research proposal topics

research proposal topics

Research Proposal Topics

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research proposal topics
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1. Introduction

In view of the fact that the final aim of every research proposal is to find the research topics that have not been looked for, conducted, or reported according to their objectives, such as whether the previous studies have not covered all the aspects, why the previous studies have failed or have not answered the problems with perfect explanation, finding the alternatives to solve the problems, and answering the questions with further knowledge, the first section should consist of a brief explanation about the topic focused on in the research proposal. Because in this part, the readers can know the remote of the problems, the importance of doing the research about it, and what the research will generate for the readers. And also, the prior background studies can help to sharpen the focus of the topic to be investigated. An introduction usually begins with a direct quotation from another document specifically related to the topic focused on. In this case, why our research proposal topic to investigate was taken from the title “Delayed Provision of Western New Guinea National Standard School: Investigation of Long-Term Problems and Effective Strategy for Improvement,” where we will explain this peculiar condition with a socio-economic approach. Since the delayed provision of national standard school is a very serious problem and hasn’t been resolved, there should be reasons why we choose this topic to be investigated further. This problem is having a remote effect on the community, especially on the students and the parents. Because with the difficult condition of obtaining education facilities, they can’t get the best and qualified education services in an upright condition, which must be obtained easily by everyone to improve and shape the nation’s future successor. This present condition is contrary to the constitutional mandate of 1945 Article 31 Section 1, Ordinance Act No. 18/1947, and Act No. 2/1989 about the highest level of attention to education. So the intense impact of this statute will make the people have more questions and concerns about what is achieved by them with the current state of education.

2. Literature Review

• Consumer behavior and attitude toward the environment and commitment to CSR • Government relations: Conflict, complexity and the spirit of play • Considering the D in MNE: The Importance of Dunning’s (1988) Eclectic Paradigm • Inter-organizational Trust for business to business marketing in China: Interpersonal and inter-organizational influences • Brand Building and Marketing Communication: A Cross-national Comparison • MNE Branding in Asia: Past, Present and Future • Cross-cultural consumer decoding of non-verbal cues: A study between Japan and UK • The Currency of Trust: Interpersonal, Organizational, and Societal Levels • FDI, industry development, and income distributions: a product cycle model perspective • Multi-level Institutional Influences on HRM Practice in International Joint Ventures in China

3. Research Methodology

The first phase of research will comprise of documentary analysis. The purpose of this is to gather information which will help to facilitate comparison between the model which is constructed and policy in South Africa. This will involve gathering all available information on the DIN policy in South Africa. A chronological account of the implementation of the policy will be constructed in order to provide information on the process. This will be invaluable to the case study research. A comparative analysis between the model and actual policy will also be useful for checking hypotheses, as it will provide an indication of whether the policies had desired effects on land use in South Africa. Information on the policy network and the various institutions involved in the implementation of the policy will also be gathered. This will provide greater understanding of the actors involved in policy and may uncover how changes in the policy occurred.

To explore these questions, this dissertation will utilize a truly multi-method approach. It is apparent that in order to offer an adequate analysis of the DIN system in South Africa, it is necessary to utilize social science methods. This is due to the complex, multidimensional, and multilevel nature of policy implementation. Social science methods have the potential to uncover the underlying processes and causal mechanisms which explain the outcomes of policy implementation. This cannot be done with a single method. SEM and SUR analyses are useful for uncovering relationships between variables and could be used as tools to test the hypotheses generated from qualitative research. However, many of the constructs are latent and cannot be observed. Thus, to adequately test the theory and uncover the how and why of the relationships, it is necessary to conduct further research using various methods. These comprise of documentary analysis, interviews, and a case study WLAN (utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods). This will make a significant and original contribution to the analysis of policy implementation in South Africa.

4. Data Analysis and Findings

Data will be analyzed according to the type of research method used. The findings will be analyzed in discussion of each question in regards to the major variables. The prime focus will be on the differences between manipulations of variables among the four countries. Toward this end, the data will be examined for each hypothesis. More specifically, moderation and mediation effects will be explored in depth toward their implication for the strategies of the UK and Japan. Testing in moderation will be conducted using a simple slope analysis. Japan and the UK will be tested separately for their alternative political stratagem. Overall, the results will support our hypothesis of alternative strategy being more strong and effective for Japan. This could be shown by alternative mediation having a higher effect for right shift policy when considering education spending. This kind of effect will be shown by diagnosing the slope. A higher change in alternative policy to a change in alternative cause will signify that this is the strategy that Japan wants to take. This is shown in figure 6 and figure 7. For normal causal chain mediation, price will change the dependent variable education spending. If the alternative effect is higher than traditional effect for the cause, then the alternative strategy is desired. This is shown by testing the joint effects and interpreting the regions of significance. The main statistical analysis data is centered on the attempt to explore the mediation and moderation effects of the independent variables. Consider the argument that improving public services as the key to gain popularity in an election, then it is implied that campaigns to improve public services make it easier for the party to take a right shift education policy, since public services improvement can be seen as increasing budgets on specific service fields. If there are higher effects from causes to alternative causes, then that is the strategy that the party wants to take. This is successful if the alternative policy cause has a higher effect on the cause of change in public services to the education policy. This discovered by assessing the joint effects and interpreting the regions of significance in simple mediation situations.

5. Conclusion and Recommendations

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