medium in english literature

medium in english literature

The Significance of Medium in English Literature

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medium in english literature
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1. Introduction to Medium in Literature

In this world, we recognize a number of sounds. When these sounds become meaningful, we call them words. When meaningful words are connected by grammatical rules, sentences emerge. Sentences can be woven into paragraphs, essays, etc. Prose is different from verse. Prose uses the language of everyday. Verse, on the other hand, often seeks to set up a beautiful and rhythmic pattern. In Urdu, for instance, there is a word for flower: ‘Phool’, and in this, the sound is a definite part of the meaning. For W. H. Auden, the sound of language becomes highly important. Prose is like a window-pane through which one looks to the outside world, whereas verse is a vehicle carrying the experience of a human being to another human being. We look with the eye, but we see with the mind. Shape, or form, is of utmost value.

The aspect of form has an important bearing on the content of literature. The medium of literature can open up, select, and sustain. These ideas are evident when we think of poetry, prose, and drama. A subject matter discussed in a literary work goes through every medium. Without medium, or without the creation of a form, neither a poem, nor a prose or novel, nor a drama can emerge. In literature, content and meaning seem to be closely connected, even hallucinated by form.

2. The Evolution of Medium in English Literature

While many have given it support in wider respect, in return. Music, of late, in England, has been put forward as the only art in which it could be argued that aesthetics had no role, an inordinately egocentric prejudice held against composers until the eighteenth century kept music as a servant of the Muses. But this convention is how people have considered the arts, not how artists have necessarily worked. Oliveira-Martins has outlined a good selection of the ways in which the visual arts can be said to have entered literature, in the sixteenth and the romantics: how would all on earth, if our wits could match the glories of the artwork, or all in it, be enough to show as much power as to represent fair Venice in a sonnet or suspect the deep intent of a divine picture in holy books?

It goes without saying, myth is fascinating and enduring as a medium of thought, and literature is replete with examples that bear testimony to my argument. My basic contention is that all artists, whatever they may have called themselves, have also worked simultaneously in the other media of their time, in a double or multiple sense. And for literature itself, this is not strange. It is indeed my principal thesis on literature. That it is the most multiple of media, the one that has absorbed the other arts into itself, whenever an image or rhythm or harmony on a page has spoken to another, privileged, visual, or musical, art and given it inspiring new materials, that means thoughts, for the second work of art. This conference is, in my own terms, on which artist were so involved with literature.

3. Impact of Different Mediums on Literary Expression

In this form of expression, as opposed to painting, sculpture, or music, changing its meaning and message, adding to or subtracting from the value of its beauty—literature as a form of expression adjusts itself due to the innovations in material and the period of history when the artist happens to be alive. In fact, the point can be simply stated that the novel and the drama are fundamentally different forms of art because they adjust their meaning to different changes in man’s evolving psychology. It is the basic ability of letters to appeal to both the eye and mind that makes it the ideal form of expression for different material at different times. The use of words addressed to the mind of man through the medium of sight shares this advantage with painting. In which of these two mediums is there a greater opportunity of realizing this beauty?

Gottschalk, the German novelist, in a given space of time and using the same material, can achieve so much in the form of a novel that the drama adapted from his novel, if a success at all, cannot rise superior to the novel itself. Similarly, given a certain space of time and using the material at hand, the dramatist achieves such an effect that if his dramatic material should be embodied in a novel or story, the form then used would not be the best for complete literary expression. This point is the genius of each given medium, the particular beauty inherent in it through the cumulative experience of centuries since mankind first achieved articulate literary expression through the medium of letters.

4. Challenges and Opportunities of New Mediums in Literature

The educational significance of literature is that reading is seen as inherently beneficial to society. It is an essential aspect of cultural development. Many authors conceive their work as a form of exploration, which can provoke new ideas and engage readers in new thoughts. Science fiction and philosophical novels are particularly concerned with the exploration of new ideas. The method used to present new ideas is stories. Finally, the persuasive force of a story is believed to reside in the fact that it is felt, and not reasoned. It can be accessed by somebody who cannot understand any of the languages in which the book might be published. It is open to anybody who can understand a story. For these reasons, new forms of presenting stories to those who might be affected by the message should produce new benefits for society.

Significant challenges and opportunities are presented to literary authors by new mediums for conveying narratives. These have social, educational, environmental, and economic implications. In the social sphere, the popularity of particular authors, styles, and genres can define the cultural characteristics of a population. Conversely, literature can create new languages and shared cultural values. One challenge presented to authors by new reading platforms is that just as with print, an individual work can be transformed into a variety of visually and contextually different representations, all providing new insights for the reader. The appearance of a narrative can influence our perception of the story.

5. Conclusion and Future Directions

In this paper, we have been considering the significance of medium for English literature. Beginning from ideas familiar from the visual arts, we have identified the sensory features that give rise to the concept of medium and seen how such features play an important role in the identification with characters in fiction. In order to do this, we have had to emphasize a dynamic or interactive sense of approach, in which medium is bound up not with the largely static language or novel per se, but with the presentation of works of art. We then showed that this way of thinking is related to major issues in literary theory and gave a tentative list of features for describing what the medium of an English language novel is like, on an informal dynamic type semantics. Finally, we sketched an illustration of the framework as applied not only to some traditional problems about what makes for a good artwork, but also to implications for character identification.

The paper discussed the significance of medium in English literature. The meanings of the term medium are reviewed in relation to art in general and literature in particular, and the differences between medium and form are explained. The complex interaction between medium and form is analyzed and related to some of the factors with respect to which medium is of artistic importance. Medium is then related to the central problem in literary theories, which is often known as the paradox of fiction – the question of how people are moved by events that they know to be mere fictions. The essence of art is also considered and contrasted with its sensory side. In conclusion, the implications of the artistic significance of medium are outlined for some traditional features of literature, and an approach to be further developed in future work is sketched.

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