buy an article review writing

buy an article review writing

The Importance of Article Review Writing

1. Introduction

3. Preparation: Writing an article and an article review is really the same if you already understand what you should do and how to start it. Article review preparation can start by understanding what is asked as a review. Usually, the content is already provided by the lecturer, but if not, try to read the content more than once and think of an overview of what has been learned. After understanding the content, start to record the important parts using sticky notes or highlighters. A good reader should understand what to expect after reading the article. Now, assume you are a reader who wants to understand the article from a review, so the review should contain something that can help the reader boost their understanding. With simple words and phrases, think of something like translating an article into a simpler language.

2. Purpose: The first thing that has to be said is not to confuse it with writing a summary. An article review is a unique piece of writing usually written for a magazine. It has the purpose of evaluating the content and a piece of writing in general. The concept is to make the reader understand what the article is exactly talking about without providing a complete summary. Usually, an article review has a limit of 6-8 pages, enough to express what the content an author has evaluated. A summary itself can provide a brief description in less than 2 pages.

Have you ever written an essay or research paper? If you have, then you must be familiar with what an article review is. An article review is a piece of writing where you summarize and assess another person’s article. This evaluation can be made using a printed form or as an essay itself. The aim of an article review is to develop the skills to write and think coherently and evaluatively. Writing an article review can be quite challenging, so here’s an article review writing guide to help you.

2. Benefits of Article Review Writing

The universal access to the internet has made it possible to read and write articles from websites known as e-zines. There are numerous e-zines on a wide range of topics. However, to keep the quality of articles published on e-zines to a good standard, the e-zine needs to be careful about what articles are published and what are rejected. To maintain the quality of an article, it is necessary to review it. This means that an article writer can take advantage of e-zine articles to see where he stands about the quality of his article. An article critique can be highly beneficial as it will point out the mistakes and the article writer can correct himself next time. A cheap and best way to get an article critique is to ask for someone to review an article for you. On the other hand, you can ask someone to write an article critique on his views about your article and his views on what you could have done better. However, it is often said that article review and article critique done by yourself is always best. In simple terms, article writing is a vast subject and what better way to correct oneself than looking at articles on the same topic. All types of article writing are done on various topics, so the criteria are fulfilled in reading articles. There are also students/scholars who write articles to express a subject, so it’s just going to be easier for them to point out their own mistakes as they can learn from the mistakes of other article writers.

Professional article writing is an art that requires to be developed over time. There are some people who try to adopt article writing as their profession, whereas there are some who write articles on a regular basis just to express themselves. Writing is such an art and it can be learned over a period of time. However, there are some people who keep on learning how to write better and better articles. One of the best ways to seek improvement in article writing is writing an article on a topic again and again. Similarly, another easier way is to look at other articles and point out the mistakes. Now it is not always necessary to find other articles written on the same topic. Article writing is a vast subject and there are millions of articles written on different topics. A person can subscribe to academic journals, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, or even visit websites. However, the best way to correct oneself is to point out the mistakes in other articles.

3. How to Write an Effective Article Review

The final step is to restate your overall opinion of the article, reiterating your main points in a summary, and highlighting the point of your review. After having done the critique, you should have formed an opinion on whether or not you like the article’s overall argument, as well as how well it was argued. With the outline and article review in hand, there should not be a problem in writing your review. But one must remember that a critique is not a summary of the article.

However, the article did have some strengths. Smith and Jones (pg. 3) agreed that the aim of their study/paper was clear and concise. They developed this through the use of a series of discussion questions.

The next step is to critique the article. At this point, you will expand your summary by adding a more detailed analysis of the article. Imagine you are critiquing the article to someone who has not read the article before. This will be the main body of your critique. The critique should be a balanced discussion and evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, and notable features of the article. Keep in mind, the aim of the critique is not to be excessively negative, but rather, point out the areas which could be improved, while reflecting some positive aspects in the article. Here are a number of questions that you can address:

Begin the critique by introducing the article and stating your overall opinion of the article. This will be a summary of the article. At the beginning of your paper, you are to identify which article you are critiquing, the author(s), and the main point of the article. You should also write your thesis statement, which is your own evaluation of the article in general, or a specific aspect of the article. This will be your guide for writing the critique.

Once you have a road map, it’s time to begin the journey. But before you start writing an article review, it is important to jot down your initial thoughts and feelings about the article. Consider what you liked and disliked, what surprised you, what you’ve learned, and how the reading has affected or changed you. Then read the article again, this time underlining the main points to help you in identifying the author’s main argument or arguments. At this point, you can start to write an outline for your review. An ideal article review should follow a logical structure, one that mimics the progression of the argument that the author has made.

4. Tips for Writing a Compelling Article Review

By following these tips, you can write a compelling article review that effectively summarizes and evaluates the article, while engaging the readers and providing them with valuable insights.

Finally, organize your thoughts and information. Group the information from your notes and decide on the structure of your review. This will help you present your ideas in a logical and coherent manner.

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, it is time to brainstorm. Generate both general and unique ideas about the article to make your review more interesting and insightful.

Afterwards, make notes about the article and identify the key parts that you want to focus on in your review.

Additionally, having a good understanding of the background of the article is important. Discussing it with others and taking notes can help you gain a deeper insight into the context of the article.

Next, it is crucial to evaluate and critique the article. Assess whether the writer has achieved their goals and if the article has generated the expected interest.

Secondly, ensure that you provide a clear and concise summary of the article. This summary should be able to effectively convey the main points of the article to the readers.

Firstly, it is important to start with a persuasive tone in your response. This will grab the attention of the readers and make them interested in reading your review.

When writing a compelling article review, there are several tips that can help you produce a high-quality and engaging review.

4. Tips for Writing a Compelling Article Review

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, article review writing is an essential skill that should be developed and sharpened by college students. Article review writing helps the students to express their opinion and thoughts on what they had read. At the same time, it also enhances their skills in understanding the text and extracting the most important points from the reading material. By publishing these article reviews, students can share the information and knowledge with other people. This indirectly can help to increase the interest in reading habits and to inculcate the importance of gaining knowledge through reading among the community. Reading is one of the most effective ways of gaining knowledge. Through article review writing, the knowledge and understanding of students can be further enhanced as they need to do in-depth analysis on the article that they had read. Last but not least, article review writing is a good preparation for future research work. This is because article review involves critiquing a given piece of article in terms of its effectiveness in conveying the information. This is actually quite similar to what is called in research methodology classes as assessing the validity of the information.

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