college essay reviews

college essay reviews

The Importance of Seeking and Utilizing College Essay Reviews

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college essay reviews
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1. Introduction to College Essay Reviews

The important first step in writing your college entrance essay is to seek reviews of your work. Many colleges and high schools offer on-campus reviews, which can be the ideal way to receive great feedback and reviews about your essay. If these reviews are not possible or you do not have the time to manage these reviews, realize that an essay without any college essay reviews is like a resume without an employer’s name: superficial. Not all college essay advice is created equal. Seek out only valuable feedback on your essay. provides college essay reviews to make the college entrance process as seamless as possible. Choose a point system when evaluating college entrance essays. Award or deduct points for every part of the college entrance essay, from the direction taken in the essay, to grammar and punctuation. Points system reviews provide accountable and accessible feedback. Those reviews help to improve and strengthen the essay for published presentation or personal satisfaction.

At some point, nearly every high school senior applies to college. College applications entail countless details, none of which is more trivial than the college entrance essay. With the prospect of being accepted or rejected by countless colleges, high school applicants frantically produce fantastic essays every year in hopes of impressing their first-choice school and being accepted. Many of these prospective students rely on their friends’ evaluations of their college entrance essay. “It’s really great” seems to be on the tip of every friend’s tongue. But this type of evaluation strengthens coffee-house assurance rather than confidence in being accepted at the college of their dreams. Students and their friends go to great lengths to craft college entrance essays not only to ensure early acceptance at a desired school, but also as an academic endeavor.

2. Benefits of Seeking College Essay Reviews

By seeking college essay reviews, you will have the opportunity to gain different perspectives from outsiders. In essence, constructive criticism can help you polish a final product that will ultimately increase your chances of acceptance into your dream school. Additionally, by adding creative content as you revise, you are entering a cycle of revision that will enhance your analytical and critical thinking skills. As a result, you will have the opportunity to fix your essay’s strengths and weaknesses, but also have the opportunity to make improvements on your weaker points while refining your skills throughout the college application process.

Seeking college essay reviews will not only help an applicant assess their paper’s clarity, but it will also expose them to corrections that they may otherwise overlook. The more reviews an applicant is willing to obtain, the better their persuasive writing will become. Feedback can range from overall flow and syntax to grammar, punctuation, format, style, and even possible topic reformation. In essence, you are not only requesting a general review, but you are seeking to refine several aspects of your paper to perfection. That’s why it’s important to start early. There are a number of benefits you will reap from revisions, so take advantage of the tools at your disposal. For example, according to Hamilton College, proper grammar and punctuation can enhance your essay’s appeal by 40%. For this reason, proper review feedback can make your essay significantly stronger.

3. How to Effectively Utilize College Essay Reviews

One overlooked critical feature of a good college essay review is that it is honest. Above all, a friend who can be relied on to tell you the truth is very valuable. They may say things that you may not want to hear because they know that honesty is crucial in guiding you. Additionally, they understand that because they cannot see the complete picture and do not actually know you, they may give some advice that is not going to be right for your essay’s unique individuality and intentions. This is the same with a good college essay review. A writer who can respect your work and can be honest with you about what does and what does not work in your essay is a writer you should value. Note: This does not mean anyone should be hypercritical and tear apart thoroughly a work you have put a lot of time and effort into creating. These dishonest reviews do not give the guidance needed to continue working on developing your final draft.

Not all essay reviews are created equal. One of the best ways for you to figure out what a good college essay review looks like is to read and consider the unique, individual feedback that you receive. However, the main objective of a college essay review, no matter who has written it, is to help you revise, edit, and polish your work until you feel that it communicates exactly what you want it to. No essay review writer knows exactly what you want to say with your essay, which is exactly the point. If they, without knowing you and possibly without knowing very much about you, try to tell you what you should say in your essay, there is the potential for error. That’s not to say that carefully reasoned advice is not useful, but when you are reading your essay review, you should realize that what is even more useful than the advice itself is learning how to figure out whether or not it is good for your work.

4. Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Using College Essay Reviews

Many writers are dead serious about their writing but don’t realize the subject matter they’ve chosen for their essays is at complete odds with what colleges will expect to see. High school friendships, expensive family vacations, the big game; these popular topics can all work out just fine, but few have the ability to pull them off. Admissions officers have a difficult time finding, for example, astronauts, so one with the serious drive (and the pencils) to become a creative writer by night and an astronaut by day. Your role as an evaluator is to offer a small but memorable impression of a writer’s limits, reflecting their passions, and demonstrating their work ethic. Provide concrete examples—it can be anything from a line of dialogue to an action you observed. Avoid merely saying that you found the piece to be wonderful or inspiring without explaining why.

So now that you understand the benefit of college essay reviews, and a few ways in which you’ll likely use them to your advantage, let’s conclude by talking about a few common pitfalls to avoid. Some evaluators, especially parents, have a hard time offering honest feedback for fear of hurting the writer’s feelings. If you’re serious about getting into college, and serious about asking someone for a review, then tell the evaluator that what you want most is the truth, not empty praise. Reviews should never replace the necessary process of editing and revising your essays. By continually making small improvements and rewording your writing a little at a time, you’ll be able to maintain your true voice. After all, a college doesn’t want to see the equivalent of a thousand grill marks on a hamburger; they want to see a real handmade and authentic hamburger that also looks professional and presentable.

5. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Given those odds, today’s college-bound kid understands that he has to jump through quite a few application hoops, one of which is the application essay. Whether there are 10 or 15 potential destinations on his college itinerary, the college application essay will be read and often reviewed by at least a half dozen trained readers. If the essay is formulaic, if it’s boring or self-indulgent, there can be but one possible outcome: Many thanks for your interest in our university, etc. And so the college essay is critically important. It is so important, however, that students and parents would be foolish if they didn’t take full advantage of offering these essays to as many readers as necessary to guarantee their success. This little essay is not just our opinion. It’s suggested by all the colleges and the many programs that profess to help students write the perfect college application essay. Indeed, to the sorts of parents who sign up their Johnny and Janie for college application essay summer camps, this little proposition is just assumed. None of this comes as a surprise to anyone who has sat on ad-comms. Yet so many children think that they can go it alone. Maybe they can, but the odds say that the children should not a few steps away.

As we hope we have made clear by now, the college application essay is a vitally important work. Every student who intends to apply to several colleges will typically create a bucket list of institutions to consider. Next, almost every student or his guardian will usually admit that at least one of these respective targets is a “dream school.” This is to say, the student knows that the odds are very long that he or she will be admitted to the dream school. Parenthetically, kids apply to these 15 or so schools according to a somewhat predictable formula: (1) dream school; (2) some number of more realistic top-tier schools that the student actually has a good chance of being accepted by, but are still very prestigious; and (3) at least one safety school. In sum, applying to college is not an accident. College admissions is to a certain extent a numbers game. Every kid has a dream school, some safety schools, and a lot of schools in the middle.

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