english essay writing games

english essay writing games

The Art of English Essay Writing Games

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english essay writing games
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1. Introduction

They are classified into long and short essays. Depending on the type of characters used, the classified essays are further divided into essays related to individual characters, relationships, and plots. Each individual essay topic is presented with a type of essay where it may be chosen from short & long individual character descriptions, relationships, and plots. It must be ensured that every student selects achievement tests such as CBSE, NEET, IIT-JEE STD:1-12 along with their regular school studies, and this could be achieved through game-based learning. By using formative assessment techniques, teachers can develop objective assessments where cross-disciplinary topics could be created to evaluate the performance of both students and teachers. To improve the performance of the students with clear understanding we propose the first version of ‘The Art of English Essay Writing Games’ with 500 individual English essay topics combined with various methods such as concept maps, Vee and Toulmin models, role plays, computer simulations et cetera for both school and university students.

English essay writing has long been a vital part of informal education for students. It is an enjoyable exercise to practice Method and Idea Preparation where notions of other disciplines such as history, science, philosophy, art, music et cetera could be developed. But a major issue is the degrading standard of English handwriting due to its significant role in various electronic gadgets, and it can only be improved through practice. Our aim is to enhance the performance of the students through formative assessments. English essay topics are presented with questions.

2. Benefits of Using Games in Essay Writing

By incorporating writing games in an English class, one can focus on a very singular aspect of the class. With each game, greater emphasis can be placed on English rules. The benefit of such games is that one may carry out simple grammatical rules transparently. The English class can be immersed by such games with rules that might otherwise be too dull or simple to explicitly teach. One must engage all the senses in an English class. Just because students are studying in an English class does not mean that sense of touch, smell, and taste should be forgotten. There is also auditory comprehension and auditory discrimination. All these things should be taken advantage of. Writing and movement combined with playing. Students need to analyze and explore their thoughts in a more creative way. Creating a writing environment is an excellent means of nurturing the imagination. There is a definite relationship between literature and creativity. This will facilitate hands-on learning and will make connections between literature content and the world.

Creativity and language knowhow are beneficial in many areas, but without practical tips to transform foreign language knowledge into a good piece of writing, this knowledge is useless. Writing serves as an outlet for the student’s thoughts. But there are enough harbingers to believe otherwise. He struggles to find the right word or even construct a complete sentence. Besides, his vocabulary is limited, and it shows this limitation in his writing. If the vocabulary is limited, the sentences will be simple. If the vocabulary is limited, the graders will notice this.

3. Strategies for Incorporating Games

How do we, an English teacher, go about directing our students? We can very well believe in “the rhizome as method” in which the composition class is transformed into an arena of free-will. However, for that freedom to fructify, students will need preparation – in thinking and in language. We could meet our students for an hour before composition time (a preliminary class), and usually, this hour is time for playing games that improve thinking and language (both critical for writing a good essay). Then they break for a one-hour three-paragraph essay. True, the short “fist” essay is always a challenging exercise, with or without preliminary preparation. But with the addition of a gaming hour, the preparation hour gets completed – and the “essay as art” does take place.

We all know how important ‘essay-writing’ is to the learning process. It is the intellectual exercise that transforms “knowledge” into the possessor’s “personal connection” with that knowledge. A good essay emerges as a story or conversation about a topic or an issue in which the writer has intellectual victories, reveals an interesting pattern of thinking, showcases dexterity in phrasing and offers views with a content of intellectual robustness. An artful English lecturer gives every student an opportunity to compose an essay that is personal – each essay with the student’s personal stamp of individuality. We can, for instance, give the students a box of essay-writing games which they can play every day.

4. Examples of Effective Games

Blackboard dictations: For classmates, better to use paintings. For adults use an earlier English text, as mentioned in the previous game. Say that it’s a dictation and write the first word on the blackboard. Learners copy it and go on from there, simply allowing you to view the original spelling until everyone has a complete sentence. After checking and discussing an agreeable spelling with the whole class, not just the one confused student, cover the word and write the next one they can’t view the original spelling until they finish the word. In the case of paintings, students can either write down all information about the painting which you might prepare or write down what they could remember. Cover the painting while they write. Then go through each of the interesting features the artist wants the viewer to respond to, and a summary of facts.

Verbal ping-pong. A class is divided into two or more teams. Leader from the first team reads out or writes a sentence on the blackboard which contains one mistake. Members of the first and other teams have a minute to find and correct the mistake in their notebooks. Those who answer first earn points. Then a representative from the second team reads a new sentence. In the case of college students, use 19th or early 20th century paintings, or even older ones. If working on a text, take one which is challenging but includes the vocabulary to be studied. Make teamwork optional for at least two rounds and encourage students to debate in their teams. Other students can mostly perform a role of helpful advisors.

5. Conclusion

Whenever an English language learner arrives in class, the teacher will likely assign a writing activity, predominantly essay writing, to be composed in English. A majority of teachers use standard grammar and spelling mechanics to teach these diverse students how to put cohesive phrases, sentences and paragraphs into thoughtful writings as a unified whole. Despite their knowledge of English as a second or foreign language (ESL or EFL) the students often have high difficulty communicating advanced ideas in English as their dialectical exchanges are perhaps in their national language while their spelling and grammar skills suggest simpler language when it is written in English. Conceiving indefinite meanings or not effectively disputing oral questions from teachers using these students whether. Periodic oral composition writers will undoubtedly pen wrong concepts about writing under duress of term papers, homework, or standardized assessments, when teachers command the particular writing standards be well understood. For many educators this understanding requires patience to bring students to individual or small-group developmental audience pre-writing. Between sufficient minimum exposure to a sea of complex English reading and the individually-tailored productive composition creation: reads, speaks, and squeezing materials, one-time “easy” outputs should not be taken lightly as the renegade mind surely needs to churn with gears of cogination to unify a thought process to the level of advanced composition writing fluency in English.

The Art of English Essay Writing Games is presented as a set of 3 connected applications of real-time semantic exchange (RTEX), including: Literature Varsity Improvisational Theater for Professional Development, for education in university literature and the humanities, based on the postulational act of Ah Truest Purpose Seeking Penetralia Bunche’s Azure Novel, Washington I, for inpromptu mutual questions and answers prepared in real-time semantics for prolegmatic participation in improvisation by students from the humanities. Education of literary competition, lunch for multipurpose psychology, liberal arts and discipline, languages, relations and law from 4 to postgraduate preliminary education in the first year of study, The 7th group, executives and teachers of the 3rd group, and parents of the program of excellence in the school wearers of the high school, especially in service commerce. AskThemPaideia asks that about one million such sessions have been organized – over 90,000 paid “car buyers” and 109 free “one of one” deals with local business training sessions attracting to the internet in Washington is very important. Oklahoma and Virginia have asked Arne stated: “I want to hear from you about this passage.”

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