best do my homework sites

best do my homework sites

The Benefits of Using Online Homework Help Sites

1. Introduction

It is clear that a student’s primary assumption of academic assistance is to improve academic performance. This holds true for most students regardless of whether they are low-performing or high-performing students. Low performing students may need help for remedial purposes to meet minimum standards while high performing students wish to maintain good performance that will keep them in a top academic standing in regards to their peers. The assumed stake in the student’s academic career from the environment to the occurrence of the academic help is different in the case of both help methods. Characteristics of the environment are more easily manipulated with online homework help to change the process of aiding the student, yet it offers many benefits to tutor and student at the convenience of altering the environment to match desired conditions.

By assessing a substantial amount of content and reflecting on personal experiences as a student and a tutor, this essay will effectively point out the various benefits of one method over the other by addressing their assumed stake in the student, and how these varying stakes affect the academic performance of the student. This essay is written mainly from a student’s perspective in order to illustrate effects of help on the students learning, understanding and perspective of the subject at hand.

Sowell describes assumption as, “that which is taken for granted, without considering the possibility that we could be wrong.” This will help us understand the differing stakes and scope of each method of academic assistance through connecting method to underlying assumption and the stakeholders involved in the helper and helpee. By comparing these two methods, we will be able to assess the dichotomous assumptions of academic help and explore a wide variety of effects for the student and the tutor/helper.

i. The student’s assumptions ii. The service providers’ assumptions iii. The organization’s assumptions iv. The environmental assumptions

This comparative essay helps readers determine whether online homework help sites are more beneficial than traditional tutoring services. Using Sowell’s (1986) description of assumptions as a basis, there are four categories of assumptions:

2. Convenience and Accessibility

This seems to be less intimidating for the child as they are in the comfort of their own home and may be more inclined to tell the tutor that they are struggling with something. The child is also more focused as there are no other peers causing distractions and therefore their weak spots can be targeted more effectively. A lot of the time a tutor is assigned to a student in their school, community or at a tutoring centre and a bond is built between the student and tutor. If the tutor is not of a satisfactory level, the parent may keep them around for the benefit of the child having a relationship with the tutor. Online tutoring allows each particular topic to be assessed on the level of knowledge the tutor has in that specific area and if they are not competent, a new tutor can quickly be assigned to the student. This will not create a bad vibe between a student and a tutor and not affect the student emotionally in the case that the style of a new tutor is more beneficial for the student.

Online homework help sites such as Tutoreye and Eduboard offer a tremendous amount of convenience for students. These sites allow students to access them 24/7 and as a parent may only have a limited amount of time available to help their child with homework after a long day at work, this is extremely useful. These sites also allow the parent to access the account at any time and view the progress of their child’s homework. This allows an insight into whether the child is making any obvious errors that the parent has not noticed and would be a good time to suggest some assistance in the weaker areas.

3. Expert Assistance and Quality Work

Most students need online homework writing assistance from a platform that offers a number of additional benefits. Many students, however, are still learning the benefits of using an online homework assistance site, and these students are missing out. The sample of content includes topics related to student homework writing and online assignment assistance. It provides information to the reader to ease their flow of mind for writing student assignments and it also guides students on the benefits of online assignment writing services. The best thing to do before writing anything is to identify the assignment writing. By identifying this, it would make it easier to continue to learn the background material because the focus is on gathering information for the assignment, as to gain a complete understanding of the information before writing. Once the information is understood, the process of writing the assignment becomes much simpler. Now the benefit of an online homework assistance service is the ability to simplify the process of assignment writing. Starting with easy access to the service by avoiding a trip to the writing center, the comfort of writing the assignment can be done at the writer’s house, and specific attention to the assignment can be done without the distraction of others. Access provided by an online service to resources or examples related to writing is another benefit of simplifying the assignment writing process. For a student, sometimes understanding how to write a certain style of assignment, for example a biography, may be difficult as there are not many resources for this topic. An assignment can then be done to subpar for the student’s capability or previous expectation, resulting in a decrease in grades for something that the student didn’t fully understand. This is where the student can learn from an example by a professional, how the assignment should be done. The assigned work will be done more effectively and the student will learn more with the right understanding this time.

4. Time-Saving and Efficiency

Despite the often-heard misgivings concerning using a homework help site, it actually provides an efficient way to solve an assignment. Say a student has a heavy workload from a number of classes to complete, with all-nighters and Red Bull. The use of a homework help site can finish the assignment in a much higher quality and in a more time-efficient manner. If the student were to stay up all night working on an assignment and only end up exhausted, what has been accomplished? A student could take a half-hour break from studying and shell out big bucks for a tutor that will help them understand their assignment and the skills needed to complete it more effectively. But it is quite unreasonable for someone to spend money on a tutor for every subject a student is taking. Using the tutor example, homework help sites allow the user to get a better understanding of the assignment. Rather than having just the questions and problems solved, the student can look back through the solved problems and see the steps and logic needed to understand how the problems are solved. With this, the student ends up spending less time and may even complete more than one assignment. An article on The Washington Post stated that “a study by research psychologist Harris Cooper shows that it’s not the amount of time spent studying that is important, but what the student is doing during that time.” 40 minutes spent working a math problem that an assignment specifies may be completed without a student really grasping the concepts. With a homework help site, a student can receive a better grade in less time completing an assignment, therefore freeing more time to study or gain a better understanding of underlying concepts. Online homework help sites are also available 24/7, making it very convenient for a student who is cramming to finish an assignment the night before it is due and can get stuck on a problem and have no one to turn to for help. With all this considered, it is highly plausible to say using a homework help site is a more time-efficient way to complete an assignment and gain a better understanding of the material compared to conventional methods.

5. Affordable and Reliable Solutions

Online homework assistance is the best way to get immediate help with assignments, as there are many sites on the internet that provide online homework assistance and all you need to do is sign up and pay some amount of money. This can be a small amount, ranging from $10 – $30, and the rates are much less than what one has to pay a tutor. These tutors are also way more qualified than regular tutors; some of them are even professors or teachers at schools, which provide the best possible assistance for students. They are available 24 hours a day, so whether a student completes his homework late, we can get immediate help. This way, the student can have his homework completed in a timely manner and the final result will be excellent grades. With a more affordable rate as compared to private tutors and immediate assistance only a button away, online homework assistance is one of the best ways to get good grades. Homework is given the purpose of practice, but the work should be such that a student attempts on his own. Students can always feel confident using these services, as what they learn from the tutors can later be applied to other assignments and tests given by the teachers using this as guidance. Overall, it provides the best possible solution for students who look for good grades and those who have a tough time understanding particular subjects.

Students often complain that they are too busy to have ample spare time, but once in a while every student needs to be present somewhere. He or she has to compromise the time for which they were scheduled to do projects and homework. This has become a common problem in today’s society and it is mostly affecting students. Homework is a messenger to the parents which reflects on valuable time students need to understand subjects and get ahead in life. Now there is a way to remedy this problem with the help of online homework assistance. These services are much more affordable than private tutors and provide immediate assistance to the students. Not all of us are in full-time jobs, some of us still are students of other higher education and their main concern is to use money as less as possible.

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