Descriptive Essay Writing

The Importance of Descriptive Essay Writing

1. Introduction

At the heart of a descriptive essay, the main motive is to paint a picture through the use of words. The writer describes the topic in terms of detailed descriptions and impressions, as if they were painting a picture. Through this type of essay, the writer can evoke the emotions of the reader by explaining a subject artistically. The student needs to bring the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings that are being described to life in the reader’s imagination. So to properly describe what quality is, it’s a writing style that focuses on describing a character, an event, an object, or a place. This type of essay offers the reader more than just a history of something and it allows the reader to experience what the narrator is describing through their ability to express the writer and the experiences that the writer has had in their lifetime. All descriptive essays should have a point, even a description of an inanimate object. The writer should not just write about the physical appearance of the subject but also the things that make the reader feel in a certain way about the subject. This effect can only be achieved if the description that is given to the reader is a sensory description. This type of essay allows the student to express themselves in many ways and to communicate the feelings that they have through the use of vibrant and descriptive words. Through the use of critical and creative thinking, descriptive writing can help the student make connections on personal and intertextual level. Instead of simply pulling together the technical and cold facts, describes uses.

2. The Elements of Descriptive Essay Writing

A piece of writing is opened by having a concept. In writing, the writer first of all chooses something and at the same time as writing, the author has to take into account that the reader does not have any earlier understanding of the subject and this is why he is explaining everything in detail. The writer ought to understand the experience of the readers and then he will be capable of making a right picture in the minds of the readers. In order to understand how to write a descriptive essay, it is first important to apprehend what a descriptive essay is. A descriptive essay is a type of essay that allows you to describe something in your writing. It is an awesome way to develop imagination and creative thinking. A descriptive essay is written using the five human senses. It helps in creating a vibrant picture in the writer’s imagination and communicating the information more effectively. The essay must have appropriate descriptions and vivid images. Characters, objects, settings, emotions, and body movements can all be described using this type of writing. It is a qualitative sort of essay that presents an accurate depiction of a thing for the readers. This sort of essay discusses a special topic or explains a specific thing in detail. It is all about showing the reader what something is. However, learning how to write a descriptive essay will assist students in mastering this type of writing. As the writer is just describing something, this type of essay really helps in showing the writer’s skill in conveying his statement and explaining the ideas clearly. In this kind of essay, the form relies on the object and the writer’s goal. For instance, writing on how to make a specific dish. As the writer simply has to describe the dish, not proving anything to the readers, that is why the structure will be objective. He can simply work through the steps and then along the way, he tells his readers what exactly they will be doing and how the dish will look after they have finished. So a writer can see that there are tons more possibilities of writing in this type of essay.

3. Techniques for Effective Descriptive Writing

Firstly, it is a good idea to have a thorough understanding of the concept of descriptive writing. It is true that descriptive essays use these essays along with the small stuff. And of course, this comes with a class of essay writing that is actually a limited thing in a certain stage because the students in every stage may be familiar with such kind of writing and that is why they should have a good understanding about the importance of using descriptive essays. When teaching about the descriptive writings, you have to concentrate more on the essay compared to other sections. Most of the time, students feel that they do not have the ability and skill to write a quality descriptive essay which can, in fact, meet the standards of their academics or teachers. And so, it is your duty to encourage and suggest their talent and teach them about the top methods to write an effective descriptive essay. Always remind that a descriptive essay should be detailed. I mean you have to explain stuff that is obvious and then things that are actually hidden and that will make it clear for the reader and you could try a useful link. Show passion in what you write. This is another important thing for a good descriptive essay. When using a descriptive essay example in a scenario where emotions are ever involved, it can be a good thing because it helps to engage the reader to have an appreciation for deeper meaning. Passion is really needed in such writings. Always try to pick up a topic which is more essay type based and outlook which focuses on the physical aspect and then you can use descriptive essay. And now let’s have a look for more on the importance of descriptive essay. Secondly, when learning how to write a descriptive essay, it is very important to have an idea about the importance of such an essay. This is a kind of writing which is not feared by the students. In fact, students embrace the idea of writing because it allows them to express and convey their mind and imagination and creativity in the form of words. So everybody will feel excited and funny when learning how to write such a skill. Not only big but the essay should be detailed and this is another thing. Most of the time, you have to give enough details and description so that your reader can exactly feel and see and understand what you are looking at. And nowadays, more and more environmental and pollution how to write descriptive essays have been widely introduced in our classrooms and that is the best indication of showing the importance of descriptive essay. Last but not least, engage and interact with the readers. One has to write a nice descriptive essay with a grip over it and understanding and top interest of the readers. Always keep in mind that a descriptive essay should be funny. Make sure it can be thrilling and funny because of the usage and selection of words and in fact, the entire essay would have them. Always try to engage the readers by making the essay more fat in terms of look. In today’s advanced technology at hand, professors have increasingly decided to take advantage of new ways of teaching and helping students to complete a quality essay along with high performance. By introducing the concept of descriptive essays in the early lifestyle, students and teachers are finding that it can be very easy to add a game and entertaining approach in the teachings so that the students now feel more flexible and interesting stuff in that. When a student participates in such descriptive writings and even sends in that work to essay contests, then they can have a great chance to enjoy and make full use of help and support from the latest technologies and new useful instructional materials which may better cater to the top educational needs. And when referring to the writing of a descriptive essay, there is no doubt that one should have the space and freedom in making decisions to enjoy and write the perfect essay without any fear.

