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The Importance of Ethical Writing Services

1. Introduction

Many students have employed these services as a way to get started on their papers. Though it’s not the most ethical practice, it is far from ethically wrong. A student hiring a writer to pen a custom paper would be similar to a student going to a tutor for help with their writing and then using the tutor’s ideas to write a paper. Most writers take a student’s ideas and work with them in the writing process in order to develop, organize, and articulate the idea. This would still be an ethical practice because the student wrote the paper and produced his own and the tutor’s ideas. The only difference with the services is efficiency. A student with a busy schedule can afford very little time to sit down and write a paper, causing a very rushed and usually poorly executed final product. Hiring a writer to do this can provide a more efficient and organized result. This practice is the least harmful ethically, though it is also the least common.

Ethical writing services are companies giving students a framework for how their paper will be written by an experienced writer, rather than how a student may choose to write. These services also allow for custom writing without any trace of essay buying, thus making it undetectable by anti-plagiarism software. Throughout the article, the opposition will be discussing possible outcomes and unethical practices of these services due to their rise in necessity and popularity among college/university students.

2. The Negative Consequences of Buying Essays

When students use essay mills, they are essentially paying someone else to cheat for them. The long-term consequences are not immediately obvious, but they are definitely devastating. Students who use an essay mill are put through potential expulsion from their institution or perhaps a mark of academic dishonesty on their record. In either case, it can seriously damage a student’s reputation at the academic institution and impact on their ability to obtain a desired employment opportunity. Nowadays, employers are very perceptive to hiring new employees who have records for being dishonest in the past and the last thing a student wants is to be labelled as a cheater. In turn, this can greatly impact a student’s social life and their mental health as they will run through feelings of guilt, hopelessness, shame, embarrassment, and fear. Imagine months of hard work completely wasted. This is what it feels like to students when using an essay mill and it is not something that is worth the risk. The risk of getting caught is just too high and the consequences are never good.

3. The Benefits of Ethical Writing Services

Proofreading is the most basic form of writing assistance. (The term “writing” throughout this article will always refer to the written work/thoughts of an individual.) People often confuse proofreading with copyediting. The concept of proofreading does not involve changing the contents of a document but rather ensuring that no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors exist. There are plenty of certified professionals who can proofread a document and rid it of errors, yet make no changes to the context provided by the author. A proofreader is an essential element for a writer who wishes to produce quality work. Many writers often read over their works several times but still miss simple errors. This is due to the fact that errors can become “overlooked” to the brain, in that the writer knows what is supposed to be there and automatically fills in the blank, not actually reading what they wrote. Errors can also be “invisible” due to the bad habit of using “Microsoft Word’s” spelling and grammar check, but this is not a 100% accurate solution. An automated process just cannot compare to the effectiveness of the human eye.

As previously discussed, the use of writing services is becoming more and more prevalent. Students who used to be able to get away with minimal effort are now finding that they have to work double time just to keep up. Teachers aren’t dumb. They know when someone is copying off of another student or taking bits and pieces from a writer and claiming it as their own. With the advent of plagiarism checking programs, it seems that the battle against academic dishonesty has won, and students who wish to further their education through lower means are only hurting themselves. An ethical writing service does have its benefits, especially for students on the verge of entering the job market. An ethical writer or company can provide you with three key services: proofreading, editing, and assistance.

4. How to Identify Ethical Writing Services

In line with fully informed clients, a second method of identifying an ethical writing service is through examining the transparency and information available on the actual work produced. The internet is home to many intelligent people who are happy to share their learning. Writing services should provide some evidence that their work is benefiting people in a direct or indirect manner. This can be an informal writing of knowledge on a particular field, an article providing advice, instruction manuals or an opinion piece on a current event or issue. At any rate, the work produced should directly benefit the client and improve their understanding on a particular field and/or topic. For example, an essay for a student or an article for a professional magazine. An important point to note is the more overseas students that come to western countries to study, the more likely they are to have English as a second language. In these cases, it may be beneficial for the student to request work written on a level that they can understand given their current grasp of the English language. At all times, the work should be presented in an honest manner.

While the realm of ethical writing services can be a murky one, there are several steps that potential clients can take to ensure that the services they are using are truly legitimate and legal. Firstly, clients should keep in mind that an ethical writing service will want to fully inform its clients about the nature of the service which it offers. This includes the service will try its best to facilitate the understanding of the work produced and the people who produce it. This can be done through support via a phone, email, in-person consultations or through a company website which clearly details the nature of the work provided. Ethics in this context involves both the service and the client. Not only should the service inform the client of the work provided, but the client should also have informed expectations of what that work entails.

5. Conclusion

The main idea of the research revolves around the description of ethical treatment that is due right of every consumer using writing services. The writer needs to follow a code of conduct that has been set by the profession to guide him on what is right and what is wrong. Ethical writing gives it the due consideration that it deserves and does not achieve results by wrong and unfair means. It is important to consider that the cost of a wrong step is far greater than the benefits derived from it. The writer needs to maintain a high level of integrity and credibility, which can only be achieved through moral and ethical practices. It also calls for a fair and just treatment of the consumer, providing equal opportunity and considering all possible outcomes. While the world cannot be transformed from a global village to an actual village, yet a writer sitting thousands of miles away from his consumer still forms a part of the consumer’s community. What affects one set of people in one part of the world will eventually affect other sets of people in different regions. The action and reaction of today’s multicultural and multilingual world is such that a wrong action does not go without a result. Ethical considerations demand that the writer keeps in view his impact on the whole community. Any wrong or unfair means can have a detrimental effect on the writer himself and may result in a loss of face or credibility. This, in turn, affects job satisfaction and morale because deep down every human being has an inherent understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Last but not least, ethical considerations are driven by the fact that a consumer is a human being and no amount of money can equate the value of a human being. Every consumer has some rights over his writer, and ethical writing services ensure that these rights are not violated at any cost.

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