do my math homework calculator

do my math homework calculator

The Importance of Using a Math Homework Calculator

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do my math homework calculator
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1. Introduction

The complexity of the subject of mathematics has led to the generation of countless tools to help students in math, with the latest tool being a math homework calculator. Parents and educators have been left at odds with the question of whether or not these calculators really have benefit for students. The goal in utilizing a math homework calculator is simply to cut down the amount of time that it takes to complete homework, while still obtaining the same essential understandings as doing the work by hand. What it comes down to is that these calculators can help to increase the overall understanding of a topic by allowing the student to spend less time bogged down by the computations. Many students are simply not fast enough with their computation and when it comes down to the end of the assignment there is neither speed nor accuracy in the answers. This is a problem because the student likely does not want to go back and redo all of the problems to get the correct answers. With a math homework calculator this is a non-issue. The student can achieve a deeper understanding of the concepts that they missed in class without the frustration of getting incorrect answers. These calculators can be an excellent resource for past material that will come up on tests because it will take the student less time to learn and it can greatly diminish the carrying over of errors from the past into the new material.

2. Benefits of Using a Math Homework Calculator

Time saving: With the correct input, a quality math homework calculator can quickly solve a particular problem which can save you time and effort. For mathematics or engineering students, there is a need to use calculators for solving complex problems, writing formulas or plotting graphs. In this case, a math homework calculator is especially useful.

No need to purchase: Good algebra building computer software can be quite expensive. Many math homework calculator software programs are a one-off purchase. It’s a good idea to go with a well-established software vendor and their software is continually updated. The more quality the software, the less chance there are of programming bugs.

Instant check for an answer: A good math homework calculator can provide an instant answer to a problem. This can be very efficient in both saving time and energy on a particular problem. Answer checking is especially important for multi-step problems.

Minimize errors: No matter how careful you can be, there is a sure chance that you can make a mistake when calculating your math problems. The process in solving is usually a very methodical step-by-step process. One small slip in that process can be difficult to locate. By simply redoing the work with a math homework calculator, errors can be found and it can give you assurance that your work is right.

3. How to Use a Math Homework Calculator Effectively

Know the calculator, and make sure it has the necessary functions. All graphing calculators have many functions, and many students do not know what these functions are or how to use them. Spending some time studying the manual or working with a teacher or another student who knows how to use the calculator will be very helpful to the student. Also, make sure the calculator has the ability to perform all of the necessary functions to solve the problems. For instance, if a certain problem requires the use of a calculator to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, make sure the calculator can do this properly. If the calculator cannot perform even one of these functions, then it is probably best to do the problem without the calculator because the step and time to find another resource to do the problem is not worth the function not being done. Step three from the NCTM’s Homework Support explains that it is important for students to be responsible for their own learning. It is important to engage with the calculator and the concept in order for the tool to be effective. A student who enters a problem into the calculator and erases the answer without understanding the correct procedure to get that answer is using the calculator incorrectly. The student must take a step back from the math homework and assess what specifically was not understood in the steps to the answer. The student would best benefit from using the calculator to check his work. An incorrect solution can be entered into the calculator and compared to the original incorrect answer. Step by step operations can be checked and the discrepancy between the correct and incorrect solution can be pinpointed. At this point, the student should complete the problem on paper, without the calculator, and only use the calculator again to check the final solution. With a clear understanding of the error in the previous problem, the student can effectively use the calculator as an aid to understand the correct method to solving the problem this time. Overall, the most important concept to understand when using a math homework calculator is that the calculator is a tool to aid the learning of a math concept, and not a shortcut to just get the homework done.

Use a math homework calculator properly. An unsatisfactory or incomplete solution is still a failure. Taking the wrong step at the very beginning of a math problem will make it very difficult to understand the process to get to the correct answer. The understanding at every step of a solution is crucial to the full understanding of the math concept being taught.

4. Common Misconceptions about Math Homework Calculators

Finally, with access to calculators in exams becoming increasingly more common (there are several exams on this site that are non-calculator or outdated), it is vital that students do not become ‘calculator dependent’. This is a real problem, but the solution lies in providing ample exposure to calculators in a learning environment, rather than restricting them.

Used logically, a calculator is an excellent tool for reinforcing understanding of number and methods. A student can attempt a question and then check it using a calculator. If the answers do not match, they know they have made a mistake and can take steps to identify it. If they have limited access to a teacher, this can often make the difference between wasted time spent reinforcing the wrong method and asking the teacher the next day why the answer is different from what they expected. There is no reason why students should be so adverse to using calculators to check answers. People who can already understand the methods behind what they are doing often do not wish to devote excessive time to practicing basic skills, and a calculator works perfectly as a shortcut.

A common view is that they dumb down learning and understanding. People who use this argument believe that if a calculator can answer number 7 without prompting you to consider various methods and advanced number topics, then it is preventing you from learning something. And this is probably true, there is a potential for a student to become over-reliant on the calculator as a crutch and struggle when without it. However, this is a misuse of the calculator rather than an inherent problem with the machine.

Math homework calculators can suffer from their own bad press, it seems, based on the comments I hear from teachers and the increasing flak I observe online. Let me discuss and debunk them here.

5. Conclusion

There are also many various uses in directly helping others work. The product can really save time for the working professional, and especially help in checking and debugging work. The users working on big projects can be able to quickly verify problems in math with little effort, thus avoiding math related mistakes. In the end, math calculators can be a very valuable tool. These products can really save time, and simultaneously provide a way to increase one’s understanding of math.

To sum up, there are many uses for the math calculator. For those that are learning math, they can really speed up the process. The user can quickly compute a problem as it is being learned, and then check the answer. The user can quickly avoid frustration of not knowing the answer, and in turn immediately know if they are doing the problem right. This can really reduce the time it takes to learn topics, because many people learn best by trying problems themselves. People learning higher level math can advise the calculator in programming methods, so it can be a great tool for learning new programming topics too.

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