Political Science Homework

Political Science Homework

The Role of Political Science in Understanding and Shaping the World

1. Introduction to Political Science

Political science begins with the study of theories that seek to explain the world starting from the level of the individual moving up to the level of family, society, state, and international system. It is the study of politics in all its various forms and how people come to understand political issues. Politics is quite simply who gets what, when and how. This definition of politics has three important parts. First, is the study of who gets what, when, and how. Second, that this phenomena can be studied scientifically like other physical or social sciences. Third and finally, political science is not just a collection of biases about the world. Instead, it seeks to – and succeeds in – developing and applying theory as a specific way of understanding the world. This distinguishes political science from things like punditry and militancy. Specifically, political science is part of a broader field of study known as social sciences. Social sciences are your close cousin to the physical sciences, something like biology or chemistry. However, unlike the physical sciences, social sciences are the sciences of human behavior. There are many areas of political analysis. However, political science as a discipline is divided into three sub-disciplines that focus on different elements of political behavior: political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and the United States government. Political theory, also known as political philosophy, is the study of the concepts and principles to which political systems are built. On the other hand, comparative politics is the study of political power and how it is organized around the world. The latest field is the study of how the United States government operates and how political processes work. Political science is also an academic discipline that strives to teach students about politics in an ever-changing political world and allows individuals to engage in critical thinking of self-governance and consider different ways to govern a society. This is all things considered very important because it helps to improve your world and improve upon the knowledge that already exists in the field today. It helps to find the better way. Finally, politics plays a significant role, as well as power. It impacts every one of us in different ways and basically rules the world, interpreting the concept of political. Every single day, no matter if it is to vote for the mayor or thinking about why something is done by the government, all these require an understanding of politics. Politics is so complicated and it is full of choices. Thus, understanding political science could be seen as understanding the complex creative ecosystem in any society.

2. The Importance of Political Science

There are many reasons to believe in the importance of political science. No doubt, the modern state is greatly in need of political science. The study of political science makes the people aware of what is going on in the field of politics. Moreover, it gives knowledge for good citizenship and makes the people more conscious from a political point of view. The importance of political science is the application of its fundamental knowledge to help in the establishment of a proper system. Without this knowledge, it will be very hard or nearly impossible for the modern state to exist. The importance of political science is that political science is the study of the state. As the study of the state, it has the practical purpose of providing people with knowledge for good citizenship. Learning the differences between dictatorship and democracy, however, is not a complete helpful tool for dictatorship and democracy. A student learns the practical aspects of the science of politics, including the influence of the public and the government and the role of the expert in advising the politicians. Political science is a very important tool for students to help in the proper establishment of a state. It gives people the significant knowledge about the state and government affairs. It also develops interest in the people about politics. It helps to make good relationships among the people and the government. Because of political science, we have learned a lot and discovered many things that we have never known, which give us a better understanding of politics not only about the text and books but also concerning our country and global issues. Politics is an essential part of the modern state, and a comprehensive understanding of it is valuable to the educated person. The study of politics helps the people to consider not only the overall betterment of the state and government but also individual community betterment. Moreover, it helps to make the people aware of the importance of the environment and other social issues. The importance of political science rests in its ability to open students up to a world of critical thinking and problem-solving that can affect change in the world we live in every day.

