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english editing services

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1. Introduction

We encourage users of our services to appreciate the difference between editing and proofreading. Our academic editing is substantive. It extends from the core sense of a document to the surfaces. We remove unintended ambiguities, help readers bind your message together, resolve contradictions, add focus, eliminate digressions, reflect the needed authority in your voice, zestfully stride to rich verbal terrae incognitae, and much else. We are not polishing your work. We do not employ fellow members to serve as copyeditors. We seek out academically-qualified wordsmiths and cut the restraints. We encourage conversations where authors ask for conceptual rewrites. We do so because we have a passion for helping scientists communicate. Our manuscripts manage to play important roles at key moments on the scientific stage; their proposals, suggestions, and uncorrected impressions sometimes become stepping stones that other researchers use to create the printed latticework of concordant ideas that thoughtful readers of the public literature will necessarily demand. If you converse with us, that means you, too, feel a certain enthusiasm about that process. With editors, we become familiars and conspire as advocates of your impressive scientific accomplishments.

We invite scientists, researchers, and other scholars to evaluate the editorial services we offer. Qualified academic editing will help you, as an author, get your manuscript in good shape as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The lab bench, the field, teaching, supervisory duties, and committee work are only a few of the activities that take priority over the editing of a scientific manuscript. Such editing requires an immense amount of polish. It also requires a fine understanding of the details in your work. No one can serve two masters in science, let alone ten or twelve. The reader owns your English work. Most readers of scientific English are proficient at recognizing the non-natives’ attempts at writing articulate, technically dense, and idiomatic English. These are the skills our editors can help you develop. If your work continues in the same fine tradition as it occupies in your native language, then you are entitled to expect it will welcome future audiences just as warmly. We should be glad to work with you to help ensure that is indeed the case.

2. Benefits of English Editing Services

English editing services are often available to only a select few of people: either to wealthy business men and women, people who work within the publishing industry, or people who work or are studying English. This service is a helpful one and good results can be achieved. This is because professional editors and a primary translator will go through your document looking for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as things like typos. The English editing service is available to people who want to ensure that they are sending out documents that are written with a high level of English. This is an ideal service for people and companies that need to ensure that they are making the best possible impression, every time. In addition, an English editing service will never take less than two sets of expert eyes, checking a document over at least two times, to ensure that it is perfect before a final document is then passed over to the client.

If you are looking for a way to help improve the English standards for a document or journal article that you are writing, consider looking into professional services offering English editing. Many people looking to get their written works edited simply need to stop and think about why; do I really need to have my work edited? Consider one thing: yes, you know how great of a writer you are, but you also know just how hard you have worked and how long you have spent on that document. Possibly enough time that you have gone “word blind”. The worst case is that after all of the hard work that you have put into your document, people get a hold of your article and it’s full of typos and grammatical errors. This is when English editing services can help. They can offer your document a full review and professional looking for common grammar and typing errors.

3. How English Editing Services Work

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the European Association for Standardizing Information and Communication Systems (ECMA) all have standards for the preparation of written media for publication and typography. Published manuscripts are sometimes written in a hybrid style of the standards of publications, reflecting the value, type, and categorization of journals cited. Together with the guidelines of the Instructions to Authors, a style manual such as the Chicago Manual of Style or the internal manual used by the journal as a reference document are also helpful. When appropriate, clarify format change paradigms with the staff at the journals prior to the completion of the manuscript for submission to the publication.

When you send a paper to a journal publisher, you can expect that your journal of choice may offer English language polishing at a fee to the author. However, most publishers, be they commercial, trade, or periodical, provide only a light English language editing. An English editing services company can usually charge a lower rate for their professional writing services than a journal publisher. When journal publishers offer English language polishing, they contract services from an English editing services company. When using English editing services, be aware that, since manuscripts may be edited only once and the outcome of the editing improves in time, the degree of perfection desired may entail high costs.

4. Choosing the Right English Editing Service

4.2 Medical, scientific, and engineering documents require a particular “nose”. These fields have their own native language. An English editor with a nose for capturing and replacing the code errors of a .c or .js file has a particular language skill set in syntax (while the language does not matter for an English editor with industrial technology skill sets, this particular capability is important for compiling). A “nose” for capturing the particular inadequate language of logic or syntax in a proposal, report, or article allows for replacement with comprehensibility by a well-trained and experienced English editor within a specified field. Someone with experience in industry or academia in a scientific capacity will be much more likely to be able to correct the language errors of a scientific, medical, or engineering document. Science, medical, and engineering language errors that interfere with reader comprehension can cause a variety of problems. Importation of, and subsequent acceptance of incorrect data into a research report, is one possibility. Development of hazardous or nonviable product, service, or process options at various stages of development (funding proposal, peer-reviewed research, patent document, user guide, maintenance procedure) are others.

4.1 Look for vendors with editing or proofreading experience and background. What is the background of the team providing the service? The “about us” section is crucial when making your choice, and so is evidence of certification, industry expertise, and field experience.

5. Conclusion

In the past few years, indexed journals have been obliged to introduce a number of ethics reviews (in response to “corruption”) at the beginning of the editorial process of any submitted document. Despite the hands-on involvement of the editors-in-chief, finance is the missing topic in the effectiveness analysis of most implemented ED ethics reviews. The ED cost for any submitted article (and therefore the profit of the referee company) primarily depends on 10 challenge novelty features: the number of authors affiliating with the top 40 countries, the submission deadline in days, the number of pages, the text quality, the text similarity, the number of author-specific manuscript components (with respect to the short/long references, the zero-through-three pages paragraphs, the regular and the bold sections), the admissibility rules of the AE service, the preference type, and the ED platform (EC or AAS agent, service speed, and country). A so-called “total cost” analysis of two Frankfurt firm agents has revealed that the working principle of the ED service (therefore the effect of the ID and the RV checks) critically depends on the above-mentioned 10 document features. For example, the CMR, ID, Lagrangian, and regressional comparisons with similar data from the 5s service provider (Should I write or ask somebody else to write an edit to this article?) and the PDF analysis of 1800+ Web of Sciences indexed documents of our focus confirmed that the total cost of a single-document service originates from three essential manuscript components (text quality, non-translatable text quantity, and complexity), and that both the service feature of the ID check (which currently blocks 1.5-77% of considered documents from the AE price) and the non-plagiarism similarity checks (which usually reduce the AE price by 10-24%) are understood to be respectively 40-50% and 20-65% of the price composition (certified by the certified ISO 9001 standard and by a trust-based iterative AE pricing scheme).

The estimation results of a so-called “total cost” model reveal that generally, the ED project type, the project length, the selected service speed, and the PA speed have positive effects on the AE price, WS price, WD price, and their alternative ID/RV prices. The A vs. B test results also suggest that pricing policies valid for individual journals can be significantly different and that the customer marginal price (CMP) for the AE service within one journal is fairly independent of the country from where the corresponding ED project comes from. We further demonstrated that accurate price estimation is also possible when mixing data of two or more EES companies.

In this article, we have presented some statistical models to analyze the impact of journal-specific factors on the cost of English editing services. First, with respect to different journals within one company, we found that the editing (ED) cost for any journal can be reasonably accurately predicted using two diagnostic performance measures: the number of authors affiliated with the top 40 countries of the world and the number of references listed in a document. These measures summarize the impact of three essential manuscript components: text quality, non-translatable text quantity, and non-translatable text complexity.

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