literature essay topics

literature essay topics

Literature Essay Topics

1. Introduction

Essays discuss the form of literary criticism which has sprung easy step-by-step guide to writing a literature essay. The essays herein are to critically evaluate ‘Dracula’ with tears of laughter or despair or a selection of other publications that includes a number of academic papers. There are a number of different techniques which can be used in essays, and this wide range of themes, followed by a series of chapters which uses these vehicles to drive the reader towards a convincing argument. This sets the intensive track for essay writing in a new, and in many ways revolutionary, light and carries the reader with intense amusement over some particularly treacherous spots in the field.

Literature studies are important for any one’s education and growth. It gives one an opportunity to turn away from the hustle bustle of everyday to re-discover one self. Whether the students goal is literature or medicine, literature is his passport to success. Literature prospers in an atmosphere of individualism and independence which is necessary ingredient of human culture. Appropriate appreciation and understanding of literature spawns from large personal experience; hence, literature must be left as a free art to take its own directions and to fulfill itself according to the varied needs of varied minds. Literature serves to reiterate and propagates the values of a society and contribute to it growth and development.

2. Analysis of Literary Devices

In any work of literature that employs diction – the level of language that the author chooses to use – the author must make decisions. The language involved is held to such high regard of importance in literature, that its study is nearly as important as the work itself. Yet, once the language is studied and mastered, its use is an entirely different matter. Rarely utilized is plain language in literature. No – the directions of a story or a poem employ the use of an intricate assortment of words and phrases that bring the emotion of the author and thus, of that which is to be conveyed, to the reader. To set the mood correctly, diction must be used. Level of diction is inherently revealed when a word, such as “a fine” is substituted to mean “a feeling or a look” for melancholic. Would “a fine” do the job of making the reader feel the exact weight of the feeling much as “melancholic” does? Of course not!

A literary device is the attendant technique that the writer employs with the intention of conveying a certain effect – an effect upon the reader. The use of these devices are what brings the distinct manner that an author employs to life. They also help to prove or disprove a point and to develop a story or a theme. Without the use of such devices, the story or a poem would become more like a simple recitation of the facts – dry, and thus, boring. Among the principal devices that the writer employs are diction, symbolism, figurative language. Each of these is employed for the singular purpose of forcing the reader into the story, making him part and parcel of the plot, if you will.

3. Comparison of Themes

The themes for the tales are endless. As with comprehension, select a theme which is of particular interest to you, but of more general appeal. What two topics could be picked? You could select from a diverse group such as Love or Jealousy. Others you may want to explore are Deception, Forgiveness (or lack of it), Rebellion, Isolation, Fate, Hatred, Mistrust, Alienation, Social expectations or pressures, Good and Evil, Perseverance. The list is almost exhaustless of topics. Once more, the most helpful rule is to be sure that there is a blend of various comparison points. No one wants a bore. If the two are totally distinct, find similarities between the two.

Choose from a variety of literature essay topics, present a clear idea, and structure your essay. Writing doesn’t seem quite so hard, does it? Let’s compare and contrast the themes of two different stories. You can choose from a plethora of two story comparisons and contrasts. As I have suggested with the two characters, the stories can be totally unrelated and contrast widely, or applicable to the same subject and very much alike. The two stories could be of similar lengths or very different lengths. Whichever combination is chosen, the important thing to remember is that there needs to be numerous points of comparison and contrast examination.

4. Character Development

Student essay topics: 1. How are the characters of Elizabeth, Jane, and Lydia different from Austen’s female characters in other novels, such as Lucy Steele, Marianne Dashwood, and Lady Susan? In what ways are they similar? 2. What effect on our impression and sympathy for characters do Jane Austen’s letters have? How does our reaction to her letters compare with our reaction to their actions in the novel? 3. How are Mr. Collins, Sir William Lucas, and Mr. Bennet different from other Austen characters in similar roles, such as Mr. Elton, Mr. Palmer, and Sir Thomas Bertram? In what ways are they similar? 4. How does character development, such as that of Elizabeth, Darcy, and Lydia, comparing the novel to a play by Shakespeare, such as Hamlet or Macbeth? 5. In what ways and for what purpose is the reader manipulated by Austen? How does Austen address the reader’s emotions, and what is her ultimate goal in the novel? What are some of the relationships or parallels between letters and characters in the novel, and what is the significance in these relationships? 6. Discuss the emotional intelligence of Austen’s characters. Who demonstrates common sense and a clear understanding of how their actions and those of others affect external appearance, relationships with others, and their own reputations? Who demonstrates the opposite of common sense and is consistently misinterpreting and being misinterpreted by others? What patterns have you noticed about these types of characters? 7. Discuss how Mr. Collins, Lydia, and Lady Catherine are consistently strong and believable, in addition to being consistently comical. How does Austen employ this kind of realism elsewhere in the novel? How does she alter her employment of it, and for what effect?

5. Conclusion

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Selecting a suitable literature essay topic is not only the starting point of the essay organization and writing but also an important and indispensable linking part of one’s life. Either selecting an essay topic that can make interesting fields for future study or a topic of one’s own interest is of extreme importance. Therefore, one can close his eyes to choose an essay topic that is about the writer’s own research topics. The requirement is to ensure that within the time constraints, the freshness, information, data, methods, essays, and rigorous presentation should be as complete as possible. We are still striving to explore subtler rules. In the selection of topics, we gladly recommend the essays written by scholars at home and abroad. If necessary, we will also recommend essays submitted by professional “buy essays”. Be sure to meet your literary topic selection needs using all possible related resources.

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