Persuasive Essay Writing

The Importance of Persuasive Essay Writing

1. Introduction

It is necessary that the latest doctoral research, as conducted by Dr. Meshing, be found and implemented in general education in order to promote and comply with standardized testing requirements. Well substantiated investigations routinely find new methods to investigate children’s learning in a constructive and meaningful manner. Dr. Meshing asserts that goal setting “enables the student to apply previous knowledge and experiences to more complex writing tasks and in turn produce a better first draft”. He adds that repetitive practice in the format of test taking helps students in preparation for standardized assessments. This insightful nature of goal setting cited by Dr. Meshing has enabled the culmination of the same repetitive nature of “teaching to the test” with a continually evolving, more explorative approach to children’s educational needs in various forms of writing. Introducing students to more complex writing techniques becomes a worthwhile and challenging endeavor. Writing is the focal point of a continuous intellectual challenge in the study of persuasive writing. When students learn the methods of persuasive writing, they can transfer and gain insight and critical experiences from the writing to other aspects of their lives. This is important to consider in younger ages where the practice of education begins and the influence of interactive learning can help create a more consistent context for student success.

Persuasive writing is provided as an alternative summarizing exercise in place of the less popular lecture, literature, or worksheet activities that call for material to be reviewed objectively. Students are used to organizing all their items and supplies because they can see the use of it. For instance, a folder may be labeled “Science vocabulary” and may contain words written on pieces of colored paper and worksheet packets that the teacher has given in relation to science reasoning and lab reports. If students can see that their writing and writing activities have a direct connection to what they are using or trying to study, then various levels of motivation would lead to increasing student pride and ownership.

Persuasive writing is a form of nonfiction writing that encourages careful word choice, the development of logical arguments, and a cohesive summary. Young children can be guided through a series of simple steps in an effort to develop their persuasive writing skills by engaging in the mere exposure effect, a method used by many researchers where an initial stimulus begins to positively influence participants given increased exposure. And if a child is exposed to the same television commercial or is asked to think about an item in the store each time he watches television, then he can begin to create persuasive arguments for that item.

2. Understanding Persuasive Writing

A good effective conclusion is of utmost importance in the persuasive essay. A good conclusion should restate the whole essay and definitely have a powerful ending. By following these steps, you can write a well-organized and well-written persuasive essay to make other people agree with your point of view. In our college life, we will come across many persuasive essay writing assignments. These essays will help us practice the language that we are learning and familiarize ourselves with the type of searches and critical reasoning that is expected in college. It may not make convincing our primary goal, but it is a unique opportunity to learn. As one improves their quality of opinion and practices the way of expression, one will learn how to make use of their conjecture as well as evidence and how to disprove the argument raised against the views that they propose to others.

Writing a persuasive essay is a critical art form. Anybody can write an essay, but to write a good and effective persuasive essay, you have to take a stand, understand the importance of the audience, and put all steps in sequence with good grammar and smooth transitions. First, you have to choose your own purpose and do comprehensive research. Then, you can collect the evidence and establish a well-organized and stable means of persuasion. We must support our assertions with facts or other logical means available to us and avoid the use of threats and other pressure tactics. So when we manage to persuade, we must make certain that there is some form of follow-through, which indicates that once we manage to convince others, we have to offer them something that would enable them to do what was suggested or provide that piece of information which people are lacking as support for the claim.

Persuasive writing, also known as an argument essay and research paper, is a type of academic paper that is a brief written work of a writer which uses evidence and other kinds of support to convince the audience of the writer’s argument. People write a persuasive essay to try to convince or change another person’s mind about a particular topic. It is very important in our day to day life. People use persuasion in different ways. For example, when one person is trying to sell something to someone, or when we are trying to help people accept our ideas or listen to us, then we have to use the skill of persuasion.

