help me do my homework

help me do my homework

The Importance of Homework in Education

1. The Benefits of Homework

So those are the benefits of homework, and in my opinion, they are highly justified in today’s current education system. With the current changes to HSC and school curriculum, this is one of the best ways to gear students’ knowledge in the right direction. Coming to where they have revised and done exercises to further their understanding has a lot more value than students going away and finding out their understanding of the topic was incorrect but having nowhere or no one to confirm this.

Finally, one of the most obvious benefits of homework is that it will improve your child’s knowledge by revising what they learned each day. This point here is directed mainly to parents and their involvement with homework. It has been shown that students with parents that are involved with their homework have far better results than those who do not have this.

Another benefit of homework is that it allows students to work at their own pace. Homework is always given with a certain time limit, this can range from a day to a couple of weeks. Within this, people are able to plan when they will do the work and how much they will do each day and then stick to it. This is excellent practice for time management and is a critical skill for anyone wanting to live in today’s society. This ability to plan and manage time is a lifelong skill, and the earlier it is learned, the better. Coming back to the assignment, those who plan early and do a little each day will often find that they have questions to ask, and if it is at the start, they are able to ask the teacher. This will only enhance the value of homework, and the teacher is then able to steer the student in the right direction. Those who leave the assignment and find that they are starting it the night before it is due will realize that they are in trouble and may need to change their strategies.

The first benefit of homework is that it allows students and teachers to work more closely together. Firstly, with homework, teachers are able to see where the students are having problems by looking at who has done their homework or not. This enables them to see who may need extra help or more exercises, and so the teacher is able to use their time more efficiently. Also, when they have realized who needs help, they are able to use extra classes or free time to help those students.

The benefits of homework have been highly contested for many years, and students and teachers just keep fighting over this and keep saying that homework brings no benefits. In this section, I will talk about the reasons that homework actually has benefits and how these are proven.

2. Effective Study Strategies

Effective study strategies are much more specific. In order to get the most out of your studying, it’s important to find a study method that works for you. For example, if you are more of a visual learner, try using diagrams or drawing a picture to help organize your study notes. Flash cards are always a great idea, particularly when trying to memorize important definitions or formulas. Using colors when note taking can also assist in memory. Also, do not overlook the power of simple repetition. If there is something you do not fully understand, go over it a few times to yourself. However, it’s important to know when it’s time to take a break. If you’re finding it difficult to concentrate, take 5 to 10 minutes to do something else before revisiting your studies. And be sure to organize your time wisely, and not to leave studying for a test or exam until the night before. With these learning strategies in mind, homework now comes into play. Interestingly enough, students stand to benefit most from homework assignments when they are on the right level to match their own abilities; in this case, self efficacy (how competent one feels about performing a task). Creating a study plan and an organized homework environment will only enhance the opportunity for success. The more confidence the student has in his or her abilities, the more likely he or she is to take on a more challenging task with commitment and attributing that it will have some positive effect on their life. In this way, positive self efficacy and use of the above learning strategies on homework can be a very powerful tool in increasing student learning.

3. Time Management Techniques

The nuts and bolts of Homework Hall of Fame, sponsored by Dish Network, dissects the amount of time Hall of Famers spend on homework versus those who are out of professional sports. Hall of Famers typically treated school like their actual job, spending a healthy amount of time on homework. These HOFers usually spent the same time doing homework as they did practicing athletics. Some of you may think that the extra work at home is not worth it, some of these Hall of Famers also thought the same. Ex-New York Giant Wellington Mara believed that the more time he spent on homework would not make him any better. This led him to take work from his other classmates. This is where the fine line of doing too much homework is drawn. It’s unrealistic for students to spend as much time as he did on homework. In turn, he became a right-hand man for his teachers. The teachers would not only give Wellington more responsibilities than the other students, but would let him choose whatever group of students he wanted, for any collaboration type assignment. This would ensure that the teachers would get a well-organized paper without any influence from foreign sources, or in the words of a teacher, “We want to see what is going on in your minds.” His work on homework eventually helped him to become the student-body president at Fordham Preparatory School. This is a prime example of all the positive effects homework did for Wellington, and is a very good segue into our next section about homework’s effect on self-responsibility.

