english essay quotation

english essay quotation

The Power of Language: Crafting Persuasive English Essays

1. Introduction

This year, I have high hopes of raising enough funds to build at least two reading villages that will be a collection of six libraries in Cambodia. How? When these students were in grade 6, all the students who needed to raise funds to go on an overseas humanitarian trip wrote letters to their family, friends, and community organizations in order to secure donations or volunteer their service to help raise the funds. One student raised $16,000 USD, and every year large sums of money were raised through these letters. Those students had the ability to write such persuasive letters because of the persuasive writing skills they honed in grade 4, and because of the continued practice of these skills throughout grades 5 and 6. Skills that you are continuing to hone in 8B, 9H, 9C, 12AP, and 12IB. The letters that they wrote had the power to persuade others to help those in need.

You will be writing English essays from now until you finish high school. And then more English essays if you continue attending university. Are all those essays worth the effort of writing them? Should you just memorize a canned essay and regurgitate it on the test? No? What would you say if, by the essays you write, you could craft the ability to persuade others, to change their behavior to better our planet, to empower people, and to help others in need. Want to aim to write persuasive essays that can help change the world? Recently, schools around you, as well as student volunteers from across the globe, raised funds to help build a library in a remote village in Cambodia. When completed, this library will be as large as my classroom.

2. The Art of Effective Quoting

Okies, try on this quote: “All human beings need to belong; this need is met in healthy ways when institutional leaders learn not only to lead, but to mentor through the power of love, which requires self-love and love of others.” What do you think? What ideas might be illustrated about one’s claim (in this non-existent example) that leaders need love? If you think that the “leaders need love” is a worthy topic claim, it can be significantly bolstered by the inclusion of this quote in the middle of a paragraph. First of all, quotes act to help prove a paper’s argument by concluding the mass of scholarly data. The second rubric for persuasive essays (all the effective paradigms are three-part propositions and derived from Aristotle) is principle. When citing a quote, be sure to introduce the author or literal source (a government principle), place it in the context (“veteran’s hospital”), present in the verbiage of the quote itself (try to begin a sentence with a quote and refer to it), and finally explain the significance of the comment.

Quotes have their place, especially in literature. However, some students seem to rely on quotes rather than rely on themselves. Be sure to understand the definition and applications of quotes and the techniques to use them effectively. Quotes from authorities lend support to one’s argument. Every paper is written or spoken in the context of conversations. (Our society is built on a conversation of sorts.) In college writing, an essay involves an individual stance or perspective, but it is to be substantiated via material from others. Quoting is the naming of sources, saying who agrees with you. Their support moves your argument register (in a manner of speaking) along and tells what camp or scholarly team you are on.

3. Structuring Your Essay

A typical English essay template contains a number of spots capable of harnessing creativity. When constructing an essay, remember that each section should tell a tale—a tale that informs your story of success. How to start a body paragraph in an argument is a tutorial them in a brief, concise way. Also, you can develop more than one argument for each viewpoint. There should be no less than five sentences in each: the introduction, the thesis statement, the overheard view, your argument, the counter argument, your answer and why, and your conclusion sentence. A typical body paragraph in an English essay contains topics designed to develop the argument as well as evidence and explanation to support the argument.

When constructing your argument, it helps to use phrases and words that are known to persuade. Remember, there are several “types” of English essay subjects. For example, there are protest essays, articles, debates, and commentaries—all of which require different styles of writing. As such, how you refer to the subject in an argumentative essay will depend on the focus and form of your paper. For example, if you are putting up an argument that the United States should have a two-party system, then you can use the following persuasive techniques. To help frame your argument, refer to each viewpoint and jot it down. Finally, when your paper is complete, return to it once more and spruce up your draft to give a little extra emphasis on style and tone.

As with any form of writing, the best English essays are those where the writer has made a careful plan that covers at least four main steps. First, you need to research the essay topic. Second, you need to present a strong argument. Third, you need to structure that argument into the form an essay takes, such as an introduction, body and conclusion. Finally, you must edit your work and check for coherence, level of persuasion and tone. Consider it like constructing a strong piece of architecture with a strong blueprint, solid foundation and careful style of building.

4. Developing Persuasive Arguments

Keep in mind that you will need a wide range of discourses, topics, and shows to write a really effective persuasive essay because skilled a writer can effectively persuade a tense reader on the opposite side of the issue. You are not human, not a robot, and neither is your audience. That means that arguments that seem in the assumption of goal certainty or forcing messages will not arrive. A generally articulated language can, of course, be a very effective tool for a good writer – but remember that your answers to your personal injustice can be an objective and concise one. If passionate and genuine, all your word choices, punch lines, and rhetorical deviations will eventually serve your purposes – but your efforts to begin with a cohesive pattern of symptoms are much simpler and will improve your success in the long term.

In environmental essays, an inductive argument might begin with an example of a problem natural event (like an oil spill) and follow up with examples of extreme weather conditions, health issues, and climatic change events that are related (including your examples from the introduction) – all to convince the reader of the problems stemming from a cause-result system. In a nerve-shredding essay, a deductive argument might begin by explaining what must be given for the benefits of a general truth (justice or equality) – and then provide examples to support the readers towards your conclusion. Once you have an opinion, gather your evidence. Good research will help you demonstrate the urgency of your cause, especially if your essay is on the reported law.

There are two main types of persuasive arguments: inductive ones that build from evidence to a conclusion – the typical argumentative paragraph with a topic sentence followed by detailed examples which lead the reader to the author’s conclusion – and deductive ones that begin with the writer’s conclusion and then offer evidence to support it, often in the form of definitions or cause-and-effect reasoning. Inductive arguments are often seen in literary and dystopian essays, while deductive ones are more common in reported or goal-opinion essays. Both forms can be effective in setting the activist agenda – getting your readers to support your cause.

5. Conclusion: Impactful Essay Writing

Trade always flourished with the movement of goods, resources and information. The economy has long favored those who can express ideas well and quickly, through effective writing was what impresses socially. In present times, what, according to language analysts, matters in communication is the correct writing that allows correctness in beliefs, attitudes, and actions in general. The subject of this paper is the persuasive essay writing conducted by cognitive linguistics based on Lakoff and Johnson. Lakoff and Johnson decided to adopt the controversial position of considering the metaphor normal in the language. More than that, they argued that it is not merely a figure of speech used in literature; metaphors make up our most fundamental process of comprehension because they are an essential element of thought. In other words, having the facility to create metaphors to say one thing is in fact saying another because the notion follows the position of projecting certain concepts or structures.

The ultimate goal to refine the art of writing is to be able to persuade others with caretaking words. I suspect that is the reason why individuals who can shoulder the weight of the world with their lyrics tend to be remembered throughout the ages. Institutions which greatly value those who can influence the population’s mind are aware of how essential good writing skills are. They need an articulate leader who can explain the meaning of his words, who can lay out a clear vision, assemble facts and arguments, and convince others of the best ways to achieve the shared view. Writing serves as evidence of the empowerment of individuals, promotes collective institutions and makes us part of a historical, academic and political community.

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