3. Key Elements of a Persuasive Essay

Each persuasive writing should follow a strategy of stating a thesis at the beginning of your essay and employing topic sentences and controlling ideas for each paragraph as you develop your argument, that is, support a proposition so that your audience is convinced of the objective merit of your proposition. Always develop your main idea in a logical and convincing way. Make sure that your ideas are well organized and your writing flows and connects paragraphs, and show the relationship between major and minor ideas. Also, be mindful of your diction and do not neglect the arduous proofreading process. All essays, no matter how casual, must be typed and handed in according to the format instructions given by you and that has to be done by deadlines. It is always a great idea to include the facts, avoiding the use of opinion, and to always use the current and the most academically acceptable sources. Avoid common pitfalls such as making sweeping generalizations and talking around difficult project problems. Always be honest when framing and address data and statistics, and be honest when considering implications and opposing arguments. Admit to the complexity of an issue and improve critical thinking abilities in essay writing. Not admitting that you are considering the complicity of the problem is a poor thing to do. Recognizing such hidden assumptions and compellingly exploring their implications for a reader lies at the heart of intelligent and research-based persuasive project. Use writing as a way to reveal and deepen your thinking, forging a clear sense of trouble, inquiry, or confusion. Lastly, develop counter-arguments. It provides an opportunity to engage in dialogue and lead to the consideration of multiple perspectives. Admit the potential strength of your own thesis. Revising your opinion based on critical reflection can be the mark of an academically mature writer. Always consider who might have to be convinced and think of your reader, so the essay should be aimed at all members of a specific academic readership. The assistant professor, her grandchild, and the bus driver, although each may be a keen reader of literary criticism, might read the same essay quite differently! Let readers see your thinking and consider your argument through a well-organized discussion. Always work to build on the sophistication and originality of the argument.

4. Strategies for Effective Persuasion

In this kind of educational research, at the college level or even at lower levels, it is important, no, critical that one should both show and develop in good form a power of independent critical thinking.

Take the essay to the next step by looking at all sides of a topic before making one’s assessment. Not only is this better in the sense of showing the essay’s objectivity, but also gives the writer a chance to present a more complex, complete and, one might even say, more convincing arguments, including counter-arguments to those proposed. For example, an essay that shows both the strong and weak points of a particular issue is likely to be more persuasive of a particular position than an essay that presents only the strength of the argument. By doing so, the reader is going to see the writer has considered all options, one by one, and actually understands the nature of the controversy, rather than having failed to properly engage in the critical analysis process.

On the other hand, opinions that are directed solely by emotions not benefits of rational arguments are likely to not only fail to persuade but may actually turn a reader, as in the case of value judgments. Passion is a good thing when it is directed at a specific goal. However, when that goal is to persuade others, readers do not benefit from essays which are presented even more weakly than where no passion is shown.

To the same token, using words like “we” and “our” is not a good idea because there is a high possibility that the reader, who may not agree with the content on such a personal basis, would be completely turned off. Trying to establish common ground with the reader is a good and often wise strategy, but turning the reader off by assuming too high a degree of familiarity will not help. “We can see that the author is not highly informed” is, to say the least, a rather annoying statement.

Value judgments are those comments or opinions that go off the topic of the essay and do not help to develop the argument. For example, an essay on capital punishment may contain a value judgment that says that “Execution of a criminal is at best only the punishment of that individual.” Although the opinion is valid, the value judgment statement makes the reader feel the author’s opinion is the only correct one. In addition, the value judgment may turn off a reader, whether or not that person agrees with it. The writer would be much better off if he or she would stick to the main point of the essay, which is to convince the reader towards a particular side of the argument.

Four strategies to employ when writing an essay are: 1) Avoid making value judgments. 2) Avoid using “we”. 3) Rely on rational and not emotional appeals. 4) Look at all sides of the issue.

5. Conclusion

From the aforementioned, it is undeniable that persuasive writing and the composing of persuasive essays is something very important not only for the contemporary writing of those could not only lead to better practices for all online writing experiences as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have allowed. But it could also lead people to strongly cultivate independent critical thinking both in and out of the classrooms. As I mentioned earlier and it is something worth repeating that the technology is not the driving force in education reform, although it is a dominant and highly persuasive driving force. Just as the philosopher, Thomas Donal has concluded, it is in evidence that certain technology can have highly persuasive and huge impact on individual’s learning, coming to conclude that the capacity for such things as reason, the ability to speak, and the ability to form complex ideas, are all being altered and eroded but not in faculties but also the value and the practices of the activities themselves. Online programs and computer skills are some of the examples where that fell under persuasive writing these days and come to find that how do they fit the purpose of both objectives from the teachers and student and guides the process more user-friendly. For teachers’ points of view, it is of the appeal because the self-orientated and independent learning, better classroom management as well as high students’ motivation. On the other hand, students would develop better problem-solving skills and communication, and decision-making skills. Consequently, teachers’ flexibility even for the online contents has increased. If you influencing or convincing others is an experienced skill that is introducing people to the world of advertise, marketing. But as it was shown, such skill as an underpinning of teaching of English in the young learners within improved technological environment. This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The researchers and educators increasingly agree upon the importance of the teaching of multi-model and technology is moving the objects and goals of writing and written communication.

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