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A thesis is essential for any research paper. This statement is the concluding sentence or the second one of the introduction. It discusses the main topic addressed in the paper. The thesis statement should be easy to understand. Lack of clarity can lead to embarrassment when the lecturer demands for explanation of your main idea after dedicating all your time and resources to writing the research paper.

Students should scrutinize their research papers exhaustively before handing them in. They need to develop a good statement that can be debated openly. Good thesis statements are similar in so many ways.

Students should look for an important issue and relevant questions in line with the thesis statement. Finding evidence that agrees with your thesis is vital. The task of finding a thesis statement that is strong enough to research is not an easy one. This process requires a student to dedicate a lot of time to formulating the perfect words to use throughout the research paper. Many students face a lot of challenges and they opt to seek assistance.

Explicit tips on writing a thesis

A good statement gives a good first impression of the writer to the reader. It gives you a better chance of scoring higher since you have shown that your writing skills are top-notch. We have shared a list of sharp-end tools that any student can follow to help him/her come up with the best thesis statement. They include;

Construct a thesis from a question

Come up with a question then provide an answer. The answer given becomes the root of the research paper thesis assignment. Further, explain your answers by producing even more evidence and concepts that will you will be able to bolster your argument.

Keep in mind the type of research

Analytical, argumentative, and expository research are different types of research there is. Expository research aims to give further explanation about something. Argumentative research is mainly concerned with diverting a reader’s mind about a situation that is discussed in an essay. In designing analytical research, you will need to focus mainly on the content of your research to grasp the concept better.

A powerful thesis takes a side

The worst mistake that a student can make is including an opposing view in his research paper. A student should choose one side and develop as many supporting pieces of evidence as possible. This will strengthen his position.

Make sure you can prove your point

Designing a thesis should come at the end of the research. This is important in making sure that you have collected enough evidence throughout your research. A student should use easy-to-understand formulations that cover the entire research. Complicated formulations will make it hard for you to explain your thesis.

Thesis statement vs. research hypothesis

A research project thesis and the research hypothesis both reflect on the research question. These two however have contrasting functions. A thesis statement is a precise and direct statement that is written to explain the main content of the research paper or an academic essay. This statement is mainly seen in the quantitative and qualitative methods of research.

A research hypothesis can be opposed or proved depending on the research findings or the evidence produced. Experimental research uses research hypotheses mostly. A research hypothesis predicts a relationship between variables depending on the research methodology and research design that has been used.

Research that has an objective to prove a claim, your research study must have a research statement (Research and course guides, 2020). For research that has different hypotheses, writing a thesis statement that narrows down the study is important. This will help filter out the main contributions from the hypothesis.

Steps to developing a thesis statement

Coming up with a thesis statement is not as easy as you may think. It is a process that requires a lengthy thinking process (Gafarova, 2018). Before arriving at a concrete statement, extensive research has to be conducted and appropriate findings formulated and analyzed.

1. Start with a research question

The first step to developing a thesis statement is coming up with a research question. Once the research question has been formulated, a series of research can be conveniently done to help in designing a thesis statement. An already formulated research question will help a researcher come up with a strong thesis statement to discuss this research question.

2. Construct a statement that directly addresses the research question

After identifying a research question, introductory research on the chosen area is carried out. This preparatory research is aimed to help a student design a penciled-in thesis statement. Researchers have only a simple thesis statement at this level of developing a thesis statement. This simple statement can be used to further plan and guide the research process. The preparatory thesis statement should clearly show your position in case you take a position on the content of the research question.

3. Support your statement with evidence and reasoning

The thesis statement provides guidance and is the beginning point of the research. Researchers are free to use available literature sources to collect the necessary data. The collected information is mostly used in bracing their argument.

Researchers can continue their research as they collect more information throughout the research process. The end product of the research must include the important areas of their research and include the conclusion as well. An example of a thesis statement is, ‘The Brexit referendum was a result of Britons growing concerned with the EU’s immigration policies, caused by the sudden growth of immigrant population and this population’s insufficient integration into British society.’

4. Anticipate counter-arguments

Anticipating counter-arguments is mostly useful when using an argumentative thesis statement. This will help a researcher clarify his research better and in a simpler way. The counter-arguments help in strengthening your arguments and making your thesis statement complete.

Formulating counter-arguments helps a researcher assess the accuracy and authenticity of your thesis statement. The absence of a counter-argument in a research essay makes your thesis statement a fact and it may make it call for a revision (Rodburg, 1999).

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