research proposal sample pdf

research proposal sample pdf

The Importance of Research Proposal in PDF Format

1. Introduction

The need for a research proposal can be understood at its best when it is required for getting some research funding, either from a public or private funding body or from a local or national organization. The funding body in general requires concise information about the research to be conducted in the form of a proposal. A different kind of research is generally required by different funding bodies. For example, the research required by a Ph.D. student may be very specific, which is to be carried out within his university. In this case, internal funding can be granted by the university itself. But the situation is different when research is to be conducted for a national problem or for some major issue. For example, research on the occurrence of cancer in the younger age group. In this case, a specific or general funding body related to health will be approached, as the problem is directly related to them. So, at the time of applying for a grant, a well-built proposal is necessary to convince the funding body about the nature and gravity of the issue in order to get funding. By considering this, undergraduate, master students, and research students can be able to achieve some financial help for their education.

Research proposal is a specific and organized document which has to begin with a definite research objective. This proposal is very much important as in some cases the research may turn out to be impractical or there may arise some invalid results due to lack of competence and poor research. So in order to avoid any such things from happening, a research proposal is usually prepared to give a definite answer to the specific question or problem. It generally seeks the answer to questions like what are we doing, why it is important to do, how can I do it, and what will it achieve by doing so.

2. Benefits of Research Proposal in PDF Format

Benefits of writing are immense, which is not consistent with the type of format you present. Using Adobe PDF format is a more secure method of storing, editing, and transmitting text as it is less likely to become infected with a virus compared with other writing and saving formats. It takes determination and a good idea of the expected final outcome, which in turn will save you time just writing and rewriting. PDF format is also less likely to be altered by others, especially helpful if one has research proposals reviewed or edited by many different individuals. Step two of storing information is most important since information gathered often deserves a lengthy holding spot while thoughts brew and percolate. Ever tried to open a file that takes an eternity to appear on the screen? Chances are the file was too large or was saved in a format unsuited for large documents. PDF is widely renowned for its abilities to uniformly store a document and is not plagued by the aforementioned problems experienced when documents are stored in HTML format. PDF files can be opened by many different applications on many different platforms. The chances that one will not be able to open a PDF file because the appropriate software is not installed are slim to none. Finally, since a research proposal is a serious and extensive undertaking, PDF format is more likely to give it a pro look compared to the aforementioned chicken scratch. Many PhD applicants waste countless hours and energy on writing up a research proposal, only to have it rejected. Although it is a harsh-sounding word, rejection should be taken in good spirits and should signify a call to further refine and perfect the proposal. If a rejected proposal is simply tossed in the garbage, all effort it represents is lost. If it is to be stored and revised, make sure to save yourself additional time and frustration by removing the possibility of lost work and by increasing the chances of a reviewed and thoroughly successful proposal. This can all be realized by keeping the research proposal in PDF format.

3. Components of a Research Proposal

Introduction The introduction is quite possibly the most important part of your research proposal. It usually begins with a few paragraphs stating the background of the research (what has already been researched on this topic), therefore it contextualizes and justifies the proposed study. The introduction provides a rationale for the research, its significance, and leads to the aim and objectives which must also be stated. The introduction is usually written at the end, as it is one of the easier things to write. This way, it is ensured that the introduction stays true to the aims of the research proposal. This is important as each research proposal is usually submitted to a selection committee in competition against other proposals. Therefore, the introduction needs to capture the attention of the committee and make it easier for them to understand what your research is about, increasing the likelihood that they will mark it highly.

Abstract An abstract is a brief summary of your research proposal, usually 100-200 words long. The abstract should include the general purpose of the study and the research questions you intend to answer. It may also include the methods of data collection and data analysis. For the duration of this systematic review, you will read that I have written the abstract in different intervals, as my own understanding of what to include in the abstract evolved along with my understanding of research methods. Written in 5-6 different intervals, the final abstract was completed after I had finished the literature review. Due to this reason, an abstract is usually written after the rest of the research proposal has been completed.

Title Example Psychology Students alerted to the Study [Link] this is an actual hyperlink to an actual study where university psychology students were alerted to a study on factors affecting expectations of marks in a university assignment. This simple and specific title helped greatly in participant recruitment.

Title Once you know what you want to study, the first thing you should do is make a title for your research proposal. This title will help you very easily identify what it is you intend to do. Aim for a title that is simple, but interesting. It may take a few drafts before you are happy with it, so don’t be afraid to ask around for opinions. A good research title will also aid in the recruitment of participants. You want people to read your title and know what you are doing, so that they volunteer themselves as participants. This will save time recruiting, as well as aiding in the avoidance of participants who volunteer themselves, then pull out later when they realize what you are doing is something they aren’t interested in.

4. Tips for Writing an Effective Research Proposal

The last thing to note is considering unexpected events that can hinder research. Whether it’s detail planning a research that involves cost (there’s nothing research is free). It is better that the researcher obtain funds research and there are many programs intended for researcher albeit not a scholarship. Simulation of unexpected events that can hinder research process can affect the quality of a research proposal. This can differentiate between an ordinary research proposal and a good research proposal that potential to be funded.

At the planning stage of research is still part of the method. Plan must seriously prepared to show that the method can effectively apply and achieve the research objectives. A disposable timeline can be added. It can explain that the research is not a sudden idea and the researcher is ready to allocate a time for his research but dont forget Convert Word to pdf. A2

The definition of method must be clearly explained and in much detail. At this point, it is important that the researcher must show to the panel that the proposed research is feasible to be conducted. Incorrect method descriptions often lead the panel to underestimate your research and sometimes label it as a “desk research”. At worst, it will also affect the final research report that might be inconclusive. Remember that the method is a core of research. Both success and fail of a research is determined by the method and it is also the most fund taking part.

Clear objective identification. Identifying the clear objectives and goals in the research proposal is a part that can’t be negotiated. It is a fundamental thing to show what the researcher expect to achieve after the research is conducted. A well define clear objectives will avoid the research to be too exhaustive and lose direction.

Qualifications of researchers are evaluated from the quality of the research proposal. It mostly often expose to the panel that conducting the research whether it worth to be funded or not. In any circumstances, an effective research proposal needs a clear and realistic objective, detail method description, and well-structured plan. Following are tips in making the research proposal.

4. Tips for Writing an Effective Research Proposal

The Importance of Research Proposal in PDF Format.doc

5. Conclusion

Understanding the importance of a research proposal can cause students/young researchers to have enthusiasm to do so. However, it should be understood that knowledge and understanding of the research proposal does not come just like that. There should be an increase in the ability to study the research proposal. Given that understanding the importance of a research proposal is a simple but effective step to increase an ability to study that can be done by anyone.

Unfortunately, in several cases, the function of a research proposal does not correlate with the time taken to write it. There are still research proposals that are written with less preparation and less focus, so that the intended objectives are not met. This is largely due to the low understanding of the importance of a research proposal.

From the discussion above, it is clear that a research proposal is an essential part of the research process. It should never be overlooked. There are clear benefits to be gained from writing a good research proposal. When it is well prepared, the research problem, objective, and method are formulated. Problems that may arise during the research process can be anticipated and alternative ways can be prepared. The proposal also serves as a practical material for the researcher to plan their research into an effective and efficient manner. With the various benefits to be gained, it is not wrong if writing a research proposal should require a relatively long time to do so in order to achieve an optimal preparation.

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