free printable homework planner

free printable homework planner

The Importance of Using a Homework Planner

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free printable homework planner
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1. Benefits of Using a Homework Planner

With increased discussion concerning flipped classrooms, common core academic standards, and innumerable instructional methods available to teachers, school support staff and intervention specialists are wondering how to (or even if they should) help students prepare to manage these instructional changes. The most logical approach is for teachers and staff to help students organize. For instance, students will have to manage both daily and long-term assignments for all common core areas on a daily basis. To help make this multi-step vision a reality, teachers will have to post long-term assignments in class and, at the very least, make daily planning tools accessible. While explanations and worksheets may be provided in class, students must plan and prepare in order to complete their work outside school hours. Planners can be more powerful than teachers, as students learn to depend on their planning tools in order to complete homework and projects, as evidenced by results from Purdue’s Science Daily study.

While some students go through school year after year and manage to always be well prepared to handle whatever assignment or project they are given, others struggle with poor study habits which lead to a lack of preparedness for assigned tasks. These students don’t always struggle academically due to a lack of understanding of the concepts. Rather, they struggle because they are under-prepared, rushing to find the time to complete their work accurately and efficiently. These students will often admit that what they need most is discipline, discipline which translates into accountability for both completion of a multi-step assignment and preparation for long-term assignments. Since it is not always easy to find needed discipline through internal means, homework planners and checklists provide an excellent mapping tool for students’ organizational skills. Discipline and accountability become part of the day when teachers require students to submit their homework planners and/or checklists, complete with all relevant assignments, before leaving class.

2. How to Choose the Right Homework Planner

Second, there are planners that provide other features that can help with homework, such as a full month calendar so that big projects can be managed over time and properly planned for. A planner with detailed note-taking sections is important so that students can record details and relationships that are often easily forgotten once they leave the room where they planned out their homework. Research for these projects can be logged in these note-taking areas, or the student can be reminded to use a separate notebook dedicated to the research required to get the project done. Once you find that your student is using a planner and effectively using these additional features, they might not need the assignment tracking capabilities of the larger format planners. Of course, if your student does respond well to these new features, and has sleep and wake hours that are a bit different, you might consider grabbing a small 5.5″ by 8.5″ planner for them to use too.

First, start small. Purchase an 8.5″ by 11″ planner. A planner of this size is typically designed for assignment tracking, which is the first and foremost important feature that you will need for doing homework. Once students are using their planners effectively, schools often provide planners at no cost. These school-provided planners are often able to grow with the student and provide the added features that may be required.

So, at this point, parents, teachers, and students should all be convinced that using a planner is a good thing, but there are still many choices and options available. There are so many planners on the market now that one could become lost in the sea of options and features and get lost themselves when first starting out with using one. Here are some strategies to help you choose the right homework planner:

3. Tips for Effectively Using a Homework Planner

Schedule each day, so that you know exactly what to work on. The surest way to pair productivity is to begin your day with knowing exactly what you need and intend to do that day. This approach is just as beneficial for homework activities as it is for daily activities. So before you retire to bed, or on waking up, it pays to glance at your planner to have a clear picture of your day’s activities. You will also have a clearer mind and benefit from more quality sleep. In addition, the new day’s activities are not so taxing and daunting, as you’ve simply got to look at and decode your specially organized schedule.

Break down large assignments or projects into small, manageable parts. We are much more able to manage large tasks if we break them into smaller, more manageable parts. Use your planner to help you figure out what those blocks of work will be, and schedule them into your day throughout the week. In this way, you can work through the assignment at a manageable pace, and fit the work in around all of your other responsibilities and activities. Even better, once you map out your due date, you also know when to realistically schedule the work, without setting yourself up for a stressful, last-minute panic.

Do you know that not everyone knows how to use a homework planner? Yes, you may not consider the act of using a homework planner as a skill. But to some people, it’s a skill that must be learned. Whichever category of people you belong to, you need an effective homework planner. Now the question is, what does it entail to use a homework planner effectively? These are some of the tips to help you answer the question:

4. Printable Homework Planner Templates has great-looking printable planner pages that include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners. There are subject tabs at the top and prepared assignment pages to write all your assignments that are due by the week. As I said above, I used this planner. There is also another side to print out that has full-size checklists or post-it notes if you’re interested in that, which I didn’t print out. I don’t like using date-reading planners, but if you do, this is a great one that is pretty academic. Also included is a Student’s Info page, a password and login page, and a college selection page. This is a very comprehensive day planner. Studenthandouts’ full-size dates day planner is a great way to put together all the details needed at the high school level. For now, I am just sticking to the month or the week-by-month version that I will print up way more copies in the future once my son’s full schedule is known in his college. I will go more into an ultimate year and college planner in upcoming articles.

In high school and college, it is likely that you will receive some kind of encouragement to use a homework planner or agenda. A planner is a great way to help your high schooler or college student with homework organization. Once I made the decision to use a homework planner, finding one was a big obstacle. I love planners, but I have a hard time finding one I like that I will actually use. I searched for weeks for the perfect planner. I went to stores like Walmart, Office Max, and Target. I finally found many online sites of colleges that offered homework planners in PDF files. I was super excited. Finally, I have the perfect planner. Once I found the perfect planner, I printed it out for my son for about the next three months, until I needed more. Here are some websites that have free printable planner pages.

5. Conclusion: Start Organizing Your Homework Today!

To discipline yourself and make studying a lifestyle, it is recommended that you start organizing your homework as soon as possible. It is advised to start using a planner tonight at the latest. By following a schedule and placing your navigable lesson notes in your planner, you can concentrate and achieve your goals without exerting extra effort or spending additional time because you are constantly reminded of the work. Your goal in the following lessons should be to reach a subject or even a title of the lesson. This way, when you anticipate when the next exam will be, all you need to do is resume what you need to do in order to reach your goal. You should ensure that the compass you have set up is anchored and wait for the right moment to take action.

This article aims to help everyone realize the significance of planning their study by presenting a study routine. A study routine consists of study times, plans, intervals, subjects, setting specific goals, study locations, and motivational tips. By knowing when to study each day and being prepared for every lesson, you can ensure that you study each lesson in detail within a week, provided that all the conditions are met.

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