3. Key Concepts and Theories in Political Science

I have been using the political science program at Stockholm University for eight years, and we have never had it censored. Our program contains different theoretical perspectives ranging from constructivism to modernism, but focuses on essential theories in the beginning. For instance, neorealism forms the backbone of the International Relations principle phase, which explains international politics from a structural, rather than agent-centric view. In addition, second-year courses such as “Democracy and Sustainability” equip college students with knowledge and skills to examine entrenched issues in current political systems. I was able to pick out courses that interested me – in this case, “Political Challenges in Developing Countries” – and tailor my own learning experience. Growing up in Hong Kong, a culturally rich and complex society, my intrinsic interest in Chinese politics continued to flourish. Thanks to the engaging programs taught by passionate teachers in Hong Kong, I came to realize the power of creating positive political changes, not just purely studying politicians’ strategies. Throughout the first year and second year in my political science degree program in Stockholm, what I have learned in the three 20-credit compulsory courses proved to be strong foundations for moving into specializations, electives, and thesis writing in later years. I was able to build a responsible and open-minded mindset in viewing and sorting out ongoing decisions, conflicts, and opportunities that my learning course and different societies face. As an activist and environmentalist, essays and project works in the course were mostly on climate change policies and environmental governance. I was able to understand interdependencies of political systems and organizations, and develop invaluable problem-solving and communicative skills then. Thanks to the advanced studies in Stockholm, my simulation of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change historical committee was a tremendous success and I got a clear direction of my career in being interdisciplinary and consulting politics with other fields – hence I am preparing for MSc in Sustainability program next year.

4. Applications of Political Science in Real-World Scenarios

From the aforementioned discussion, it emerges that political science is of immense importance in understanding the working of the state and its relation to the different components and members. In my view, the study of political science is mandatory in the understanding of the working of the state and the impact of law on the state. It has been realized that law has a unique public nature as well as a general character. The politics of the state regulate the expectations and the behavior of the citizens and at the same time frame the law specifically. It has been demonstrated through research and study that politics have a pervasive role in the legal process and the judicial system of the particular state. On the other hand, it has been shown that the judging and judicial decision have political impacts on the administrative law as well as constitutional law. This is due to the fact that most of the political considerations and the political influences take up. For instance, the study of political science has made it possible to understand the working of institutions and the form of the state and the kind of the members. This means that the understanding of the law of the state has been made easier through the study of the politics of the particular state. Most of the political scientists are in most cases analyzing the politics of the law in terms of the regulation and the public administration as well. There are different opinions when it comes to the understanding of the relationship between political science and politics. Some hint at a separation of the two disciplines while others imply that the two are part and parcel. However, from a personal point of view, it makes sense to have an understanding of the impact of the law on the state and the members of the state as well as the surfaces. Thank the study has allowed me to have a sound understanding of formulating and implementing the political policies and every other aspect that surrounds the study of political science including judicial activism, federalism, political science, and public opinion. In a nutshell, the study of political science is not work in the park as it may seem. It has been demonstrated from the research and findings of the most political scientists that the study of political science has greatly impacted the rationalization of the law.

5. Conclusion: The Continued Relevance of Political Science

Many students seek admittance to graduate school in political science, and some major in political science because it is a field with many career opportunities. But it is particularly important to recognize the value of political science for our lives. This book presents an in-depth exploration into the various uses and applications of political science in researching and comprehending the global modern world. We began by looking at what political science is and how it operates. Having been provided with a working definition, we focused on showing the applications of political science on the globe. Starting with understanding and comparing political systems, this practical application showed how political science can be evolved into an efficient and accurate form of global matters’ resolution. The scientific method was now shown as a way to scrutinize and evaluate those with power in society. This book highlights real-life political issues and makes clear that political theory and insight are helpful if not crucial in better understanding and solving such issues. Case studies ranging from the study of specific institutions to the quest for global peace were used to demonstrate the practical uses of political science power. From the international system’s functions and dysfunctions to the achievement of global order, political science is a study that truly seeks a scientific understanding of the processes that lead to and prevent common global problems, such as poverty and atomic war. In a time of growing cynicism and doubt about political figures and declarations, the scientific study of politics is of critical importance to rational, objective, and evidence-based judgments. Political science also has its ongoing relevance in the globe detailed in this book. For instance, as a discipline, it has significant application in terms of the systems of government and in matters related to constitutions and rules. Therefore, this research book has convincingly shown one key point: in the present-day political uncertainty and mistrust, a credible scientific study of politics is vital – and it is a lesson that can be seized on the personal and global stage. By backing up our political guesses with ample and logically deduced evidence, and by scrutinizing and challenging our current political and social systems, it is clear that political science makes a significant and valuable impact on our lives.

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