business essay introduction example

business essay introduction example

The Importance of Effective Business Essay Introductions

1. I. Understanding the Purpose of an Introduction in a Business Essay

Effective business essays should have a strong introduction. Each introduction serves the same purpose to better inform the reader on what will be covered within the essay’s body and to set the tone for the essay. This creates an outline of how the essay will progress. The outline provides the reader with clear questions that provide both a clear understanding of what will be covered and a jumping-off point on where to find the information. The size of the introduction will depend on the size of the actual essay. A standard introduction should include an opening statement that will introduce the topic to the reader. From here, move to the goal statement, which will provide the business student with a chance to tell the reader what they will achieve from the essay. The last portion of the introduction should include an overview of the essay itself. This will tell the reader what the business essay will cover, as well as what to expect from each section.

A business essay, when written effectively, makes a connection between business theories and the real world. Business students learn how to apply the theories they learn in class to various business scenarios from different types of stakeholders. Business essays provide students the opportunity to complete research, develop their critical thinking skills, and improve upon their writing skills. Business students can choose different topics for their essays. Regardless of the topic chosen, the purpose of each business essay introduction remains the same – to help the reader better understand the topic in its entirety, set the tone for what will be included within the essay, and to prepare the reader to engage in the information that will follow.

2. II. Key Elements of a Strong Business Essay Introduction

The importance of a business essay is best understood by considering what it takes for an individual to effectively represent the interests of business. Business people perform many tasks such as evaluating, discussing, and writing, depending on the needs of their business. Writing particularly requires a structured approach to make effective communication laying the groundwork for information that will help individuals make informed decisions in the best interest of the company.

Writing a business essay allows you to represent your professional opinion on a particular subject. Although business essay writing is formal and should be well thought out, it is essential to recognize that your business essay may be read by more than your instructor. Business students may be exposing their writing to customers, suppliers, government agencies, stockholders, partners, creditors, or any other group who may have an interest in learning what they think about a particular subject. Furthermore, business employers are intensely interested in the writing skills of their potential employees since business students will spend a large portion of their time interpreting, analyzing, writing, and explaining information.

Business essays at the graduate level serve a different purpose from other types of academic coursework. The purpose of a business essay is to help students develop critical thinking, communication, research, and information technology skills essential for a successful career in a global economy. In particular, business essays seek to evaluate an individual’s ability to analyze information and develop conclusions and recommendations based on their perceptions. Therefore, it is essential that students understand how to craft the introduction of a business essay.

3. III. Techniques to Engage and Capture the Reader’s Attention

Don’t let the length of your intro scare you; it is better to be too long than too short. Even the shortest essay should open with a compelling sentence or two – or better yet, a single memorable sentence. If a phrase at the start is worth writing and is ultimately worth reading, then it’s worth investing some thought into. To sum up, the key to the introduction of any college or business paper lies in the words, not the number of sentences. Simply stating it is not sufficient. Instead, come up with something interesting and original that will grab your professor’s, or some lesser-educated business professional’s, immediate attention. It seems safe to predict a large audience for any book about this topic as long as the author is identified. After all, no one gets fired for buying IBM.

Background Audio: Use someone else’s words as a springboard. Use a quotation, a phrase, a cliché, or even a fragment that has historically done the job of introducing one of your essays. Fooling Around: Inject a little fun even into serious essays. Use satire or parody. Television, movies, or sporting events can become a starting point. The Last Word: A zinger is a reliable attention-grabber. Choose a powerful last word to introduce any essay. Sound Bite Approach: Clarify and simplify complex ideas. In Media Res: Start with sound from a speech or a song.

The key to engaging and capturing your reader’s attention – even in business – is to start off with an interesting, thought-provoking or witty statement. Indeed, introductions have one basic purpose: to stimulate your reader’s interest. Consequently, good writers do not verbally march into an essay. They bake up some ingredients – the stats, facts, history, quotes, and headlines – and then follow that up with a sentence or two that can entice anyone to read what’s to follow. Consider the following techniques to start your essay:

4. IV. Examples and Case Studies of Effective Business Essay Introductions

When setting this specific type of assignment, teachers do not encourage students to initiate their business essays with a standard type of introduction. They would not like their students to present an abstract of an essay in the beginning, where the readers can find what they aim at, how they carry out their studies, and what results they expect to obtain. This kind of introduction will sound scripted and mechanistic. Therefore, the essential role of a business essay introduction is to provide the reader with a thread that should guide the reader to overcome the seam between an abstract concept in the reader’s mind and a real phenomenon depicted in the text. On the other hand, an introduction of a business essay can look quite unusual.

5. Conclusions . . .

4. Results . . .

3. Research Methodology . . .

2. Objectives of the Study . . .

1. Introduction . . .

Business students agree that when it comes to writing business essays, the essay introduction is one of the most challenging elements to cope with. In fact, an essay introduction does not fulfill the mission of mapping out the main objectives of the research. Instead, it challenges the student’s ability to persuade the reader to continue reading along the text the writer has formerly produced. Business professors push their students to acquire the ability to initiate the mutual process of creative work.

5. V. Conclusion: The Impact of a Well-Crafted Introduction on the Overall Essay

But there are other considerations that factor in as well. As a collection, the essays contained in the business argument or informational essay must “convince” the reader that the writer can make an effective argument, or has some knowledge of the topic. Business informative essays should provide the necessary points, but the writer must show that they truly are an expert on the topic. Since many business essays fall under the purview of technical writing, the writer must provide all key information but without tempting the reader to put down the essay and not complete it. Therefore, the business writer must also write into the introduction a sense of urgency or validity or authority overall. These are established needed to be addressed in the business essay introduction, and overall it can be a daunting task.

While the business essay structure is not unique in the academic world, the components of the business essay are similar to the five key essays in any field. Essays in business include essays that are managed, informative, persuasive, and authoritative. Successful business introductions are important for a number of reasons, but in general, most would argue that the essay introduction should do a few things. Effective business essays introduce, state the point of those essays, and outline some of the important points contained in each essay.

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