do my math homework for me

do my math homework for me

The Importance of Doing Your Own Math Homework

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do my math homework for me
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1. Understanding the Value of Math Homework

The simple answer to these questions is “Yes, math skills can be learned without doing the homework assigned.” However, it takes much longer to do so. The point of all of the math problems we are given is simply to drill the concepts into our brains. In math skills are like a new toy, to learn how to use it to its full potential, we need to refer to the instruction manual. With the first few problems we do, the material is still fresh in our minds, so brush up is not needed. However, more problems assign us to use the skills in different ways, thus developing critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills. Without it, the chances of forgetting the material in the future are higher. This is why doing homework is the most effective way to learn and use new math skills.

Ok, so let’s cut to the chase here. We all know that math problems aren’t going to solve themselves. Teachers and textbooks throw in all sorts of problems to twist our brains into a pretzel, but what’s the point of doing them? Sure, math skills are pretty useful, but can’t they be learned without doing the homework assigned? These are common questions asked by math students and even with the larger picture in mind, there has to be an answer.

2. Developing Problem-Solving Skills

The previous point leads directly into the matter of developing problem-solving skills. Math is a subject that builds on itself sequentially; once you have mastered a particular method or skill, you can easily integrate it into more complex problems later. In math, there are often alternative ways of approaching a problem and it’s usually the case that one way is better than another. Often, it is simply a logical deduction to decide which method to use based on time restrictions, the level of complexity of the problem, and available tools. All of this strength training for the mind has been shown to improve students’ scores in other subjects as well, which are quite often dependent on the ability to think things through logically and to be able to quickly determine the best course of action (another valuable skill in itself). No student would complain about better performance in their other courses!

3. Building a Strong Foundation in Math

High school performance is a good predictor of future career success. The building must start from the ground up. Many career choices require pre-calculus, but only 45% of students go on to take this course. Students need to understand the relevance of not only pre-calculus, but also math up to that level. They must be aware of the options that will be open to them if they commit to building a strong foundation in math. This can help to provide students with incentive, because if they see the benefits and options that will be available to them in the future, they will be more likely to engage in further math education. This is important for the future of our society, where there is an increasing need for people well educated in math and science; for example in engineering and medical professions. Typically students will ask their math teachers, “When are we ever going to use this?” or “Why is math so important?” If it can be shown that an understanding of math is linked to achievement of their life goals, then students will be more likely to take their math education seriously. With the recent push for math and science education in America, there are and will continue to be increased job opportunities in these fields. Unfortunately the recent generations of Americans have shown a decline in math proficiency. This has resulted in a scarcity of Americans to fill these jobs. By helping students to understand the options that will be available to them, and stressing the importance of creating these opportunities for future generations, we can increase the number of students pursuing math education. By working to improve the math education of today’s youth, we will be paving the way to a brighter future. This should be a main goal of parents and educators, as it will lead to greater success and prosperity for the next generation.

4. Gaining Confidence and Independence

Stepping through the details of each problem forces you to constantly double-check yourself. If you make a mistake at one step, it is often a number transposition error or an easily identified arithmetic mistake, and you will likely become skilled at avoiding such errors in the future. Another stunningly obvious benefit of doing one’s own math homework, which is a bit tangential to the issue of mathematics itself, is the development of good work habits. An understanding of whether you are struggling with any given topic inspires determination to overcome this block and to work as long as it takes to bridge the gap of understanding and move on to the next level. This inward desire to learn and improve is infinitely more effective than any outside form of coercion. So we see that homework is a proven method for improving students’ grasp of a subject. If the ultimate goal of education is to develop a self-sufficient learner who can solve problems and understand concepts on their own, then it is quite obvious that doing one’s own homework is pivotal for reaching this goal. But the successful development of independence surely requires a test run from time to time. Did the knowledge and skills gained through doing one’s homework really stick around?

5. Achieving Long-Term Success in Math

Mastering your skills. Doing math homework you are given is the best way to practice new skills and concepts. The repetition can be very helpful. It does not take long for things to go from your short term memory to your long term memory. If you are thinking, oh great this means it will take even longer for me to do the homework, but it will help me in the long run. Consider this, how many times have you studied for a test the night before and then forgot everything the next day? Long term success is what really matters when learning. You do not want to continuously review old skills, with the new you may never advance. Math is a building block subject. If you do not understand the first section you learn in a chapter, it is quite likely you will have troubles understanding the future sections. This will all result in not mastering the concept. It becomes very frustrating to be stuck on the same thing and can make you feel like giving up, but math is so logical understanding the concept step by step is the only way to the right answer and long term success. Succeeding on tests. The best way to study for a math test is to do homework problems over the section you are being tested on. It’s that simple. You do not want to spend the day before a test trying to figure out how to do problems and not be sure if you did them right. This is a waste of time. Instead, your goal is to look at a problem and immediately know how to do it. This will build confidence and potential to get a good grade. Confidence in math is very important. If you think you will fail, you will. But if you think you will do well, chances are much better that you will succeed. Easing parent, teacher, and peer tension. Be honest. How many times have you had to tell your parents, teacher, or a peer how you have been procrastinating that math homework and how their response was none too pleasant. It can be hard to explain if you are struggling with concept and doing the homework will take some time. A simple answer is to just do the homework, and if you are stuck on something, ask for help. You know that doing the homework is what’s best for you. It will prevent the need to explain, and possibly confusing parent, teacher, or peer on why you are struggling and would make getting the help much more beneficial. Often teachers or peers are rushed and have little time to help you understand during class. If they are helping you at home, they are not on a time schedule and it is more likely that you will understand. Plus, if everyone else is on your case to do the homework, it will give you even more motivation.

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