can you do my math homework

can you do my math homework

The Importance of Doing Your Own Math Homework

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can you do my math homework
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1. The Benefits of Solving Math Problems Independently

Often times, when a student is working with a tutor, the tutor will do the student’s homework for them. If left to their own devices, this is exactly the type of action that a student will take. The student will look at the problems, not fully understand what is going on, and then will ask someone else to do it for them. But as I said before, this will not benefit the student in any way. It won’t prepare them for a test, and they will still be lost. By doing the homework themselves, it will show the student/others whether he/she truly understands the concept. Plus, teachers are not available for help 24/7, and often times the student will have to learn to do it on their own.

Believe it or not, it is common for a student to have to read through the material or lesson for a given math assignment a few times. However, it is even more common for that student to try to simply skim through the lesson, how to write an essay example to the problems without really knowing what they are doing, and then copying the answers down from someone else. Unfortunately, on the next test, the problems will likely be of a different variety, and the student will have no idea how to solve them. By doing your homework, you can repeatedly go over the lesson and the class notes until you get the concept. Then, when the test comes, it will be a piece of cake. Writing an essay can be referred to the written submission of one’s perspective on a given topic, compiled so that it represents one’s own ideals/understanding of the topic.

By doing your homework on your own, you will practice and reinforce the math skills you learned in class. When you were learning to ride a bike, you had to practice for a while before you really got the hang of it. It is the same with your brain, and math is no exception. The only way to get good at something is to practice. When you practice something, you often make mistakes. But with math, a mistake can be costly. This is why it is a good idea to practice the problems several times and make sure you understand how you arrived at the answer. This leads to another reason that math homework is so important. You must learn the material a few different ways before it will really sink in and you will fully comprehend the concept.

2. Developing Critical Thinking Skills through Math Homework

Labeling the steps involved in solving a problem, each gives a clear method to follow. It shows the four steps of understanding the problem, planning how to solve it, carrying out the plan and checking how it went. By showing these steps it allows the pupils to understand how to break a problem down and determine the best approach to solve. Mathematics homework illustrates to children that different problems have different solutions. By having a clear method it shows that a problem can be solved in any number of different ways, and arrive at the same solution. This flexibility can often lead to frustration among children who are used to having to search for the “correct” answer. But math homework successfully shows children that there’s always a best way to solve a problem, and doing it again differently can lead to a better solution. Completing the problem does give a definite answer to whether it is right or wrong, but not always why. This can lead to a superficial understanding of the math concept, and an inability to apply knowledge to different situations. With a clear understanding of results and referencing back to a specific problem, children can spot any mistakes, and find the best method to solution. By applying varied methods to a problem and comparing solutions, children develop critical thinking and analysis skills. Another critical math concept has children to relate previous experiences to the present problem. This begins making discoveries about evidence either supporting or invalidating a theory, and begins to develop scientific thought and logic techniques. All of these concepts are vital building blocks for the development of critical thought, logic and problem solving skills.

3. Enhancing Problem-Solving Abilities with Math Exercises

Mari Ditmars (1990) conducted a study one year after accelerated students had completed algebra and found that “accelerated students rated themselves significantly lower in problem solving ability than regular students. The process of solving problems is the most important aspect of learning mathematics, yet it is the most neglected.” The belief that gifted students should be allowed to bypass the tedious legwork and get right to the innovation and creativity of mathematics is misguided. Problem solving is not an innate ability; it must be learned through practice. Mathematics exercises can cultivate the “can do” attitude which is the most important trait for success in solving tough problems (Lester and Paul, 1988). How to get a “can do” attitude? By doing it and succeeding. Success is a great motivator. The best place to succeed at solving problems is with exercises that start with the basics and work up. Homework is the best place for students to begin building their problem solving skills. Though teachers would love to pack the school day with problem solving activities, this is very inefficient for students. Students must have a strong knowledge base to understand and solve problems. The goal is to obtain a unified curriculum of computational skills and problem solving, so exercises should be viewed as a chance to practice problem solving, not as a separate activity. How often though do students regard their homework as a chance to practice problem solving? Usually they are so eager to get the assigned problems done, so that they can move on to more interesting things, that they take shortcuts and misthink their way through the problem. Teachers can combat this attitude by assigning fewer problems and grading them based on thoroughness and correctness. It was recommended by Lester and Paul (1988) that the teacher go over some problems in class before they are due, to give students an idea of what is expected and to pique their interests. A good way to motivate students to truly tackle a problem is with the use of extra credit problems. These problems should be challenging but within the grasp of the student with enough thought and should have an added incentive of partial credit even if the final answer is not correct.

4. Building a Strong Foundation for Future Math Concepts

It is imperative for learners to build a strong foundation in math. Completing homework is an excellent way to achieve this. Math concepts can build on one another. If a student misses one concept, they are risking not understanding the main principle that follows. An example of this is simplifying fractions before you learn to add and subtract them. If you miss the concept of simplifying fractions, you will not understand that that is what you do to add or subtract them. By doing your homework, you are consistently revisiting and building on what you have learned, which will eventually make it second nature to you. This will minimize the risk of forgetting how to do certain math equations. Software will never help you to be reminded of something if you cannot remember it. An article from The Classroom states that “When a student consistently completes homework assignments, he will simultaneously shorten the amount of time it takes to learn ideas and processes in and out of class.” Completing math homework is an excellent way of achieving this. Completing homework will also help the student to increase the speed and accuracy upon which they can solve problems. This is crucial to more complex math equations.

5. Gaining Confidence and Self-Efficacy in Mathematics

In math, students also need to form procedural knowledge. Procedural knowledge can be formed if students frequently do exercises. And the exercise is doing math homework. Connecting knowledge and math problem-solving strategies is very important to learn math. If students study in school and learn about math problems without doing exercises, they can miss out on a lot of strategies to solve math problems. Any math problem can be solved in many ways, depending on the understanding to solve it. But if students connect the knowledge with problems in the form of writing, they will have a strong ability to solve math problems. By doing homework, students find the problems and try to solve them. This will form a strong capability in math problem-solving.

The importance of doing your own math homework is to provide better understanding about the math and master it. In other hand, doing math homework has an important role in increasing student confidence. Sometimes, students feel confused and do not know how to solve a math problem. By doing homework, students can practice the best math problem-solving and strategy. Increasing confidence is the main goal of doing homework. It will increase student self-esteem, school, and math self-concept. Homework can also increase understanding about math and make it easier for students to learn. This is because during homework, students can learn math with relaxation and more time. Sometimes in math lessons, we get difficult material to learn. By doing homework, students can re-learn the material and try to understand it. If students struggle to solve the problems, they can ask someone (teacher or parent) who is good at math to help them solve their problem. Through explanation, students will have a better understanding of the material. This way, students will not get stuck in understanding the material.

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