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Which subject are you studying in college? If you are a psychology, computer science, or sociology student, you are probably familiar with a case study. This is a research method covering all academic modules that study a particular situation, group, or person.

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a subgroup of research design which examines problems and provides solutions. Case studies may vary from corporate promotional tools aiming to sell an idea to academic research studies – they have a vast scope.

Is a Case Study the same as a Research Paper?

A research paper diverts the reader’s attention to a specific problem, while case studies go further than this. Case study guidelines need students to be attentive to details, closely examine issues and apply different research methods. For instance, you can use a case study to evaluate a patient’s health if you study Nursing or Medicine or a cybercrime incident if you study Computer Science.

Case studies entail loads of storytelling as they typically evaluate cases for an individual or a group of people. This is a helpful research method as it is feasible and provides much practical information. Usually, a case study is 500-900 words long, less than an average dissertation homework help paper.

The case study structure is almost similar to storytelling. It contains a main character or protagonist, which in this case, is the issue you want to resolve. You can apply the 3 Acts system in your story, which should include an introduction, emerging action, a climax where the transformation happens, falling action, and a solution. Hire best homework helpers for online homework help 24/7. Connect for all levels of homework help for Math, Science, English, and all other subjects with Homework-Aider.

Case Study Types

The objective of a case study is to offer a detailed report on a person, a place, an institution, an event, or pretty much anything. Case studies are different, although it depends on the homework help topic.

The following are common areas that require case studies:

Illustrative Case Study

Illustrative case studies happen in a situation with an existing opinion or hypothesis. The case study aims to develop a typical case to assist in understanding the current idea or thought. It is among the most popular disparities in research methodology. An illustrative case study is also famous for being descriptive. It purposes to explain all the details related to a specific subject matter and can include a few examples to allow the reader to comprehend the situation under scrutiny. Get help with homework help online in any subject from Homework-Aider.

To develop an illustrative case study, you begin with a description. Then try and establish a connection between the text subject and extrinsic evidence. When you locate the evidence, you can proceed to conclude your case study. The results you obtain from the case study will guide you on how to create another theory. This case study utilizes concrete results and quantitative data to derive more insight into the topic. Get plagiarism-free homework help with step-by-step homework answers & solutions from global expert tutors. Our homework help is available 24/7 for online tutoring, including an illustrative case study.

Exploratory Case Study

Simply put, an exploratory case study is the main project done before you conduct a large-scale investigation. It is often designed as a self-contained document. This case study is commonly found in social studies, such as psychology homework help, economics homework help, and other subjects. Also, it mainly deals with real-life situations and contexts. A case study often recognizes probable research methods and questions to suit a large-scale survey. They serve as the initial point for examining studies. The primary objective of exploratory research is to establish opportunities for more investigation. It is an efficient way to recommend methods for detailed analysis. Are you interested in learning more about homework help by subject? Contact to place an order for your case study homework help.

Cumulative Case Study

A cumulative study is among the primary case study types used in qualitative research courses. It is an excellent tool for collecting money from several sources simultaneously. The objective of a cumulative case study is to summarize previous studies without adding extra information or conducting new investigations; it is a form of data analysis. A cumulative case study can also establish patterns between multiple reports and assist in identifying differences in studies with similar base theories or opinions. Generally, a cumulative case study enables a deeper insight into a complex topic. Discover compelling advantages of having live homework help at your service by contacting

Critical Instance Case Study

This case study determines the cause and effect of a specific scenario or event on the surrounding environment. To develop some primary points, the case study critically examines the primary idea to establish why it’s special or unique. The main objective of a critical instance case study is to explore the various sources with particular interests or none. This case study can be utilized to criticize a common assertion. It identifies the critical point or problem in a study.

Case Study Format

Generally, the format of a case study consists of eight parts:

  1. The Executive Summary. Describe how you will investigate the case study. Write a summary of your field of research. Develop a thesis statement and summarize the results of your findings in not more than two sentences.
  2. Background. Give background information and essential facts. Separate the issues.
  3. Evaluate the Case. Separate the sections of the study you intend to concentrate on. While there, explain why something is functional or not functional.
  4. Proposed Solutions. Provide practical ways to resolve what is not working or how to advance its existing condition. Explain why the solutions work by providing testable and measurable evidence.
  5. Conclusion. Sum up the primary points from the case examinations and suggested solutions.
  6. Recommendations. Discuss the strategy you choose and explain why your choice is the most suitable.
  7. Application. Describe how the strategy can be applied.
  8. References. Give all the citations.

Get your Case Study from Homework-Aider

In conclusion, a case study is among the best ways to summarize what happened to a situation, a group, or a person in practice. It lets you look at real-life issues faced by healthcare, businesses, criminal justice, etc. The insight helps us view situations differently. This is because we can see problems that we would usually not see without necessarily being present. If you require case study homework help or other subjects, try our research homework help service and discover why university students trust our homework help service.


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