format for term paper writing

format for term paper writing

The Importance of Following a Proper Format for Term Paper Writing

1. Introduction

Format of the term papers: In a college student’s academic life, term papers are a crucial type of assessment. Most of the teachers claim that you can understand a lot about a student’s capabilities by looking at his or her term paper. Writing a proper and comprehensive paper is not an easy task. However, if you know how to follow a specific format, the process of writing a research paper is not only made easy but also the quality of your paper is improved. To write your term paper, the best and the most effective way is to follow these step by step guidelines given in the rest of the essay. By following the format, not only you will have a better understanding of what you are expected to do, but you will also be able to impress your teacher with your knowledge about a specific subject. Everyone who once had to prepare and write a term paper knows that this is a great task that requires a lot of time and that is why the first challenge faced by the majority of the students is the choice of a proper topic. Actually, to find the resources and to study a lot are impossible unless the topic is suitable. However, it does not mean that the easiest way of writing a term paper is to start as late as possible and to do it in one night. On the contrary, avoid such method. Remember that a lot of time is wasted in selection of the topic and the collection of the information, especially about a very vague kind of research like is Internet tracking. One of the essential aspects of a research paper is that it is written as a critical account that takes the form of a deep and analytical explanation of the topic in question. Designing a workable plan for writing a term paper; all successful writers consider prewriting. Success of your paper mainly depends of the topic you are going to select. Such steps follow a specific and comprehensive format. Actually, the procedure starts even before you start writing the paper. Every good term paper consists of three things like introduction, body and the conclusion. First of all, all term papers should have an introduction. This paragraph introduces your topic; it is often the most important and required skill in the whole work. A clear and well-written thesis statement will help you to determine the direction and structure of the argument. Also, teachers pay attention on what is written; for example, in the body or in the introduction part, therefore, following the specified format is a must in writing a proper term paper. Every next paragraph must sustain a point in support of the thesis. Also, a term paper is an academic writing assignment therefore, APA or MLA citation styles are commonly used. Every next heading and subheading must have a clear and logical relation to the earlier. Generally, professors leave basic recommendations on writing a thesis. This will help you to include all the main point, arguments and conclusions in your critical account.

2. Understanding the Structure of a Term Paper

You need to spend quite a lot of time and energy researching, selecting, writing, and revising. Just selecting a topic is just the first step. And it’s a standard requirement, so you need to pay attention to various “technical” aspects, such as numbering and referencing. The “Title” must be informative; it will usually be a large description of the paper. The major thing to focus on in the “Introduction” is the purpose of what you are going to write. Also, the “Main Body” will be divided into subsections, each focused on a particular thing. Students must realize that the “Conclusion” is not a very important part. It’s just a summary of the term paper. These outlines will become a guide for a term paper. It helps to make the term paper structured, focused, and manageable. But every outline should be different; it all depends on the type of study, your topic, and research – what work needs to be evaluated or interpreted. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab also suggests what it calls the HOC: the High Order Concerns and the Low Order Concerns. The HOC are all about the concepts and the contents of the paper, while the low order concerns are when it comes to grammar and surface errors. This is also useful for students because most of the time, all students care; sometimes they just feel “well, I don’t quite understand what my lecturer is looking for in the assessment criteria.” So if you are not sure, the HOC can also be referred back to those assessment descriptions. But they do not mean just filling out the criteria the same as the outline of the term paper. Such application, followed by careful consideration of the nature and purpose of your term paper, will lead students to a successful term paper.

– Title – Abstract – Introduction – Main Body – Conclusion

Before you start writing your term paper, you must understand the structure and the purpose behind each. Every term paper has its own structure. The basic structure of a term paper can be summed up in the following five parts:

3. The Benefits of Following a Proper Format

Following a specific format when writing papers is important, and if you fail to do that, it is surely going to have an effect on the overall quality of the term paper – and that means you will receive a lower grade than anticipated. By failing to follow a proper format, not only do you lessen the quality of your work, indeed you make it more difficult for yourself in the long run. Adhering to a format also serves as a means of planning – there is always a format to follow, and by filling in the blanks of that format with work, such as creating an outline, a writer can begin to see the work taking shape, and thus be able to better see what gaps there are. It also helps with the actual writing process – if you are unsure as to which heading to include the particular writing or concept of the paper under, knowing what the specific format within that type of writing would dictate and demand can help each particular section come about. Also, parts of a term paper are so easily compartmentalized – that is, it is difficult, as you are writing, to see the bigger picture, and to know what is coming next or indeed what has just been written. By writing to a specific format, it is much easier to set up a workable schedule. This is because by employing the use of drafts, or the feedback of others, supported through the learning style that is offered by term paper writing skills, a set plan of action can be formed and thus create a much more effective means of producing a term paper in a timely and less stressful manner. All of these benefits work in tandem and serve to create an end that will be relatively low-stress – that being the completed term paper.

