english essay prompt

english essay prompt

The Importance of Education in Society

1. Introduction

In order to achieve these characteristics, it is necessary to specifically examine the individual’s educational qualification and educational improvements. Education, a way of transferring the knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies to the members of a society. The members in the society are highly contributing to their life in order to make their dreams a reality based on the education that they have been equipped with. Education, especially getting the right decision, informing to uncontamination, understanding situations, opportunities, reasoning and saying right speech in a human relationship and boosting the economy and increase the work experience and improvement, transformation of the goals, and critical thinking.

Education is the most crucial part of everyone’s future life and especially in society. In order to live a better and peaceful life, it is necessary for each individual to be an educated individual. An educated individual plays the most fundamental role in achieving sustainable development of a society. And they give direction and ambition to the members of the society. Also transforming the society from poverty to prosperity based on the education that creates a desire for achieving the development is fully accepted over the world. In addition, an educated society is highly contributing to the reduction of environmental problems and war situations. And also reducing of the human rights and violence situations. In addition, a society all-time expects to reduce above situations. It is necessary to improve the education in society. So, improve the education within the society depends on the each individual. The each individual improvement also gives us open-minded, responsible, justice, honest, respect for other, literacy, commitment, abilities, skills, collaboration, and employment of a country.

2. Benefits of Education

Educational demands have applied profound benefits in social life, evolving humanity throughout our history. Firstly, a more educated society increases public awareness, contributing to the individual and having a more dynamic, more assertive and more ascetic way of life. Secondly, public cultural education provides that all children recognize, celebrate their cultural diversity and accept and dignity it. Thirdly, it promotes collaboration between progressive social affairs and people in all communities and cultures. Fourthly, the best educators improve a child’s self-expression and communication skills and strengthen and upgrade old and young cultural and social opportunities. Finally, socio-cultural improvements transformed in the educational process because schools and universities are common and miraculous laboratories in every community, allowing, among others, living room, national pride, ethics, educational experience, careers.

One of the most important benefits of education is the impact it has on personal development and the growth it generates in an individual person. A learned person who continuously improves through various life experiences emphasizes and obtains more qualities, such as leadership, vocational satisfaction, more success and independence, positive perspective on every aspect of life and, last but not least social recognition. At the same time, one of the essential actions of learning is promoted, characterized by constructive feelings, through which understanding, a spirit of criticism, problem-solving skills, ability to communicate, better socializability are cultivated.

3. Role of Education in Society

They feel great because of their voluntary services are incomplete and heartily services complete. Education has a great social importance especially in the modern, complex industrialized societies. Philosophers of all periods, beginning with ancient stages, devoted to it, a great deal of attention. Consequently, many aspects of education are treated as separate disciplines. The claim is that education has a great social importance that brings economic prosperity, social harmony, and political stability. It is capable of solving the problems of a difficult and primarily divided society and state. The human family here has no other way than to live together. If the human family has to live together then all citizens of the social state are needed to educate. The citizens are needed to experience justice and peace in the day-to-day life rule of law. Educational institutions are responsible because they spend every effort to produce good citizens. When completed, then he should have needed duties and responsibilities. A good citizen should have moral, social, human relations, education, and other virtues. These values and virtues have to be developed by a good educational system in the minds of the student.

When people all around the world started studying, countries that were rich in education flourished relative to others. It allows the country to grow and its people to be knowledgeable about the world. It also enabled the people to make knowledgeable decisions about world politics and other countries. People made their nations independent and lived a happy life. By receiving education, inequalities are removed. All sections of the society replace superstitious beliefs based on traditional customs and taboos. The lower-status section of the society is allowed to excel in the field of politics, religion, and science. Science and technology are the basis of modern economic growth. The country’s economy can grow if its graduates are well educated. The educational system has a crucial function to fulfill society’s current needs. Careers start on the foundations of education. All countries of the world should have a qualitative education system. The quality of human resources would be destroyed if a country doesn’t give proper education to its people. The aim and benefits of education are given below: we are born into different castes, religions, and societies based on our previous life.

Education plays a great role in the existence of mankind. It opens up a new and better dimension for living and elevates our standards of living. There is a relationship between education and civilization. It is impossible to imagine civilized life without education. All great civilizations of the world flourished from a well-organized educational system. The contribution of education in the advancement of civilization, progress in science and technology leading to better and prosperous life is immeasurable. Without education, mankind would have always lived in dark caves. The academy and university were the invention of the Western world and these institutions were founded by the Christians. Our forefathers emphasized that a good education system would enable the scholars to differentiate between light, darkness, and the darkness of materialism. But the poor implementation of the education policies in society was a cause of concern in India. The drawback of the educational system in the colonial period is to produce a large number of unemployed graduates. India ranks third in the world after China and US.

4. Challenges in Education

Exclusion of children, youth and adults from the educational system. In the area of excluded education, children, youth or adults without access to the system are included. The educational exclusion of the school population is due to the operation of several discourses, which are largely interrelated, interconnected and self-mantled. Each of them confronts forms of educational intervention that privilege global actions and the focus on the immediate, reducing them to a formal and bureaucratic dimension of related practices, breaking them off from the life worlds where both socio-historical and cultural contexts are constructed. The overlapping effects between the territories of these different orders of reason lead to a multiplication of the actions of educational exclusion that we point out in the activities promoted in relation to the context of the citizens in the field of formal education. The process of focused educational exclusion encompasses the transitions and disconnections of the educational trajectories epitomized by the differentiated homework that encompass various moments, which range from compulsory and timely transfers to episodes of non-attendance subsequent to students’ marginalization for reasons of academic failure.

Inequality in the education system. Educational inequalities are produced and reproduced through the social structures that organize our societies, such as the economic model, the public policies implemented by the state, and the cultural (dis)values between people. However, although they are structural characteristics, and beyond the resolution of these types of problems, the matter of education reaches educational professionals, who are considered to play fundamental roles in the formation of students. Its function is not only the formation of knowledge: the teacher can incite critical thought, questioning activity, investigative spirit. The wealth of this type of formation as a citizen is recognized and is suggested by itself the possibility of supposedly toppling with this formation, the social inequalities present in the student body. The school then carries a moral responsibility in the fight against social problems, the goal of which is to give all citizens the same opportunities.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, society can quickly improve via improving levels of education. A well-educated population is a more productive population. A more productive population facilitates overall social advancement. Social growth results from increased political interest due to the realization of the fundamental value of equality and human worth. Finally, civil advancement is possible with increased social growth and prosperity achieved by obtaining an education. In closing, despite numerous obstacles current to our current education system, educators have a moral imperative to facilitate students in obtaining the highest education level possible. Once fully empowered, students help to promote equality to transform society by achieving overall prosperity and support human worth.

In sum, overall prosperity in our society is closely related to the overall level of education achieved by an individual. Yet, social, financial, and geographical factors may hinder potential progress. Educators have an ethical duty to support students in overcoming such obstacles. Universal access to education for people worldwide is a necessary step in creating an overall prosperous society.

Education is important for individuals and society. Education provides opportunities for human economic success which, in turn, facilitates a prosperous and socially favorable society. As such, universal access to quality education provides a pathway to overall societal improvement. In the following paper, I outline the many advantages of an individual’s access to education and the relation to society’s development. Some solutions to the current obstacles in the education system will also be discussed.

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