High School Essay Writing

The Importance of Effective High School Essay Writing

1. Introduction

Today’s college writing is pervasive, expansive, and limitless. It is crucial to strengthening the standing and repute of writing in high school. However, the process and preparation of the high school essay create a specific academic ethos that itself is the student’s first and most fundamental act of persuasion. A well-written high school essay is the first step in the preparation of a book that will be an essential step in promotion and tenure, yet it prepares students for independent research in sophisticated essays expected in college. Throughout the writings, reading and analytic skills are developed, rationale for a specific means is discussed, and effective strategies in revision are also practiced. So, the goal of this project is to offer professional and useful advising to those who are especially new in high school essay writing. First, this project will investigate how a high school essay is well organized and appropriately written. Second, the project will show how adopting digital technologies empowers students to step into a more competitive and modern society. Last but not least, the project will demonstrate the process and the benefits of revising with the help of a professional teacher. As high school is a most exciting and rigorous middle point of a student’s academic career, teachers will assure that students have strong foundations and feel passionate about putting words to the meaning in the adventurous process of high school essay writing. The goal of high school essay writing is to set the stage for the student’s sedulous sustained study that will culminate not only in capable leadership in academic and professional disciplines but also in conditions that forge an authentic noble intellectual growth. The process of essay composition must be defined in progress as an instrumentality of pedagogic intent. Through this project, we can empower students to realize that effective high school essay writing is the placid first step not only in the items above but in critical self-reflection and the exordium of authentic, exhilarating learning. High school essay writing authorizes students not only to remember the capitally linguistic and grammatical fundamentals but additionally provides the teachers an incipient look at student aptitudes and work. It is not to be denoted to write prodigiously and to submit to the scholastic audit a process of rote proficiency. A successful practice of learning, from a student to the highest echelons of professional modification, requires not only cogent but revelatory exertion. High school essay writing truly enables the students to repose from the scheduled rigors of homogeneous regurgitated facts and rote habituative fundamentals and keeps the door open to boundless, creative opinionated perspectives. High school essay writing is, for many, a wizened thing looked back on with chortling pride and incipient, rarefied knowledge.

2. Understanding the Essay Prompt

Moreover, the students should understand the type of essay that is required by the prompt given. At high school level, all the essay prompts will be classified into three broad categories. These are persuasive essays, expository essays, and narrative essays. In persuasive essays, the writer is needed to persuade the reader about a certain idea by using strong arguments combined with substantiated evidence. For expository essays, the writer is required to explore the idea, expound on the idea, and provide relevant evidence. However, in narrative essays, the main purpose of the author is to narrate a certain story that is based on personal experiences. It is also vitally important that the students understand the task that should be done by the essay. Most of the essay prompts have multiple tasks that are to be performed by the essay. Such tasks include compare, criticize, describe, define, explain, show cause and effect, argue, analyze among others. The prompt may also contain guidelines on the structure and the style to be used when writing the essay. Last but not least, it is important that the students read the prompt over and over again in order to identify the type of the essay, the scope of the essay, and the tasks that are to be performed by the essay. This will help the students to plan well on the kind of essay that he or she is going to work on. The plan can take the form of a jot list, a compare and contrast project, a prediction exercise, or any other form of planning that may help the students to find a clear point of view to develop in the essay.

3. Developing a Strong Thesis Statement

Now it is time to start the first draft. The thesis placement works best in the introduction and the smooth transition from the hook to the thesis statement will give an efficient and effective start for the essay. Then, the thesis will guarantee the body section to be better developed and structured because the planned thesis will provide a whole lineup for the paragraph topic sentences. Also, there is a common rhetoric that ‘what to be proved’ should be stated in the first sentence of the body section; that means the thesis statement. If this is achieved, then the whole essay will be directed to a certain conclusion with the purpose of proving that thesis statement. Last but not least, the thesis should be parallel. Every part in the essay should develop the thesis in a way and gradually build full proof of the investigations given to the readers. Every phrase in the thesis should start with the first word of the information provided in the same phrase of the body section. The structure thesis advice helps to ensure a progress of revelation along with a development of the argument was made in the thesis from start. The development of a thesis adds up during researching. It is always important to reduplicate the processes in practice and it should be guided regularly by a rough schedule, for example, each Monday students should accomplish a specific field of the research. This will make sure students are not falling behind and they are not intimidated by a whole big pile of work waiting to be done. Also, progress should be saved routinely on each day so that students can go back if something wrong is explored; this process will eventually help students to document the discoveries and help to find the due dates. By following these steps and helper advice, it ensures that a student will have an organized collection of thoughts that will eventually lead the way to the development of the well-designed thesis. So, take time on formulating a right topic and right approach on deciding what to be proved and how to connect with the major and subordinate ideas with this. By doing these, it is ensured that a student’s finalized thesis is going to make an impactful and positive statement to the contemporary society, and that is far beyond the high school.

