apa 7 article review sample

apa 7 article review sample

The Importance of Conducting APA 7 Article Reviews

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apa 7 article review sample
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1. Introduction

Any information that you provide needs to be cited right away. Notebooks or printed articles can be lost, and it’s important to know where you got that information in order to go back and find it later on. APA format tends to put in parentheses the last name of one or two authors. If there are more than six or seven authors, it is “et al.” Next, put the year it was published and then continue to cite right after the provided information.

APA 7 articles and journals will be beneficial for different types of academic papers. Whether you’re trying to persuade, argue, synthesize different articles or documents, self-reflect, or evaluate and analyze an article. If you are ever in doubt of your citations in an article, APA format is easy to cite and long-lasting for future papers. Always be sure to check and use another guide provided by the website to be certain that your citations are accurate.

Websites can be the trickiest one to cite. Some websites are not credible to be cited as something. If you choose to cite a website, make sure it is a qualified website. Most government and education websites have an end URL with an extension of .gov or .edu. These sites are typically safe for your citation.

Journals provide a scholarly approach to articles. Most readers of the journal have a certain professional interest in common. The journal offers them a chance to publish and to read new information. Journals are commonly used by college students and university faculty. This method can be quite easy, being that most websites lead their articles in APA format.

Abstracts help summarize the difference of an academic, trade, or professional article and a nonacademic article. Reading abstracts can save time so you can read only what’s interesting and relevant to your paper topic. If it doesn’t help you to cite anything useful to your research, move on to the next article.

The American Psychological Association 7th edition (APA 7) is used as a guide for academics and others to write, cite, and conduct research. It is the most widely used style guide that provides a standard for presenting rules for presenting a clear, convincing, and understandable paper. It’s important that as a student, whether you’re in high school, college, or even pursuing your career with a doctorate, finding articles for research is key to writing a great research paper.

2. Understanding APA 7 Article Reviews

An article or academic writing review is a critical evaluation or a detailed analysis of the article or academic writing, which makes a response from the reviewer. It involves analyzing the article or writing systematically and identifying various aspects of it, as well as summarizing the article, followed by listing and evaluating it. This is what is called a quality article or writing review. APA itself has a division, APA 7, which is an organization that develops the writing style. APA 7 has specific guidelines for conducting an article review, providing feedback, and estimating the article’s quality. An understanding of these guidelines is very important when conducting a research article. The APA 7 guidelines for article reviews consist of a preface and writer background, making a conclusion, and also providing guidelines for making an article review step by step and suggesting what aspects should be analyzed in the article, whether it’s contents, organization, or writing style.

An academic essay or article that is written for the field of psychology or natural science has definite guidelines. An article or academic essay in those fields requires using APA (American Psychological Association) style and its guidelines. A writer who writes a piece of literature in the mentioned fields must be aware of the APA guidelines, which involve choosing words that are effective and appropriate, conducting research in a proper format, and organizing an article correctly. A literature or research writer or students in the field of study who want to make good academic writing should understand the concept of conducting research and have a good understanding of reviewing research literature.

3. Benefits of Conducting APA 7 Article Reviews

By reviewing how other authors implement APA 7 style, researchers can also learn to avoid common errors that occur in writing manuscripts to be submitted for APA 7 style. According to Barney (2014), an error is a mismatch between a meaning the speaker intends to convey and the meaning of the utterance that is produced. Trial and error is the most efficient learning method, but not if there are too many errors. Although avoidance of errors is but one desired outcome in APA 7 style writing, knowing how to prevent and correct errors is an essential part of improving one’s knowledge of APA 7 style. The ability to recognize an error marks a significant advancement in knowledge—one cannot repair an error until one can recognize it. Since the ability to edit one’s own work is essential to becoming a successful writer, learning to identify and correct errors is a significant step in the writing development of students and researchers. APA 7 style guidelines have rules for this. High school and college teachers, for non-native English speaking students and for native speakers who want to be better writers, will find this use of sources to fix errors is a valuable assignment. APA 7 style provides numerous reference examples for students to compare their work with to correct errors. APA 7 style helps engagingly teach how to use sources as a student follows concepts easily with a visual image. Students who are learning to write or research, as well as teachers who are helping them, will find this easier to use. APA 7 style assists students and teachers get practice and guidance on the appropriate use of various sources and provides example in-text citations and reference list entries for free tutorials along with the learning of writing rules. By looking for specific instances where other writers have struggled with APA 7 style, researchers can learn to identify and fix errors in their own manuscripts. In the end, knowing how to set the paper up and using the appropriate sources is only half the battle, but a very beneficial one with article how-to articles and tutorials. APA 7 style can be an arduous task, but there is always a method to the madness and understanding it and using it appropriately will help make researchers better writers and communicators.