4. Overcoming Homework Challenges

A very important thing for students to be able to do is unwind and clear the stress and worry out of their mind so they can put full concentration into the task at hand. But many students have no idea or find it hard to relax, and it is also common for a student to not know how to clearly find the exact amount and nature of the work that is required to complete a task. It’s hard to concentrate and be motivated on something that you don’t know when it’s finished or what you are aiming to exactly do.

Scheduling and beginning a task well in advance of the due date will reduce the stress of that particular task, and research has shown that it is beneficial to the health and quality of work done. But starting early can be hard in itself, so it must be made a habit. An effective method of doing it is putting the due date for the assignment or a few days before into a student’s diary in a place where it will be seen many times and using a countdown method to remind and mentally prepare them how long is left until they have to do the task.

Becoming easily distracted and going off task is another common problem for students. There are certain external factors that can make concentration difficult, such as noise and comfort, and internal factors such as a student’s stress and emotional states. Often, concentration is easier to achieve if a student assigns a particular environment or time to do work in a certain subject. High stress and overload is a barrier that can strongly affect a student’s motivation and ability to concentrate. The primary sources of stress for students are examinations and assignment deadlines.

One of the best ways to overcome task avoidance and overload, and successfully prioritize, is through time management. There are several time management methods that can be applied to assignments and homework in order to turn avoidance and procrastination into focused productive working. After scheduling, keep a diary of daily or weekly progress to compare goals with achievements and also make evaluating changes to the schedule by contracting tasks with how long they took, as there is often a large difference between time scheduled for a task and time taken to complete it. This method allows students to identify time-wasting or the efficiency of certain forms of study in reaching the set goal.

Students are asked to do many things. Sometimes the volume of work is high and it can be hard to prioritize, so putting off a small assignment because it is only a small piece and would only take a short amount of time to do until last is a common mistake. If a student prioritizes completing a more difficult or important task above a smaller one, then they will not be procrastinating and will feel more productive and that their workload has lessened. A student can be assigned many things to do at once and often they just try to multitask, which is not an efficient way to get things done and they are often more likely to make errors.

5. Conclusion: Embracing Homework for Academic Success

The importance of homework has been a part of educational life for many years. It is not a loved part of life, but a very important one. Homework affects the grades of students and is a way of testing how much the student has learned and remembered from the previous day. Too much homework can prove to be harmful to the student. It can be used for enrichment, but a student can have too much and be overwhelmed. This can lead to stress, loss of sleep, and other health problems. It can also take away from time spent with family, extracurricular activities, and rest and relaxation. But time management and self-discipline can be developed with homework. This can lead to responsibility through accountability and met deadlines. It can also lead to an improvement in grades with increased practice and understanding of material. This is why assignments should not always be something to just be completed. They should be challenging and thought-provoking. An assignment like this can be a drawing board for a student and increase understanding of a topic. With the potential to develop positive student traits and improve grades, homework is a key to the future of the student and should be nurtured. This is a stance I hold for myself. Through previous experiences with homework, I have learned more about the benefits of an equal balance of homework and it already proven to be helpful. I have a friend who was able to learn this as well. Situations like this can be common for others too, and there is much evidence for the benefits of homework. Homework has always been a part of school; however, a number of students and parents are dissatisfied with it. They say that homework makes up for the time students should be spending with family and friends, that it interferes with extracurricular activities, and prevents students from resting. These concerns are possible, but with an appropriate amount of homework, these things can still be done. A balance can be made for homework and activity if time is managed properly. A student may even be able to understand the value of time through time taken for an activity and possible deduction from it for more homework. Time taken to rest and relax can be seen as well-deserved after a completion of homework assignment. With good results on the assignment, the student and parent can get a sense of pride and achievement with proof of it on a grade. This is why we should not have homework abolished but reformed for greatest benefit. A future experience with a new generation of homework can lead to improvement in student grades and skills which can have a positive effect on the future of our society.

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