introduction english essay

introduction english essay

The Importance of Writing a Strong Introduction in English Essays

1. Introduction

“The first impression is the one that counts the most.” We should think this way in terms of writing. A good introduction should not say everything that will be developed in the text. We must take the reader through the text and leave a sense of expectation and curiosity about what we are going to discuss ahead. Write two or three paragraphs that make the reader read more to find out what our text will discuss. You should start the introduction by setting the scene or create environment where some relevant fact occurs and limited the contain of the text by giving an overview of the content of the text that we will address or if the text will discuss more than one subject. Your English teacher expressed that a good introduction is one that summarizes the entire essay. It is she who is going to grab the attention of the reader and lead them to want to read more. Since we can choose any topic to develop, we should think of some very important and controversial issue and point out a theme that we need to seek a clear opinion.

“Writing is the act of letting the thoughts of our minds flow out onto written and printable blank pages.” This suggests that when writing, we put the ideas that are in our minds in order to express clearly and organized. Writing also allows us to reflect on what we think and pass it on to others, so it is very important to have a well-structured process. Writing also helps us develop our knowledge because when we write we must look for new words, similar synonyms, related ideas, also enrich our vocabulary. The importance of writing is fundamental because through it other people read our ideas and opinions, at the same time that we develop our intellectual knowledge and this is the way that we will develop and perfect a good English writing.

2. Key Elements of a Strong Introduction

The last sentence of an introduction should be your thesis statement. Think of it as the “big picture” of your paper. The thesis statement is a final statement that makes a claim that you will support in the body of your essay. Everything in your paper is supposed to support the thesis statement. For example, “Although many students don’t want to get out of bed early to go to school, the extended day is actually beneficial to students because it allows teachers to slow down and help students with material, the increased length of the school day allows creative activities with little value to take place, and the extended breaks in the middle of the day give students time to clear their minds and refresh”.

A solid introduction should include your thesis statement and serve to attract your reader’s attention. When it comes to hooking a reader, beginning with one or more rhetorical questions usually does the trick. Whatever you do, don’t start with a definition as the first sentence of your paper. Definitions are important to essays and should appear in the paper – but not at the beginning. Readers should “get hooked” in your introduction but should have a clear and concrete member of what they are reading by the time they finish reading it.

3. Tips for Writing an Effective Introduction

Third, make a road map and tell the reader what your essay will discuss. By writing a preview or a table of contents as a part of your introduction, you will help the reader to navigate the information. Making a road map also will give you a guide to follow as you write each paragraph. Fourth, write that lead-in. The one thing that should stop a writer cold in their tracks: the attacker—or a blank page. The problem is beginning a paragraph. It’s always stumbling over just what to say. Keep your lead simple. Keep your lead short. Keep it in present tense as much as you can. And avoid using, “This essay is about,” or “I will discuss.” Nothing is more boring. “I am not entertaining. I am not captivating you. Therefore, you should stop reading.”

To write an effective introduction, follow these four general strategies for paragraphs as you design and build an introduction. First, write to your reader. How would you introduce an idea or topic to a friend? You use everyday words and phrases to open a conversation. Second, get to the point. If you have something to say, then what is simpler or clearer than to say it directly? Beginning with a “hook” or a “lead-in” helps to capture the reader’s attention and make them want to continue reading your essay or paper. Here are four simple techniques for a strong lead-in: a thought-provoking statement, a good and easy-to-understand question, a clear purpose, and/or an interesting quotation.

4. Examples of Well-Crafted Introductions

Revenge is the main theme of Hamlet. The kind of revenge that is seen in this play is an eye for an eye. What Hamlet is feeling when he says, “Now could I drink hot blood and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look upon,” (III. ii. 645-646), is the thought of him being done with the worthless acts of life and only wanting to make Claudius suffer the way that he has. Once this type of thinking has been done to him by that person he fully trusts, Hamlet has a major void and falls into severe depression. All of Hamlet’s thoughts of giving up and ending his life have revolved around revenge and death. As he contemplates thoughts of hurting or killing Claudius, Hamlet is aware of how his life has come to a point where he is willing to die in order to bring an end to his depression. He is willing to risk going to Hell, “Damned custom; let not the bloat king tempt you again to bed of deaseased with ties of die and consecrated ground,” (I. iv. 43-46) and hurting others’ feelings in order to do this.

British author Bernard Shaw once said, “First impressions are the most lasting.” Everyone can agree that the first paragraph is the hardest to write in a paper. When you start writing an essay, you must decide what’s going to be the icing and what is going to be the cake. What do you want to grab the reader’s attention with? What must be in the paragraph, body, and conclusion? By digging deep into the idea, you can find a thoughtful approach to the whole composition’s better understanding. Below are examples of well-crafted introductions.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, the input of a good introduction to the back of the essay cannot be overstretched. From finding the right audience with the proper techniques to knowing exactly where to place the opening sentences and identifying what to put into them, it can be said that kid depends on the introduction. The kid may not be evident at first sight like a presentation, but once the writer begins to deliver the writing to their teacher and to their audience, they will find that the point is closer than they think. A writer could have the world’s finest advice in an essay, but it cannot be seen if the introduction does not comply. Any writer could have an excellent presentation, but if the introduction leaves something to be desired, the audience will lose interest. Once familiar with how to write a proper English introduction, any author would have a strong, engaging essay.


Student essayists could develop powerful introductions by following a few simple tips. The writer first needs to identify the audience of the essay, whether it be only the reader, the teacher, or the entire English-speaking public. Next, the writer needs to select a hook or an opening sentence that will interest the specified audience. The next word of that opening sentence should draw the reader in by providing background information on the topic. Then the writer can end that opening sentence with a thesis statement that can engage the reader’s interest and make them want to find out what comes next. By using these tips, any writer, experienced or not, will be able to write a strong, engaging essay.

The introduction in an English essay serves as the hook for the reader, this practically means that the reader will not continue to read the rest of the essay if the specified information is not appealing. This is why it is incredibly important that an introduction is engaging, involving, concise, and attention drawing. Another reason is that the introductory paragraph introduces the reader to the thesis of the essay. The thesis is the main argument of the essay that the writers are trying to persuade the audience to believe. Without it, the readers may not understand what point the writers are trying to make in the rest of the essay, in other words, introductions serve as the blueprints for the essays, and without a sturdy blueprint, the building will not turn out the way it should.

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