i don t wanna do my homework

i don t wanna do my homework

The Importance of Completing Homework

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i don t wanna do my homework
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1. The Benefits of Homework

Homework is also trouble-free. Anybody can do it. There are no requirements needed to be at home and sit and do work at a table. You can do it alone, but homework can also bond families together. Say if a student is struggling with a math problem, he can ask his parents for advice on how to solve the problem. Completing homework can lead to much success. Students can choose their own pace and decide how much work they will do during the week. Doing a little bit every day will lead to less homework and less stress during test and exam times. Fiery students can quickly finish assignments for rapid marks, and slow-paced students can take as much time as they need to ensure the work is done well.

Homework provides a lot of benefits to students. It is like a resource, helping with understanding what was done in class better by practicing what you have learned. More classwork can also be an advantage in some cases. It can get you better grades if the work that you are doing is all correct and turned in on time. Some students could take homework as a way to practice or help their memory on a subject, which could lead to higher marks on tests and exams. Completing homework can have long-term effects on a student. It can help in the transition to high school and/or higher learning.

2. Developing Discipline and Time Management Skills

Internalizing the above information, the transformation process from student to a successful adult will require strong character, the ability to manage both time and effort, and self-responsibility. These are essential traits that cannot be learned overnight and are built one stepping stone at a time. Basically, doing homework is like building a bridge between the steps of school and the destination of a successful career. Each assignment is a new piece to place, and the completion of assignments will pave the way to a better future. Completing each bridge requires the traits mentioned above, and a child that has completed homework that does not necessarily need to be checked has indeed begun developing these traits. A child with strong character can reliably complete any task on their own, and this child will complete the task efficiently if the task is managed in an orderly fashion. This child will be able to manage time and effort to complete the task on time and put forth the best result. In other words, a child with a bridge that was well built.

Completing homework gives a student a sense of responsibility because it teaches the student to follow directions and to be able to complete tasks on their own. This is an extremely important factor because the ability to independently complete a task is important in just about any job and on your own with little to no outside help, you must complete several tasks so that you are left with a final product.

By doing homework, you can learn how to manage your time in and out of school, something valuable later on in life. Let’s say that our main goal is to get into medical school and become a doctor. Well, roughly sixteen years of schooling is a basic requirement to get into medical school and become a doctor. Now, first and foremost, doctors must be able to manage their time because a doctor that is inadequate with time will have difficulty treating large amounts of patients and their quality of treatment may go down. High school students are among the most notorious wasters of time, and this is something that I can say personally. It was not uncommon for students to slack off, not do homework, or study when needed. Now, if you were to do some extra credit or studying after class in the same environment you may be comfortable studying in one hour of studying, you will find that you learned more than you did in that class, and you can apply this to teachers with a more extensive track record.

A lot of kids will say that they are too busy to do homework after school. Is it really so hard to remember to do the homework, and then turn it in when it is due? If you do your homework, it will help you develop discipline, time management, perseverance, and self-responsibility to name just a few. All these are important skills that are needed to do well later on in life in and out of work.

3. Enhancing Learning and Retention

Given this idea of the ultimate goal of learning, it is quite clear that simply understanding the concept as it is in the classroom is not sufficient. We need to be able to remember and reuse the information when doing something like an exam later. This can lead to mixed results regarding cramming. Students often do the studying right before the testing and then forget everything later. But with constant and various practice, a concept is solidified into memory. High retention is evident in skills that are practiced often, and homework can provide that practice.

Not only does homework enhance the ability to process and comprehend information, but it also instills in students the skill of learning how to learn. That is, the ability to grasp new concepts quickly and apply them to any problems or situations, unlike simple memorization which often occurs in class. This can be related to a Japanese proverb: “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.” This holds the idea that the imparting of knowledge is only a beginning, and a teacher cannot help a student in the task of understanding, developing familiarity, and mastering a new concept. This is something that can only be achieved by practice, and the more we learn, the more we store in our brains.

4. Improving Academic Performance

In conclusion, effectively homework has shown to only provide academic improvement when it’s vastly tools and can help from the parents. Homework as it is known today is perceived as a way of busy work that requires minimal effort and will not show any viable improvement, and this itself can be harmful as it can lead to the negative aspects of homework being stress, a loss of interest in learning, fatigue, and a potential unhealthy competitive drive. Often in the long run, this will discourage the student from aiming to succeed and understand in future lessons. This will not help the young students of today in a world that is in a constant state of change and with education an important factor in the choice of career, a person must have an understanding of what he or she is learning. Homework does help to reinforce work learned in the classroom and increase retention of said topic; this is a crucial positive impact of homework. But the 1 hour per day, 2 days a week suggested amount of homework has a very small effect on the overall retention of the information.

The data shows that there aren’t large amounts of reason to prove that homework helps students improve their academic scores, grades or understanding of subjects. The study took place in a number of different elementary schools in the U.S. and the research showed almost no relationship between homework and the student’s success in the academic studies. In another investigation at the University of Michigan, it was found that children aged between 6-8 were not significantly benefiting from homework due to it being a stressful time where parents insisted on being more involved in the child’s learning. This can have a negative effect on the child’s enthusiasm to learn, teaching them to rely on parents in order to succeed which isn’t a good lesson to learn. The final research conducted revealing info on if completing homework leads to higher scores and understanding of subjects was one taken on math students. A direct comparison of an easily measurable aspect of the student’s academic performance, math exam scores, revealed a negligible impact on student scores.

5. Overcoming Challenges and Building Resilience

Homework provides a means of help: allowing students to tackle new concepts, problem solve, and work on self-found weaknesses. Homework also allows inequities to surface. If a student is unable to complete the homework due to other constraints, it can impact the student’s learning of the given topic. Indeed, homework can be seen as an unfair means of drilling students who need the most help, further driving them into a set of learned helplessness regarding a subject. By and large, the main education priority with regards to this equity issue will be to try to provide a means of support to those students who cannot complete the homework, but this is difficult given the fact the student is already suffering under the weight of understanding. Homework itself will be lessened in impact provided it is within an environment where the student can procure aid. For example, the current situation of the internet age has already provided much in the way of alternative explanation, e-homework binds of educational facility, and even access to online tutors. Finally, while it may increase inequity, it is worth keeping in mind that homework, often the most practice for the given subject, is an irreplaceable tool that can help increase a student’s ability in said subject provided they have answers to their queries.

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