actions that create happiness and leave out harm. This theory is a rational choice of an individual and is one of the essential theories in a society. It is closely linked with economics. Social Darwinism theory is applied to every person in a society. This theory puts forward the evolution of an individual biologically. Social Darwinism theory keeps up with the classical functionalism theory. This theory went viral in the year 1881 till 1915 as it was linked with Lester F. Ward, Herbert Spencer, and William Graham Summer, who were the originators of sociology.


Functionalism theory is a theory that is used in anthropology along with sociology and mainly focuses on the nature of the social structure. Functionalism theory is seen as the major function in the sociology of emotions. Functionalism can also be defined as the norms that are important and are directed toward the improvement of society as a whole. Radcliffe Brown, Bronislaw Malinowski, and Marcel Mauss are theorists who developed the theory of functionalism which also has to do with anthropology theories. Radcliffe Brown came up with the term structural for some determined uses.

According to functionalism theory, when solidarity is advanced, it will be victorious over the social disorganization in the long run. This increases the complexity of the society as a whole.

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