4. Benefits of Descriptive Essay Writing

5. Conclusion

The conclusion combines the points made in the introduction with the ideas of the following paragraphs to show the writer’s understanding of the question. The writer also integrates his opinions into the conclusion, by restating the importance of the research topic. The writer has summarised the main point of the passage. However, in the second main body paragraph, the writer is directing the reader. He uses academic and conclusive speeches, like ‘what’s more’ and ‘having said that’. Also, the writer employs launching feedback such as ‘in addition’, ‘besides’ and ‘furthermore’. This not only creates a strong sense of ethos, as the writer is supporting his points through providing further intellectual opinions, but also introduces new concepts in each paragraph which have been found by the writer through research or through personal experiences. This shows a higher level of critical thought, as the ideas are further reinforced and substantiated. He could have extended the research done on the subject to let the writer produce a focused and well-argued written work.


It is clear that descriptive writing is a powerful tool for both comprehension and appreciation. Descriptive essay writing focuses on the techniques and skills employed by the writer. It is important for an essay to be written in such a way that it captures an image, a sign, a symbol, a theory or an event that has a sign signifying a particular piece of the environment. The writer must use appropriate adjectives, adverbs, similes and metaphors. It is equally important to give an account of everything that is in the scene that is being described in a way that every aspect is in an orderly and comprehensive manner. This is more of a challenge because a writer has to be very careful to leave no stone unturned. Every perception that one can visually see should be described in a way that one will never have to explain to anyone the work of the magnet in essay writing. Like the how the positive and negatives pull and push each, descriptive writing has some certain secrets to unfold. It shows the blueprint or the preview of what is yet to come in an essay. All the descriptions must be illustrated rhythmically. In such a way the art rustles with life. The essay becomes vivid. The reader has to taste, smell, see, hear and touch everything that is in a given work. In conclusion, descriptive writing is something that focuses more on the details and physical aspects rather than the reasons. This helps a writer by making a clear and more concise way of telling a story. Using this method, one can easily make a proper and adequate description. Writers are supposed to show, not tell. When many professions require the student to state over and over that he can make a research which is purely purely with the expression of own emotion, descriptive writing really is a brainstorm weapon. In reality, the line that distinguishes between the two often is blurred and many moment teaching and learning work together. These popular so-called ‘descriptive’ theories and practices overlook the significance of concrete examples of description provided by a mother. (Yourdictionary, 2007) This shows that understanding descriptive writing this way is more than just a fulfilled wish of a dry research. When students are able to engage in imaginative descriptive writing, or the kind of reverse that may be called as “imaginative description”, they are encouraged to employ their sense. Such practice will greatly help them to experience as well as to enhance “awareness of strategies the demand of rhetorical decision-making”.

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