article review assignment

article review assignment

The Importance of Article Review in Academic Writing

1. Introduction

In order to write an article critique, you need to have an understanding of the article and its various parts. This may mean reading an article several times until you understand what it is about. It is often a good idea to make notes on the article to aid better understanding. During this reading process, it may also be a good idea to consult other published articles on the same topic. Some students may want to criticize and critique the article using various methods. Steps that should be done before the students perform criticism are also presented. By doing the critique, it can improve the quality of the article and help the students understand the intention an author has when writing the article.

An article critique is a highly important piece of academic writing. The purpose of writing an article critique is to show how an author accepts a task and then prove that they can achieve and understand the task. In the case of students, it involves evaluating and understanding an article and being able to clearly interpret what the article has achieved.

To write an article review in academic writing, you need to be able to summarize the content of the article. Your summary should include the thesis of the article, as well as mention of the author’s purpose and the main points of the article. Then you should critique the article. This means you need to say what you agree or disagree with in the article and provide reasons for your opinion. Finally, you will need to finish by evaluating the article. In your summary, you need to mention the positive and negative points of the article and whether or not you would recommend it to others. This should act as a guide to show students how to critique and evaluate an article.

Academic writing is a practice people should criticize to improve its quality. Criticizing an article is not about commenting negatively on its quality. It entails that an author using the critique to perform a relevant task. Students write critiques on articles to reveal that they can understand and evaluate an article and that they can analyze its content. Then an author can support the evaluator for further improvement to the critique.

2. Benefits of Article Review

The first key benefit is that it leads to improvements. When students are asked to review an article, they must be fully engaged with it. They can’t just read passively and hope to understand it. They must read with the purpose of being able to summarise the article quickly and effectively. This means being able to identify the key points and arguments and assessing the strength and nature of the evidence provided. This is a transferable skill. Students will take this approach when reading any document and will use this new skill when trying to digest information in a more general sense. Whether it’s reading news articles, reports or instructions, the ability to critically evaluate content will lead to a fuller understanding and what is understood can then be easily relayed to others. So what essentially begins as an exercise in reviewing for academic purposes will lead to a skill which will benefit the student in their everyday life.

3. How to Conduct an Effective Article Review

Although article review is considered one of the most frequent assignments, it remains one of the most complicated tasks. The article review is a required work to be done by academics, which is usually done in order to determine if someone understands the work of a certain scholar or not. This task is often given to students who major in the field of social sciences and very rarely given to students majoring in the field of hard sciences. This is very understood as the work of the social science has a stronger relation with the subjective views and opinions of scholars compared to hard sciences which should rely on concrete data coming from research. During undergraduate studies, usually the article review task is done in order to analyze an article that is important to build the student’s understanding because the article is related to a certain course taken by the student. In conducting an effective article review, a student should have a good understanding of the article itself. To achieve this, a student should read an article not only once but several times. During the first reading, we should try to understand the basic idea conveyed by the author. The next step is to identify the thesis of the article, usually located in the first several paragraphs of the article. If the article is difficult to understand, it would be better if we read a summary or the introduction of the article. After knowing the basic idea and the thesis of the article, then we should reread the article carefully and jot down any sentences, quotes, or data which are noteworthy or we find important.

4. Common Mistakes to Avoid in Article Review

Not providing the main idea of the article Sometimes a reviewer forgets to provide the main idea of the article being considered. This is a fundamental mistake that would result in the abstract of the evaluated article being positioned as a long-winded introduction. To overcome this, the reviewer should look back at the title of the article and interpret the meaning of the article.

In article review, a mistake is something avoidable and it is the behavior or act that is misguided or wrong. All human beings have beliefs that guide them, but they can neglect the right way by the simplicity of its meaning. Everyone sometimes inadvertently or not makes a mistake. Same as reviewers, they often make mistakes in reviewing an article, and it’s a human thing. But to minimize this, we should be aware of what kind of mistakes are usually made by reviewers. Here are some common mistakes in reviewing an article.

5. Conclusion

This kind of task will definitely develop research skills and critical analytical skills among students. For those who are writing an article as part of their research or academic work, undoubtedly they will receive benefits from the task that they never foresaw. It is a great opportunity for students, scholars, or academicians who want to promote their article or research. They will be able to identify the weaknesses or mistakes in their article and make necessary corrections before others scrutinize their article. It is a great prevention than cure. An academic writing involving research and compilation will not be considered a perfect one if it does not have a good presentation. An article is a part of writing but it is an effective way to communicate with other people. A good presentation will attract the reader to read the article. Now, how the presentation of the article is good can be seen from the reader’s response. Usually, someone who gives a response is the one who has read and understood the article. It can be a positive or negative response. Usually, a writer feels more satisfied if they find a positive response, but what if they get a negative response? They should find or ask the person who gave a response with a further question, why they gave a negative response. Then only they can identify their mistakes or weaknesses in the article. In order to make a good article, the article itself must be worth reading. This task is a stepping stone. In another perspective, this task has a positive overview. People who are hiring for an article writer or freelance writer for many kinds of articles or journalism work will be able to judge the quality of an article. And it greatly affects the payment and the article itself.

In conclusion, article review is not just a simple and easy task. It is a critical, constructive work that requires a lot of time, efforts, and knowledge. A writer must have deep insight into the field before conducting an article review. They must possess very good critical analytical skills in order to identify assumptions, facts, and issues in the article. When the writer understands the main points in the article, only then will they be able to write a summary critique of the article. At the next stage, synthesizing the article prior to writing a critique is very important. It involves outlining the article in your own words. Determine the purpose of the article and compare it to other articles on the same topic. Finally, the critique is the most important part of the review and summary. The writer should use the knowledge acquired while understanding the whole article and should translate the learning into a well-understood summary critique. They must provide new, fresh, and original ideas, thoughts, and information. They should provide comments on the article, rate the article, and give recommendations for improving the quality of the article.

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