4. Guidelines for Formatting Your Term Paper

One of the most important aspects of writing a term paper is following the proper format. However, this is a skill that many students have not yet mastered. Fortunately, with practice and some guidelines to follow, this does not have to remain the case. The five guidelines presented in this chapter are somewhat overlapping, as they are in relation to the overall preparation and production of the finished product. However, each of the following five guideline areas should be considered and attended to with each and every term paper. It is a tedious process but in the long run, truly well worth it. Grammar and syntax is the first set of guidelines. At a very minimum, each and every student should be capable of: first, recognizing (i.e., discovering and labeling); second, changing (i.e., restructuring with the things completely understood and in place) and third, learning from their inaccuracies in these following four very basic sentence constructions. First, the regular, run-of-the-mill simple sentence: A simple sentence has a subject and a predicate and it expresses a complete thought. Also, do not overuse simple sentences. Second, the compound sentence: A compound sentence is a sentence that has two complete thoughts joined by a conjunction (and, but, or) and a comma. Third, the complex sentence: A complex sentence is a sentence that combines one independent clause (a complete thought) with at least one dependent clause, and begins with subordinating conjunctions such as “because”, “since”, “when”, “if”, “where”, “while” and “although”. Fourth, the compound-complex sentence: A compound-complex sentence is a sentence that has at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. Last but of course not least comes the use of a proper semi-colon and a colon. A semicolon connects clauses that are related and helps to combine two sentences that are better off on their own. Colons are used to separate items and to emphasize a point. And please, do not misuse colons by trying to emphasize every little possible point. These are easy enough to learn and are lifelong skills that can only help anyone. Good knowledge and use of these constructions are very effective guidelines in a student following a proper format for a term paper. Any paper, long or short, received from any student will be more than just “easier to read”. Next, write for someone. Clarity and the ability to implement these grammar guidelines are but only one piece to the puzzle for producing quality written material, for oneself, in any format. All the grammar in the world cannot transcend to the reader the passion or the emotional weight of the writer without appropriate word usage and a clear and consistent message.

5. Conclusion

The significance of the written term paper is established on the articulation of ideas. To create and transmit knowledge, term papers provide the opportunity to learn about the research topic more fully. It must be explored clearly and effectively. The standard structure is significant. Following a standard format allows for a clear demonstration of the logical flow of ideas. That also makes continuity and progression of ideas easier for the reader to track. Such expectations provide a logical structure that can benefit the writer. Starting each new argument with a new paragraph is a good suggestion. It helps to remind the reader of the development of the argument. Signals should also be given about the connection between different arguments and the correct format for writing. It is a great practice to give the reader some sign that the term paper is almost done, for example, a key term. With the correct format, the writer can easily demonstrate and relay the outcome of his or her research in a methodical and scientific manner. And it will facilitate the reading process. It helps the reader to move easily and quickly along and follow the writer’s thought. If there is an unfamiliar term, the reader may be able to learn and get something from the report. The writer will need to complete several pre-writing steps in order to have a term paper ready to develop. For example, project in researching, developing a preliminary outline and working on a thesis. All of these pre-writing exercises will better prepare the writer for writing the paper. To help keep the term paper focused, meaningless detail and non-essential information should be avoided. So, the writer has to do more critical thinking and editing through this term paper process. So, choosing a standard format, such as the MLA or APA format, is a wise and safe choice. It is so important in term paper writing. In fact, a research group found that the unchecked student coursework remains a problem in the UK universities. Also, the student failure for not implementing the correct academic practices is the main reason. Students should take an in-depth analysis of current ‘best practice’ clearly by including a section in research and development in this term paper. It shows the significance of the correct format. Failing in implementing the correct academic practices can lead to penalties. It is therefore a creative work which discussed the importance of research. This term paper also can provide the innovative suggestions for the improvement of the academic practices to the students and researchers.

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