Rather than just picking a general topic, choosing a specific matter that a student can research and build a precise argument around is a good idea. This is not only more engaging and helpful practice of critical thinking, but it is important in delving what kind of essay is going to be written. If it is informative, it will be more helpful for a student to provide more information about the narrowed subject but if it is argumentative, the student should come up with an argument. Also, it should be noted that the essay prompt eventually helps to pick what to write but it is the thesis statement that decides the a angle to show the prompt. So it is better to find the thesis as early as possible and concentrate on researches and ideas. One way to develop the thesis statement is to answer the prompt and to summarize the answer. First, the answer to the prompt should be a guideline for what the body section of the essay is going to be about. Then, put the highlighted section of the answer into a thesis statement by copying that part. If there are several parts that are copied, choose the most representative one and use it in the thesis. As for a research writing, a thesis should be systematic for easier understanding and to be a more effective approach of creating a cohesive piece of researching incorporated with the research process.

In order to create a strong thesis statement, it is important to understand the type of essay that is being written. For example, it is often best to choose a controversial topic that has both sides represented in the essay and then pick a side that will be argued. This helps establish a position and creates a sense of direction for the rest of the essay. To help the student of high school English, it also helps to work on systematically into the corner.

4. Structuring Your Essay

When you’ve planned your essay and compiled some notes and study, it’s time to start composing that essay. If you want to produce a good piece of writing, it needs to be methodical and obvious, making sure it comprises all the pertinent info and displays in the correct order. The quality of your essay may be analyzed not only by the study and material, but also by the manner your essay is structured. Writing an essay for a high school assignment or as a portion of a college app can be a extensive job. However, as possibly knowing what structure is required will assist you much. This is so important to comprehend well what kind of essay you are asked to compose, for instance a research essay for history or a relative piece of writing for English. And the aim of overview would be to guide you to compose an essay. An outline permits you to plan the basic essay structure by paragraph, as well as spread through ideas logically. This helps with corporation and hint development. For a standard research or historical essay in the I need to comprehend why outline is crucial at the very start. In fact, whether in high school or college, the reasons for utilizing outlines are essentially the same. Creative and interestingly organized outline can help.点盔a lot to do so. It can lead to me not merely better notes and thoughts that I can return to after start near done. First of all, it can radically enhance the flow of your thoughts and performance in the long run. Like when I get added to the center of the essay and understand I need to include a point I failed to plan for. This can happen and with the help of the outline, I can manage to recognize the point, find where the info has to be incorporated and carried on. Another benefit of the proper outline is that it can save your time. Well, yes it may take some time in the very start, but much more time will surely be saved by the act of making it. This is brought about by not hopping around with ideas and targets as I might do if I took notes in the margin or tried to realign. As a outcome, a well thought and proper structured outline is the perfect vital for your rapid and great essay writing. In other words, it’s an significant pre part of the essay. And the precise essay resolutions are laid out in the plan itself. With a good plan you can see the composition of your essay and have a better performance of major thinking. It also aids in evaluating the schemed actions and review them. It can also bring your concepts together and disclose the path of your thoughts. Last but not least, by leaning on the lead which is the outline, you can just compose the essay faster. Because you have a guide to refer to and save your time on seeking for targeted materials and ideas. Good remarks of this passage as well. Thank you! Work cited “Why An Outline Is Important?” StudyMoosie, May 2020, [Link]

5. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In conclusion, effective essay writing on the high school level is an absolutely crucial process that not only directs the student into the collegiate track, but also proves to be an effective real world tool in the future. These writing and revising processes also work in tandem – the actual writing process progresses so much more smoothly when the writer has thought about what he wants to say and how he wants to say it over the course of the prewriting and organizing and rewriting and revising stages. When it comes down to it, ambivalence and frustration is the result when we start generalizing our beliefs and start thinking that the actions we take will not have a meaningful impact on anything. I tell my students that it is much more effective to be open to what they have to say and give them clear instruction, for by following the directions and the parameters of the assignments, they will feel the success personally and not rely on a pat on the back from someone else. I stress that we as high school teachers need to not only teach the rigid adherence to the directions, but also teach that when someone is truly passionate about something, there will always be a desire to share that passion with others and, in their lifetimes, that purpose will always have a meaningful and authentic audience. I teach my students that topic sentences are the main idea of a paragraph. This is an idea that is introduced and will be supported throughout the paragraph with specific details and summed up with a concluding statement. As we progress into the high school section of the essay writing course, students will be furthering their abilities to present a utilizable and workable strategy in order fulfill the purpose of effective expository writing – informing, persuading and settling. After teaching students how to link their ideas together, expound on a main idea and provide supporting details, I’ve never looked back to a standard five paragraph essay. I’ve yet to see anything truly resonate with a teenager quite like the opportunity to write about their own lives.

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