experience learning english essay

experience learning english essay

The Benefits of Learning English

1. Importance of English Language

Throughout the world, when two persons from two separate cities meet, their very first chatting session opens with a question based on the knowledge of English proficiency. What they try to express is nothing but the eagerness to succeed in life. English alone can provide them their cherished goal. When the session takes its smooth most excellent course, they discourage all other languages and stick to the common platform English. Such is the sparkle and appeal of the English language. Such is its omnipotence. “English language is nothing but that, which has scored a goal, while the rest are still playing. It means the importance of learning English.”

Among the well-known languages in the world, English occupies a very special place. It has often been referred to as a “World Language.” English is viewed globally as the most important language. Those who are not competent speakers have much to lose. International organizations, events, communication, development, justice, signing of important documents, etc., are tied to English. Politicians, intellectuals, businessmen, diplomats, masses and elite – all benefit from learning English. The blazing successes of the English-speaking nations nurture the impression that people who are trained in English are better equipped to progress more efficiently in a rapidly increasing and demanding world.

2. Ways to Improve English Skills

There is also grammar that is taught in traditional class settings, as well as online, but, one of the best ways is to practice it through use. Like any language, the key is to practice when you have the opportunity. Practice using English when you are shopping, going to a restaurant, at the bank, and with your friends and family. If you can find friends who speak English, you will practice more and learn many new words. The internet has a ton of resources that will allow you to learn English, either for free or for a low cost. Start with a search. There are websites that will allow you to take quizzes, chats with others, study and read in English, language studies, language chats with others and other resources. Newspapers and online blogs can help you learn new words and new vocabulary. Look for English newspapers, both for those learning English and for those who speak fluently.

You can improve your English slowly but surely. The key is to practice English consistently, and use available resources to practice. Developing good study habits is the only way to learning the language. In the beginning, it is easy to lose motivation and stop studying, but once you start seeing your improvement, you will be motivated to continue. Try to create a schedule that will benefit your studying of English. Listen to the radio to improve your listening and speaking skills. You don’t have to just listen to the news; various types of programs will allow you to better understand how English is spoken and will allow you to learn new words. If you have the time, watch movies in English. This will teach you what fluent English sounds like, and you could practice accent and pronunciation. You can also learn new words and different accents.

3. Benefits of Fluency in English

Globalization. A second crucial reason why the English language is worth learning is the rise of individual human knowledge. Although the factors which determine the proficiency of French as well are good topics for further research, this may be through diverse concave functions dependent on employment requirements for the global language, in which there may be convexity in the international market for language, important as this market is. In order to assess the importance of English as global knowledge expands, the weight of the global language in an ability index with a neutral distribution of the level of knowledge of ability is calculated. The formula, in which captures the neutral distribution of ability, is known as the Jeffrey–Kirck supporting distribution in this under-educated, and must contain a term that captures her desire to work.oples model.

Fluency. A specific study that has demonstrated the unique importance of English fluency compared with general proficiency has been evaluated. In terms of employment, the study’s analysis of skill demands in English usage has emphasized the significant role of English in a range of job functions, including Sales, Marketing, Audit, Accounting, Corporate Treasurer, and Customer relations. A recent school-level analysis from Turkey found English fluency to be a critical determinant for private tutoring demand at the high school level. Be that as it may, educational research has also found it to be the case that limited capabilities exist on an equity basis in terms of English exposure. Hep and Stokey have attributed differences in English abilities to inequality, based on the household expenditures of households, such as margarine, in Turkey.

4. Challenges in Learning English

A large number of students from non-English-speaking countries not only have to master the grammatical structure and functions of the English language, but also other obstacles that make it further difficult to learn English. Murray lists some of these problems and adds that acquiring English is often impossible for some because of “class and racial prejudices.” For example, a study from 2008 shows that some students from diverse ethnic backgrounds face racial discrimination at school. An English teacher in the study states that he is “uncomfortable calling on certain ‘minority’ students” and is probably never aware that his unconscious bias leaves some students “thinking that their words do not count.” Without opportunities to practice and use English effectively, such students may feel at a disadvantage, since “language development is essential for academic success. For English learners (ELs) and former ELs in U.S. schools.” Another challenge for students who speak English as a second language is that, because they live in their own ethnic communities, they may not have opportunities to speak English in their daily social activities as well. To improve their English competence, many often feel they must leave their ethnic communities, and even work at part-time jobs in settings where English is spoken.

4. Challenges in Learning English Native English speakers are often unaware of the obstacles non-native speakers must face to learn English. As a speaker of English as a Second Language (ESL), I know that English is a difficult language to master. “No wonder every year, millions of students spend countless hours memorizing rules, practicing test-taking strategies, and learning new vocabulary. Because English is an important and effective tool in today’s world, students need to master the language.” However, according to Donald Murray, learning English is unfortunately not an easy task. English is the target language students must work at for years, and from their perspective, learning English is much like a “crippling and difficult chore”. Although they exert much effort learning English, there is “no assurance that they will acquire the competence they desire.” When some students have been studying English for years but still are not proficient in it, their efforts, according to Murray, are delayed: “Each 0 (grade) becomes a sign that she must work harder, and most children their materials or both. Because they speak so softly, ‘They have tons of time alone, while quite a fail to pile up because they can’t communicate effectively.” Being labeled as incompetent leads to shame for those who do not have “proven mastery,” and some students are isolated and shunned by others.

5. Conclusion: Embracing English for Success

In conclusion, English has become one of the crucial keys to success for individuals who desire to become active members of such an ever-changing world. Keep in mind that lack of knowledge or ability in English may not only result in missed global opportunities but will also hinder you from becoming successful individuals with a global-level perspective. The secret of successful individuals who are active in global activities is appreciating English; you need to understand and apply it in your livelihood every single day. This is why an English education should be the province of all. Educational institutions must also prepare adequate curriculum and infrastructure systems in order to produce global-empowered individuals.

English is increasingly becoming an essential part of education at school and other learning centers. If you are invested in achieving success in the modern world and making an impact, learning English will help you greatly. It makes life easier and more satisfying. The world sees less and less of language barriers as the global network grows more extensive every day. Everyone makes use of English in almost everything. It is time to begin your own study of the language. No matter what field you are in or interested in, English is going to play an important role in your life. You cannot afford not to embrace it in your daily life in order to become successful.

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