example of english literature essay

example of english literature essay

Exploring the Evolution of English Literature: An In-Depth Analysis

1. Introduction to English Literature

Literature conveys meaning through metaphors and other various creative tools that the reader interprets and experiences. Literature is not only a composition of various imaginative and creative ideas, such as a piece of paper, but it is the pillar of reinforcing the culture of the essence of direct perception. It does so by rendering a three-point illumination of events, values, and attitudes through portraying several characters and existential situations. As evident from the literary works that had been produced even 5000 years ago, we discover that they recover both the content and the form. With a longer view, the history of English literature commences with the Anglo-Saxon period. These chapters of English literature comprise a number of complex compositions in English and Latin. Each of these poems exhibits characteristics of elegy, verse compositions, hymn and fragment, prophecy, and the devil.

The history of English literature is labeled into different periods that go down into eternity. These periods are rich in historical and cultural context, as a representative novel to understand the history of English literature, from a particular genre to a particular style. The aesthetics and morality of every piece of work are different, showing different aspects of every period’s social structures as well. English literature has some classic books that have opened the doorway to many creative works and continue to influence the ideas and morals of people today. The early literature of every culture ranges from old language transcriptions to a mix of poetry and prose to a new form of writing. The old language ranges from the Anglo-Saxon period, the post-Norman periods to the end of the fifteenth century.

2. Key Periods and Movements in English Literature

For any type of completion, several stages or periods must be considered. These eras are usually shaped by the ruling monarch and the events that occurred during their reign. The periods in English literature were: (i) The Middle English period (1066-1500), which was a turbulent time when land ownership and rule were closely linked and heavily fortified by those in power; (ii) The English Renaissance, a period of “re-birth”; (iii) The Restoration period; (iv) The Augustan period, also known as The Age of Reason. The Romantic Period was a key period that emphasized emotional correctness in literary creations and saw a revival of poetry and poetic rhythm; (v) The Victorian period, dominated by influential individuals such as Tennyson, the queen’s poet laureate, Charles Dickens, Ellen Ternan, Winston Churchill, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, and George Bernard Shaw. This period experienced great expansion; (vi) The Early Twentieth Century period marked significant changes in the English scene; (vii) The Modern period, characterized by the blurring of class divisions and the increasing concentration of people in industrial cities. The impact of the First World War and influences from other countries led to a revival of novelists through the “novel-of-ideas” rather than drawing-room clichés. Revolutions have revealed that the rights of so-called minorities are now illusory.

Literature is of great importance as it reflects the traditions and social, historical, political, and economic backgrounds. World literature explores the times, places, and lifestyles of different eras. Reading and understanding literature is advantageous as it provides insight into the society of that time and enhances an artist’s vision. The role of women, class distinction, necessity, poverty, and the pursuit of wisdom are of primary importance. The study of literature goes beyond words and reading, leading to keen and sharp observations.

3. Notable Authors and Their Works

Chaucer was the first great poet who wrote in English. Before him, English literature mostly meant ballads, folktales, and beast tales. As such, in the evolution of English literature, he comes after Anglo-Saxon poet Caedmon. He surprised his contemporaries by his originality. His genius lay in portraying human character as it is. He became a world author particularly because of The Canterbury Tales, which is a story of life en route to St Thomas Beckett’s shrine. The characters are the inmates of an English Inn, and they are pilgrims with common objectives or aims in life. It is the pilgrims’ stories that make The Canterbury Tales one of the great books of the world. The largest number of pilgrims were the ordinary middle-class people who spoke English. There are twenty-nine pilgrims in all, out of which only two were churchmen. One expects, from the religious status of the pilgrims, that there would be certain conventions to be observed, and when those conventions were not kept, other pilgrims turn hostile towards the narrator. Chaucer had not intended to complete his great work. He died less than a year later, and The Canterbury Tales has remained incomplete since.

Mention the word literature, and one is immediately reminded of William Shakespeare. He is the world’s greatest playwright and the finest poet who has given the English language the most remarkable and everlasting fragrance. His contribution to world literature is more than invaluable. Apart from being famous and immortal, Shakespeare lives today more for his dramatic characters than anything else. His characters are many-sided and because they are so, they can fit into any society or period of time without appearing inappropriate. He is the most versatile and artistic among the authors of the Globe.

Notable authors and their works

4. Themes and Symbolism in English Literature

Conclusion: English literature represents a sweeping perspective because the significant literary pieces show a dramatic entry into the genres of humour, diversion, and manifest despair. The broad collection of English exemplary literary pieces outlines the numerous settlers who termed tales of complaint, indirectly witnessed their existing state, and reflect on their deepest impulses and levels of self-identification within those literary pieces.

Themes and symbolism in English literature: In English literature, the different literary pieces generally cover several subjects that entail a broad array of representations throughout time. These representations vary from timeless scenes on wide subjects pertinent to human existence, to chronicled, archetypal, emblematic, allegorical, representative, or biblical motives. Additionally, geographically particular foregrounds are often viewed in comprehensive or ideographic detail as explicit places alongside their customs and culture.

5. Conclusion and Future Trends in English Literature

In the area of literature, the familiarity of the literary items has substantially narrowed down, and literary theories are also recognized as the internal foundation of English Studies. English literature has undergone a series of major transitions: structuralism and post-structuralism, new human nature, and post-colonial theory. Literature often reflects the consciousness of the times. The complexity of literary diversity is the social system itself, the consciousness of the times representing gender, land, culture, language, etc. After the 1980s, the literature itself had significant changes, and its study also produced a far-reaching influence. The development trend of English literature in the future is unknown. The future is a problem that everyone is concerned and paying attention to, but it is certain that English literature is not saturated but will be continuously widened and opened. At the same time, connected with intimate relations, it is unimaginable that the future development trend has a profound influence. The English language field will also affect English literature to proceed unceasingly. English literature, full of explorative challenge and surprise, will eventually face reality, attacking this new problem with new tools.

In conclusion, the discipline of literature is constantly expanding as new literary forms arise. Literature embodies the thoughts, emotions, and consciousness of its time and becomes artistic, ideological, and social expressions. English literature refers to English expression which can be found in texts originating from England and America. Reasoning from the use of literature and dealing with it also made the definition of literature broader. Because it is about literature, the meaning of literature is clarified first of all. This is not a work of literary history, but rather a form of history as is the culture in which literature is produced and received. Such literature is a culture, something of a material that is presented by society, history, and ultimately life.

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