article review essay example

article review essay example

The Importance of Article Review Essays

1. Introduction

The goal for the students is to determine the importance of the assigned essay. It is specifically meant to assign something, in order to allow the student to better understand their own course material. Since these essays are meant to be assigned to students, it should be written in such a form that the professors will benefit the most. This makes it useful to write a review article as it will be read by someone with an understanding of the material. By writing a simple review article, students will not be inclined to fully understand the article and thus not gain the full benefit. Therefore, this provides a good opportunity for professors to assign students with an essay about the review article which will also test the students understanding of the material. Overall, the main focus is to write a review article which will be used and helpful for many people. This is an extremely important reason to write the review article essay and is often not stressed enough.

2. Overview of Article Review Essays

– Detailed article summaries will help direct you on exactly where to place evidence in your review. This also facilitates the transition between the summary and the evidence. A common complaint by students is that they are unsure where to place information if it is not chronological. This will solve the problem.

– Read the article in its entirety. – Select the key ideas and concepts. – Record the information in your own words. – Discuss the article with others so you can understand different points of view on the article’s message and content. – Once you understand the article, you can begin to write your review, using evidence from your summary. This evidence will be the specific points that you have written down in your summary. Using these notes, attempt to rewrite the information employing new words. This requires cognitive effort, and thus your knowledge of the article is reinforced. This activity will help in furthering your critical thinking. Try to avoid adding your personal opinions in this section. (This will be covered in the critique component.) Instead, analyze the article’s content.

When writing an article review, you will always need to include an overview of the article. This will involve summarizing the main points of the article, identifying the main argument, and stating what the author’s purpose was. In order to do this effectively, you will need to select a few key ideas to discuss. This means that you will need to decide what the main points are. You will also need to investigate the article to get an understanding of its message. This involves reading the article in its entirety. Article reviews will sometimes need you to provide background information on the author and their specific message, but you will need to assume that your audience has already read the article so that they may know this information already. In all this, it is important to take notes using anything from underlining to highlighting to using sticky notes to mark information. Marking the information is essential since the information gathered will act as the evidence that you will use to prove your points.

3. Key Elements of a Well-Written Article Review Essay

Summary: The summary of the article should be succinct and precise. At the same time, it should contain the main ideas of the article. The summary should only make up about a third of the critical review. Critics call this the findings. This is the main part of the review and should be written in the writer’s own words. It is fine to use others’ words being interviewed, but it is not okay to copy and paste from the article. It must be done in a critique way. This is to avoid the possibility of committing plagiarism. A critique is a category of academic writing that evaluates or critically analyzes a literary or artwork. It must give the good answer of the bad one. This is going to give the best than the other, or the reverse. A critic is supposed to find the bad side of the work and then try to fix it. He does not need to berate it.

Introduction: The introduction of the article review essay should be catchy and inform the readers about the topic that they are going to discuss. This is then followed by the introduction of the article to be reviewed, with close reference to the article. Usually, it does not require to be too lengthy. The introduction should only occupy about 10-15% of the review essay.

Description: An article review essay is a critical analysis or evaluation of literature in a given field through making a summary of the article in question, comparison, or classification. In case it is a scientific article being reviewed, the writer will be required to use database searches to retrieve the results of the search. It is from the searches that the writer chooses the article which is appropriate. It is a common skill that is developed in school to help the students establish analytical skills. It means the skills are not just used in the classrooms, but also triggers the overall success of the student while it prepares you to face the challenging world. The succeeding paragraphs discuss how to write an article review.

4. Tips for Writing an Effective Article Review Essay

Writing an awesome critical essay is all about slogging through the process of reading and examination, and then moulding this information into a structured form that’s easy to follow and understand. You will be kept on your toes because writing an article review isn’t an easy task, given the complexity of the assignment and the large body of work to be examined. It’s really important to construct a well-organized, coherent and thoughtful essay. Step one is to define a good thesis. A thesis is a statement that you will prove to be true or false. This is really important because it will set the mood of the paper. Usually a thesis is not provably true, and it should take almost no time to state whether it is true or false, thus your thesis will likely be refuted at some point, which is the idea of writing an article review. Your thesis should be a concise statement of your conclusion on the article. Next you need to brainstorm on your main points. All good essays are built on strong arguments. A review is a patched up argument that tries to prove and disprove a given point. Your argument should be based on your understanding of the article and the points that you’re trying to argue. It is important to have clear evidence for each point, so your arguments do not become simple opinions or assumptions. Now you’ve got to start writing the essay. This should be easy if you’ve followed the steps correctly with a clearly structured essay, because your argument is essentially writing itself. At this step it’s important to constantly refer back when writing to your article and your thesis, to make sure that you’re not getting off topic. This is essential, because an article that is off topic is not an article review. Finally you need to conclude the essay and it’s argument. With a concise summary of your arguments and the possible reasons you might have had contradiction from the article. This is where you can further emphasize the importance of your article review, by showing validity in your thesis. Hopefully you’ve maintained a consistent argument, staying true to your thesis, and the end result will be a well-written and thoughtful article review.

5. Conclusion

When you write an article review, you should also dig deeper and try to understand the author’s message. Once you know the author’s message, attempt to support (or refute) his arguments. His argument is the most important part of the article. Does he provide enough evidence? Do you have more evidence? What can you offer that will show your understanding of the material. Keep your voice professional and always back your evidence with reason. This is the best way to show the author that you understood his article. Remember to always write in third person, this is the best approach to convey your understanding of the article. Using the author’s name too much can break the flow of the review. Using third person will keep the review professional and respected. This article was meant to help a client reflect on the article he has read over the week. The message from this article is he can more effectively complete this by being more thorough and taking the time to understand the article. He can do this by explaining the article to himself, writing a summary, and evaluating the information provided to be sure he can effectively use this information to help his clients. The client wants to see change in his fitness level and the more effectively he can understand the article the better he can make this change for himself and his clients. A better understanding of the article will lead to a clear and concise summary, that gives the information he needs in as little time as possible. If he can evaluate the information, this means he can understand if the facts in the article can help him with his clients. This process can help the client effectively see if the article has valuable information for him and take action with it. So ultimately the final step would be to aid his clients in incorporating newfound information in an attempt to better their health and fitness level. In doing this himself and with his clients, they can compare the new activities taken from the article and the results.

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