online certificate courses for english and literature

online certificate courses for english and literature

Online Certificate Courses for English and Literature

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online certificate courses for english and literature
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1. Introduction to English and Literature Studies

These days in studying topics in English, people are highly interested in practical topics such as how to write emails or other types of professional writing (e.g., reports, CVs, etc.). While those skills are becoming increasingly important, students often fail to truly make full use of them in an intercultural communication environment. So, it is not only about the skills but also wider awareness and understanding of the research performed in fields like English and Language studies. The second area many people specialize in concerns professional goals. This includes preparing for high school exams, baccalaureate, language exams. This can be the time when critical thinking, research skills, and other skills are developed or made permanent. Third, the area in which many scholars feel more comfortable is that of society and humanity. Literary Conversation usually allows the production of knowledge that can be happily integrated into the repertoire of broader topics of society, literature, film, and mythology, and banal cultural references.

Offers an overview of some aspects of English and Literature studies that are addressed by the courses provided by WIKIPROD. Online learning becomes increasingly popular as of today, and with the courses by WIKIPROD, you can gain the fundamental English and Literature awareness and education. Educational opportunities are offered free of charge since 2012 by WIKIPROD as a MOOC platform. We offer the courses listed below. The courses have been used by thousands of students who come from different countries at different proficiency levels.

2. Exploring Classic Works of English Literature

The DELEGC003: English Literature Course has tutorials incorporated in the Formative and the Summative Sections for each module and submits for formative and summative online assignments, videos, audio recordings, e-libraries, web resources, and journals. The DELEGC003 tutorials are not just on the course content, students are guided on how to approach studying and discussing literature, analyzing, and interpreting a wide range of genres and periods in English literature. Engaging with the wide range of literary studies is made interesting through the following listed components spread across 4 modules. By the end of the course, students should know more than just selected literary works, it should help expand a student’s comprehension, interpretation, and appreciation of English literature. Also, the course should assist in developing a broad understanding of significant years of English literature history and the literary movements – Romanticism, Modernism, and Romantic Drama, thus understanding the literary traditions that helped mold the cultural fabric of England.

Online certificate course in English literature involves a study of the literature of England and a selection of written works of English. We begin with some of the earliest works in Old and Early Middle English, evolving through the first major texts of Old English literature, e.g. Beowulf. We inhabited cultures that spoke in languages that made it possible to speak of Angles and Saxons. By listening to a particular language that would eventually result in the beginnings of Old English (and Old High German). From there, we begin with some of the earliest written forms of English by the time of the composition of the epic poem of the English language – Beowulf. The tale is set in a pre-Christian world denoted by two dominant themes (the relation of the individual to the community of warriors and the Christian tradition of gentleness) that confront one another to become the foundation of modern literature.

3. Enhancing Writing Skills in English

Good writing skills require learning how to include a reasonable amount of detail into an assignment, report or any other document required to fulfill a given task. Proper assessment of individual writing issues, whether of content, form and grammar, demands a well-developed ability to monitor one’s own effort and performance to become a successful writer. Too little content and the writing lacks clear and thorough meaning. Too much content and the writing may start to lose focus and become less than efficient. Good writing evolves through continual practice and instruction. English is not the most difficult language, though mastering writing skills in English is a challenging and complex cognitive process which calls for a high level of decision making between content and form. Making decisions when writing increases word retention that, in turn, increases the written language to enable writing to flow more efficiently. Writers move from awareness and understanding of written discourse to the next level of language proficiency, which is more abstract and metacognitively oriented. Although it is beneficial to think about writing in the target language, when too much emphasis is focused on form, language can drift away from context and begin to lose its meaning, essentially changing in rapid discontinuity. When writers focus on meaning, the unplanned errors they may produce result in lexical substitution rather than more form-based errors. When this occurs, the writer revises these lexical errors so that the meaning can again be comprehensible. The efficiency of this revision process in second language writing increases over time with practice. The first two revisions in an authentic L2 writing sample can reload into a writing task, tempo- or orthographic word and form-based corrections according to Lewis, et al. Studies. This means that lower proficiency students focus on surface level errors that were lexical in nature during their first revision. After this revision, students who are not able to revise their work further in digit form need oral formative feedback to support students in improving their writing performance. Gathering L2 student input for reflective writing can have students focus on revision strategies to assist them in revising individual learning outcomes. By refining form-function connections in L2 writing, student input on student feedback can help students progress toward the key writing objectives of the input focus.

4. Analyzing Contemporary Literature

The texts we read also allow for the opportunity to say yes-and to multiple perspectives. Sometimes we are assigned books that depict a complex issue in ways that don’t sit well with each other. We will still read them with the whole in mind. And the same goes for the people in your workshops. When writing papers about one of the texts, you will include classmates of your choice as one of your audiences, and the insights that you might have left out of your papers had you not noticed them will count as a part of your thoughtful participation. Specifically, we study how contemporary literature can also sit with you. What South focuses our deceptively fun veil-stealing techniques on is how every piece of contemporary literature can be a good-faith representation of another person’s problem. In the fall of 1989, R. Wright published a piece where he discussed the use of the term-problem in the study of literature. He introduced a slight change to Bloom’s well-known term, by calling it anti-epiphany, or an anti-solution, which the readers recognize in the texts which we determined were about real people experiencing real deterministic problems which might not involve a solution.

In this class, we use contemporary literature to practice saying yes-and to other people’s experiences. We use books to warm up to the Other. The texts we work with include a vast array of experiences. Hasan and Trevor, and the people who help others get healthcare. Charlie, and the people who carry the burdens of gang violence. Dana and Kevin, and the religious communities they yearn to belong to. Rayona and Elgin, and the unemployed Native Americans getting hammered on weekends. They include racially diverse experiences, children and trained professionals, people who pay and people who benefit when they don’t pay at all. So while this course is not meant to allow for self-representation, it is deliberately meant to make you practice saying yes to the Other. This course will then, provide possible acceptances of various racial, geographical, ethical, sexual, and economic differences, amongst others. This is something that contemporary literature can do quite powerfully. It makes us affirm the many, and helps us shoulder the task of coexisting.

There’s an episode in the American The Office where Michael Scott finds himself in an improv class. The instructor advises the students to keep yes-and-ing one another. In real life, improv is serious business. A good exercise for saying yes to ideas that come to us opens our minds up to the Other. It’s a reminder that the world doesn’t revolve around us. It deprives us of the ability to say I.

5. Advanced Topics in English and Literature

This course is from, with videos from professors around the world teaching upper-division Literature courses. It’s mainly free (the link above organizes them relatively well), but sometimes videos or parts of videos are disabled. These are for independent use with mature students, considering that some of these videos are either lectures filmed in actual classrooms or in front of academic conference hosts. Teachers should review this to gauge appropriateness, and if you are an instructor, consider using these lectures as part of your own lesson unit.

If you have already covered the fundamentals in the basics courses, these advanced topics are great for you. Each of the video lessons is about 15-20 minutes long, and you can get a transcript of your work for a small fee. Certificates are available at the site as well. In order to download the videos, you will have to be a member of the association, which is $19/month or $236/year. They have a fair use copyright policy, so you can use their videos for educational purposes in your own classes. These videos are introductions to the topics and are taught by college-level instructors.

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