apa article review sample paper

apa article review sample paper

The Importance of APA Article Review in Academic Writing

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apa article review sample paper
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1. Introduction

Why have students write article reviews in APA format? At some point in their academic careers, most psychology students will be assigned to write their review of an article using APA format. Writing down everything you know about a subject (without consulting the literature) is the first mistake made by students committed to write an in-depth review. This article is a primary-level discussion concerning producing an article review. In publishing an article in the journal to APA review. May be useful for students of psychology to produce article review which according to the procedure. What is an article review? An article review is a critical analysis of the author’s article and basic concepts include the underlying assumptions and implications of the author’s article. The main purpose of an article review is to filter the information that has been obtained from one source to another source with a shorter language but it does not reduce the meaning of the article. Before we step by step what are the procedures in the review make sure you already know what is APA Style? The first thing you must do in making an article review is read the article to be reviewed in detail. Use a pencil to make the marker on a particular paragraph or the words you think are important. Understand what the purpose of the author in the article, what he thinks success can be obtained, and how the author tries to explain his opinion. Imagine as if you are the author and apply things that are seen from the article into your mind. After reading the article and trying to understand each of the points of the article, then you restart to determine the underlying message. To facilitate an understanding of this, it could be with the preparation of a number of questions that will be discussed in the article.

2. Understanding APA Article Review

During the acquisition of the comprehension of the given literature, a number of notes should be taken. It is much more efficient to read a small portion of text and make concise notes about it than it is to read the entire text. The act of taking concise notes is a skill in itself that was at one time known as ryaku, which is a Japanese word denoting a shortened version of the original text. The relevance of this skill is that one must get the gist of the entire meaning of an experimental report often with much less writing. This is why the notes must be concise; one may later find a need to reference a certain article while writing a very short direct explanation of what the author has just read. Consider that a good APA review will be one that is completed with the minimal word quota. This is because the author has been able to give a complete understanding of the work’s meaning.

APA Article Review – Part 2 s1.

A proper understanding of the various types of APA is also a requirement for this style of writing. A student who is new to APA writing may find this a little daunting because some of the styles outlined may contradict various other instructions that they have learned before. In many cases, it may feel to the student that between their understanding of their previous English writing instructions and APA style, there are no concrete reasons to why they should change. Try to bear in mind that the end result for the student once they have achieved compliance with styles would be an increase in their writing skill. It could be useful to those practicing psychology or other social sciences that will often find the need to write essays on findings in experimental research. Any form they’re looking to publish.

The first thing that you will need to know is that an APA article review is much more complex writing to do than just about any other type of writing that a student is likely to encounter. If you are writing specifically for an academic audience, whether it be a college professor or other educated people, then using the standard type of writing which you might use for a letter, a short essay, or anything less will not suffice. This is because an APA review is about a professional piece of scientific work written by authors. What you must do is match their level of complexity. This could be quite a leap for some who are used to general essays. A good literature that has between 10-20 evidential related pages is likely to take you near a week to understand from being read over.

APA style is a set of style and citation guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association. It is an extremely involved and complex style with a lot of different requirements. As a result, mastering the full complexity of it can be extremely difficult for students. However, one of the more essential components to the style is the APA style article review. This style of writing will generally have a more detailed yet concise stylistic format compared to other types of writing you have done in the past. Usually, it will be a response to a specific piece of work provided by another author. It will analyze the work and create a statement with evidence based on the work.

3. Benefits of Conducting APA Article Reviews

By reviewing APA articles, one can gain a better understanding of specific topics and understand better how to improve their writing style. Through summarization and critique, one can work to elucidate and self-correct their own misconceptions. The act of critiquing the article strengthens one’s analytical skills applied to written material. It also gives them the opportunity to explore the logic of an article, as it may not be immediately apparent to the non-analytical reader. This allows the author to uncover biases that they may hold to a greater degree than they are even aware. Finally, the analysis of the article can also lead to forming questions about the article and whether the author’s conclusions are in line with their research. This is a valuable skill to the academic, as the formation of questions is often the beginning of a research effort. APA article reviews can also be an invaluable teaching tool. It provides the professor with a real example to use in delivering lessons on critical thinking, the scientific method, or writing style. Finally, having students conduct reviews can be an excellent tool for gauging comprehension.

4. Key Elements of an Effective APA Article Review

If you know how you will structure your reviewing process for different attributes of the article, it will be much easier for you to demonstrate it in your review. First, you need to understand the APA style of referencing used in your article. Sometimes it will deviate from the standard referencing style that is expected, so it’s always important to double check. Then you need to absorb the content of the article and make an informed decision as to whether the article achieved what it set out to do. If the article was an exploratory piece, you would expect a tentative conclusion having explored various ideas, but if the article was attempting to persuade the reader of something in particular, that should be apparent in your review. The most important activity in your review is direct evaluation of the article with clear indications of how it did or did not meet your expectations. This varies from a critique on the article’s ideas, through to its methodology and evidence presented. It is important in this activity to provide a balanced evaluation, with constructive feedback so that the author may improve that aspect of his article. Finally, it is often useful to compare the article with others of similar nature, and if possible provide a link to another article which can act as a positive or negative exemplar helping to reinforce your critique.

5. Conclusion

Symbolic learning theory and the subsequent interview analysis about the student-teacher experiences was where things start to take on concrete form of how APA style article review should steer research. The use of informed theory based on specific articles allowed for the creation of clear operational hypotheses. This was easily translated into variable form, and it was delightfully a simple matter to appease ‘the APA gods’ in trading these articles and the variable Hoover et al. step for the Y2K version so that our research could be caught in the net at a later date. Despite getting tripped up by the silly old French Canadian who kept reign, it was clear and definitive results were there. There was a new type of searching and known error in both the task and meta that could be categorized by switching scan in both cases. Finding transcription errors and no true knowledge of metalanguage, very these were quite the era for L2 teaching.

Looking at a 4-week study aimed at helping EIL students become better grammar markers, the use in identifying possible theory impasses was important in whether students could discover what they know and do not know about L2 grammar and how to twilight edge this with their knowledge of metalanguage. Through coding the exact errors the students would make on the worksheet task, it was hoped to unearth evidence of any learning and to possibly identify points for a following theory interview. This was, however, short-circuited due to the inability to distinguish between ‘known and unknown’ L2 rules and learning types and left with an untested hypothetical learning phase. APA style has played no true role in this process given that it had no reflection or direction to it; there was effectively nothing to review.

This essay has attempted to demonstrate the ubiquitous nature of article review and how it is preferably implemented using APA formatting. Through examining and applying the post-modern, constructivist, and post-positivist theories, it has tested whether the scientific merit of the latter outweighs the value, i.e. the likelihood to teach theory about human learning in the classroom. This has been attempted through both the research participants (EIL or ESL student teachers) and the research report itself. Through each of these micro-cycle processes, the researcher has unraveled the complexities between the problem at hand: approximations of EIL grammar when marking and known errors and descriptions of the participants’ learning. This learning has further highlighted how the use and implementation of APA style article review shapes and directs each process and provides insight about whether it has achieved the desired results.

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