jongsma homework planner

jongsma homework planner

The Importance of Using a Homework Planner

1. Introduction

Students tend to have the perception that there is some time left to complete the work assigned. They postpone doing the assignments only to rush through the work when the deadline comes up. It’s possible to avoid procrastinating and accomplish all the homework by using a planner. To be able to remain organized when it comes to tasks, it’s important to jot down your due dates on your planner. This will allow you to address the assignments that are due soon and thus start doing them. Jobs are less stressful and hard to do when begun early. This allows doing other school work since there is no pressure for submission imposed by pending work. This, in turn, leads to an increase in productivity. High chances are that your memory fails to remind you of all the due dates set for your homework. A homework planner allows you to get high marks in a test or term paper because one can easily find out and concentrate on the important assignments by just checking out your planner.

Homework is something that all of us need to do, but most of us often feel like avoiding. We spend time with distractions and really doing nothing that benefits us. This can be very stressful because we know that we have a due date to meet and tasks to complete. This does not have to happen. You can now do your homework and track each of your achievements. The best way to do this is by using a homework planner. This is a tool that can change the way that you look at homework because a planner can help you get everything done on time. By using a homework planner, it’s possible to stay on top of everything intentional concerning homework. Today’s life is hectic to leave any room for wasted time. A homework planner in this digital era cannot only be a conventional paper-based planner but can also take the form of an app or any other web-based application. No matter the kind of homework planner used, the benefits are many. A student who can use a correct homework planner can become very productive.

2. Benefits of Using a Homework Planner

Writing assignments down on a student planner does more than help keep a student organized: the act of writing triggers an important part of the brain and sparks active information processing, which will help post the information into the student’s long term memory. When a student writes information down, the words are processed through the hippocampus and are stowed away more efficiently. A homework assignment that a student writes down in his/her homework planner actually becomes fixed in the student’s memory. A planner is a tool that students can use to gain control over their tasks and more important, their thoughts. For instance, once a student has written down an assignment it will now have form and real estate. Mental clarity can now be achieved and anxiety is no longer a detriment of getting started on the task. The planner is a vehicle through which students can unload thoughts and information and get it off their minds and onto paper. With each task recorded in a student’s planner, physical interruption of thoughts is no longer the issue when it comes time to focus and “hit the books.” Furthermore, recording the task into the planner, gives students the ability to free their minds and leave room to tend to other more immediate concerns while finishing other projects or assignments.

It is critical that all middle and high school students have a homework planner. When used effectively, homework planners can serve as a connection between the subject matter and the assignments and tests for which a student is responsible and the advice or suggestions given to the student by teachers, parents, or guidance counselors. As such, homework planners could be instrumental in creating the conditions necessary to help students perform at their best. Few studies have been reported in the extant literature that would document the effectiveness of homework planners. However, the difficulty students have on a consistent basis in completing homework and preparing for quizzes and tests, in addition to the often heard lament of teachers that students “do not listen to my advice” suggest that the use of a homework planner or a tool equipped with planner features may be an approach that is worthy of further exploration. Homework planners or planners in application are chockfull of benefits that a responsible student in high school should take advantage.

3. How to Use the Jongsma Homework Planner

2. When you review your planner for completion every afternoon, spend no more than 10 minutes filling your homework planner with accurate times. Days of the week should be filled in as consistently as possible with no gaps or overruns. If something is missing, it is likely that you are missing an essential part of the steps that allowed you to solve a specific problem in the past. Copy (sometimes even annotate) an old routine/work procedure into the current day’s block of time. Give yourself the time and space to continue these required activities with minimal interruption. For example, in algebra class when I cannot get to the process of writing an A+ detailed (color and labeled) linear equation of intercept, take too much time and spoil the opportunity to apply this equation to balance the work correctly.

1. A homework planner is important and effective because it encourages the owner to assert personal responsibility for doing their work. By utilizing it, they can freely choose when and where they want to be. When they simultaneously write the specific assignment in a block of time during which they want to work, I have observed that they typically finish in the period they expected to finish. As owners of a new homework planner, they are encouraged to experiment with what they have been given to use. Buy a good planner at your local Staples or Office Max with a 2-by-3-inch grid of days and weeks.

4. Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Planner

4) Check that you are prepared for each week in advance. Encourage and require that you have all the tools necessary to complete your assignments at home in advance dates will be needed for a school project. By doing a homework planner on a daily basis, you will be less likely to forget to do assignments, thereby maintaining your grade point average. Work with your own personal planner to make sure you have everything you need so you are not calling around for assistance or missing deadlines.

3) Incorporate all assignments when they are given into your homework planner. This eliminates procrastination and scheduling overlaps. This is particularly important for college students who are afforded a great deal of autonomy, with professors not requiring an explanation or accepting tardiness. Keep the details down to a minimum but enough to trigger your memory as to what task is required. Keep it brief so you can refer to your planner during class.

2) The more you use these tools, the more you will be helping yourself learn how to organize and prioritize. This is helpful in preparing for college, university, and professional life. The more one commits to tasks and deadlines, the more efficient and productive they can be in their work. A homework planner requires a commitment to check the planner as a daily commitment at the very least, to plan what assignments and homework are due when and to write it well in advance of the deadline.

1) A homework planner is effective whether you are a student or an adult. Whether you are in grade school, a college student, or a busy professional, anyone can benefit from using a homework planner to make their life more productive and organized. Use a personal calendar to map a strategy to get what you need done and meet priorities.

If you are committed to doing your homework with precision and delivering high-quality work, use a homework planner. In this day and age of high tech and advances in technology, students lead more independent lives than at any time in history. With the majority of parents carpooling children around from one extracurricular event to another and many parents working one or more jobs, students are forced to pick up the slack. Couple this with the increasing demands on students to deliver excellent results as they enter college and the workforce, and we find that student life can be extremely demanding. Here are four benefits to using a homework planner:

5. Conclusion

Homework Planner, when discussed as a tool that helps students manage their time properly, it is no mistake to consider this tool can be very helpful for anyone. Self-management is a behavior that everyone has to have in daily life, whether at work, at home, or at school. It is a fundamental ability in today’s society, particularly for vulnerable individuals (e.g. those at risk of social exclusion) in a rapidly growing knowledge-based European economy. This is why it is important to use the planner for academic success that you want. Proposed questions and the question of whether students who use the planner for academic success have not yet been answered. You will be able to find answers during the researches that will be performed by different scientists in the context of the study, which can guide you to work on different subjects or science areas.

Throughout history, mankind has always seemingly faced similar issues when tackling the use of mannerisms or items. This issue has not been much different than the usage of the Homework Planner today. Indeed, students throughout the ages used different tools to help them keep track of their schedules, assignments, and appointments. As Benjamin Franklin (n.d.) reported in Autobiographical Writing, he created a system of moral exercises for himself, which included the usage of a small calendar wheel containing small written parts of verses to regulate his actions. Your understanding of the importance of the use of this beneficial tool for academic success, if shared, can help you as you cross paths with different colleagues, trading your experiences and thoughts.

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