First and foremost, researchers who conduct APA 7 style article reviews have the ability to understand and apply APA 7 style to the body of literature in a given research area. By doing so, researchers can identify the ways in which they can improve their own manuscripts and learn what to avoid. If an author does not understand APA 7 style, it is likely that their manuscript will be returned for revision from a journal editor. By understanding and applying APA 7 style to manuscripts before they are submitted, authors can save themselves time and frustration. In addition, poorly written manuscripts likely will require more than one round of revisions before they are accepted for publication. Thus, understanding how to apply APA 7 style to the body of manuscripts can save authors time as well as increase the chance of their manuscripts being accepted for publication on the first try.

4. Key Elements of a Well-Written APA 7 Article Review

Perspective of the literature: Often article reviews are done from a top-bottom approach, giving an overall opinion and synopsis of the article reviewed. Results and implications are often left out or not talked about thoroughly. This can leave the review lacking its depth and not show an understanding of the research conducted in the article. From here, the review becomes more of a summary than a review. Explain what the article has taught you and how the review can add to an already substantial knowledge of the field. This can also be approached from a critical angle. What is lacking in the article? What were the strong points and are they enough to sway the reader into the author’s biased direction on the article? Heavily persuasive or dissuasive articles can often be skewed in their data presentation and possibly not show the true implications of the data. This is where comparing article content to the same or similar content from other reviews can help determine the true depth of the article’s content. Depth is often the strong suit of a good article review. A mix of a summary and critical assessment divided into a points format makes for a more interesting read and gives the author a template to work from in future reviews of other articles.

Accurate reflection: The student should discuss the article and point out the key elements of the article relative to the author’s purpose in writing the article. Relate it to your own experiences or prior knowledge. Without this connection, an article review may not be on the right track to achieving its purpose. It is helpful to write out the reference information immediately following the article review in a Word editor.

5. Conclusion

I recommend that anyone writing a research article should first read Concise Rules of APA Style to gain an understanding of the guidelines. It is a daunting task to transition from a different writing style into APA style; however, one must persevere as the end result will vastly improve the quality of one’s written work. While reviewing various sections of the manuscript, it is essential to frequently check through all sections of the article to ensure there is adherence to APA guidelines. This is truly an arduous task but reflects the value of good written communication. Though it is expected that the authored paper will not be perfect in its first draft, revision of the research article in consideration of APA guidelines will ultimately enhance the clarity and organization of the written material.

APA style adheres to various grammar and expression rules with a primary focus on being clear and concise, which is crucial when communicating scientific work. Such writing forces the author to be clear in his/her position, thus eliminating any vagueness. Due to the fact that Alzheimer’s disease is not a simple topic to discuss, following APA guidelines will set up a framework that ensures all writing is to the point and thorough in its explanation. This will be reflected in my review of the given research article. By following specific guidelines for heading structure, APA writing also ensures good organization of the research article. This is valuable as it presents a meta-analysis on a given topic (type 2 diabetes as a risk factor for AD) in a clear and concise manner. Last but not least, APA formatting provides precise mechanics for outlining specific research.

Before embarking on the review, it is imperative to understand why there is a need to adhere to the guidelines shown in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition. Following the guidelines of any writing style expedites the writing process, thus allowing the writer to write an efficient and comprehensible paper. The importance of adhering to a set of guidelines for any written work is to avoid typographical and grammatical errors and to conduct a clear and consistent paper. Adhering to APA guidelines creates a standard of excellence and gives credit where it is due by providing a formal way to acknowledge sources used within the paper. This also minimizes bias in language and references. However, the foremost requirement of writing is to have the ability to effectively communicate your points to the reader.

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