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What is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a form of academic writing that demonstrates knowledge and comprehension of the academic literature on a particular topic placed in context. Moreover, a literature review entails a critical assessment of the material, hence why it is known as a literature review and not a literature report. It’s the process of evaluating the literature and also a form of writing. The two primary objectives of a literature review are the content covering current research, evidence and theories, and your critical assessment and discussion of the content. Typically, a literature review is part or section of an extended essay, research project, or dissertation. But, it can also be done and evaluated as a standalone piece of work.

Parts of a Literature Review

Most literature reviews have a basic introduction, body, and conclusion structure. If the literature review is a section of a larger paper, your introduction and conclusion should be a few sentences while the body carries most of the work. If the review is a standalone piece, your introduction and conclusion take more space and allow you to discuss objectives, research methods, and conclusions individually from where you explain the literature.


  • An introductory paragraph explaining your topic and thesis
  • A projection of primary texts or topics that will be in the review
  • Probably, a description of how you located sources and how you analyzed them for discussion and inclusion in the review (often found in standalone literature reviews than in sections in a research paper or article).


  • Summarize and combine. Please provide an overview of the critical points of each source and synthesize them into a comprehensible whole.
  • Evaluate and interpret. Do not just paraphrase other researchers. Add your interpretations, and discuss the significance of findings concerning the literature as a whole.
  • Critically evaluate. State the strengths and weaknesses of your sources
  • Write well-structured paragraphs. Use topic sentences and transition words to draw contrasts, comparisons, and connections.


  • Summarize the primary findings you have derived from the literature and stress their significance
  • Link it back to your primary research question

How to Organize a Literature Review

Literature reviews can be organized in different ways depending on your objectives. Here are examples:

  • Theoretical. A literature review is a basis for the theoretical framework in most humanities articles. You can use the study to discuss different models, theories, and definitions of central concepts. You can debate the significance of a particular theoretical approach or combine other theoretical concepts to develop a research framework.
  • Methodological. You may compare the results and conclusions emerging from different approaches if you obtain your sources from various fields or disciplines that utilize various research methods. For example:
    • Quantitative versus qualitative research
    • Theoretical versus empirical scholarship
    • Divide the research by cultural, historical, or sociological sources
  • Thematic. If you find recurring central themes that you’ll use throughout your review, you may organize the paper into subsections addressing different features of the topic.
  • Chronological. The most straightforward approach is to outline topic development over time, which helps acquaint the audience with your topic (especially if you are introducing an uncommon idea in your field). If you pick this strategy, be cautious to avoid just summarizing and listing sources in sequence. Try to scrutinize the patterns, critical debates, and turning points that have formed the direction of the field. Explain how and why particular things happened, but first, check with a mentor or teacher if this is appropriate in your discipline.

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