Reflective Writing

It is common to be assigned tasks requiring you to write about a particular experience or activity you participated in. A reflective essay is one such task that allows students to do just that. When your instructor assigns reflective essay writing, they want to see how you will analyze and describe an experience or event that you took part in. This assignment helps the student learn from the challenges previously faced in his studies or life. He should devise ways to cope with or avoid a similar situation in the future.

Reflective essays are made of five paragraphs, each playing a different role. It follows a specific guideline, although the outline is similar to a typical essay’s.

Reflective Essay Features

Reflective essays are academic papers with minimal volume. The standard outline of the essay contains the following sections:

  • The introduction. This is where the writer introduces and explains the experience or event he will include in the essay.
  • The main body. This section has several paragraphs. Each paragraph presents a distinct factor that contributed to the writer’s experience and how it changed him.
  • The conclusion. The writer presents the final summary and concludes the essay. After describing the situation and the lesson learned from the experience, he should explain his reasons for change.

This outline provides a general reflective essay outline used in most papers. It is not easy to create a reflective essay as it differs from the standard essays that most students are familiar with. This is one of the reasons that make students opt to buy reflective essays online.

The reflective essay body paragraphs should consist of three types of questions or ideas. The questions include what happened, the outcome, and what will be done in the future. Your reflective essay will be near-perfect if you give precise answers to these questions. When answering the questions, you should write in a way that creates flow and transition. This will produce a coherent paper.

The essay should flow and transition seamlessly from the first paragraph to the conclusion, as this is how the reader gets the entire picture and understands the writer’s experience. The conclusion should illustrate how the writer was changed by their experience.

How to Write a Reflective Essay

Your feelings, thoughts, and ideas should be well-organized when crafting a reflective essay. An excellent reflective essay is where you describe all the events sequentially to make it easy to understand.

In your reflective essay, state the strengths and weaknesses you went through. Illustrate the experience in a way the reader finds exciting and easy to read. You can follow these steps when writing a reflective essay.

Pick a Good Topic

The first thing to writing an excellent reflective essay is choosing a good topic. Start your search for a topic through research and brainstorming. A good topic makes it easy to write your essay. When choosing the topic, ensure it is neither too narrow nor too broad. Also, ask yourself how it impacted your life, how you feel about it, and if the reader will like the topic.

Research your Topic

It is essential to research your reflective essay topic. Start to recall all the minor details and other information related to your topic. Identifying all the primary arguments and mind mapping helps the reader follow the evolution of your experience and thoughts.

Plan Things Out

Creating a table or chart to track all your information is helpful. List your main points and precise details that you found to be significant. List your personal beliefs and experience and mention your response in the essay.

Identify your Experience

When writing the essay, state the most important lesson you learned from the experience. The most significant of these moments should be your essay’s thesis statement.

Ask Some Questions

As you write your reflective essay, try and select your questions about the experience relating to your topic. Answer these questions one at a time and ensure that you answer correctly. The following is an example of how you can frame the questions:

  • How did you feel?
  • What did you observe?
  • How did the experience impact your life?

Besides the questions, you should also examine your response and emotions.

Organize the Essay

Usually, a reflective essay is 300-700 words long, but your instructor should clarify the required length of the essay. Ensure you adhere to the required word count to avoid losing marks. Also, follow the proper essay structure. Ideally, the essay should contain an introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is paramount to follow the proper reflective essay structure.

Revise and Proofread your Paper

When you finish writing your essay, edit and proofread it before you submit it. Never submit an unedited essay, as minor grammatical or punctuation errors can cost you. can help you through our proofreading and editing service if you cannot edit or proofread the essay. Besides reflective essay proofreading and editing, we also provide the service for papers such as dissertations, term paper, literature reviews, methodology, thesis, lab reports, and many more.

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