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i need someone to do my homework

The Importance of Completing Homework

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1. Benefits of Homework

Citing research that dates back to 1994, Cooper says that there is a positive connection between homework and student performance. His benefit to cost ratio is 7:1. What this tells us is that the benefits of homework are substantial, whereas the cost involved, still very much exists. He lists the practical benefits of homework which include, a higher tested grade, a better than usual grade, an increase in standardized test scores, longer retention of a subject and finally the higher attainment of work habits. Cooper goes on to tell us the dramatic difference in test scores and grades between those that do homework and those that do not. He also suggests that students who wish to and are likely to go to college have the most to gain from homework, contributing a 19 percentile gain to their test scores. However, this research is flipped upside down when it comes to secondary school and quantity of homework. Cooper states that moderate amounts of homework, the amount of homework suggested, show by far, better results to large amounts of homework, too much to digest. This is largely due to the fact that students unable to allocate appropriate time to different subjects, simply skim work to get it done. This can be blown off and defeat the point of doing the homework, lowering grades. Cooper says that according to his best evidence synthesis the optimum effects occur at 60-90 minutes per day for high school students. And finally, serving as a reference the Tellus Institute in 2007 cited from the New York Times suggests that according to a large scale study, homework has an effect to higher achievement for high school students in its very influential teen years. Usually the older the teenager, the more the student has a dislike for school and the harder it is for many parents to motivate their kids. This is where homework comes into play; by improving grades, tests scores and retention of knowledge, homework can contribute to motivation and self-discipline which has been statistically proven in older students. With a direct quote, “Homework is linked to achievement, but 16-year-olds are less likely to do it.”

Homework allows students the opportunity to further their knowledge. The only way to reinforce a subject learned in class is to apply it through homework. By doing homework to improve on a subject, it enables the student to do better in the subject and therefore maintain or raise their grades. Doing homework also helps develop essential study and learning skills that are critical in furthering learning. Homework also gives you an idea of what is to come in the near future such as a lesson or even a topic for the year. For instance, in a math class it is helpful to start each new concept with a homework assignment to ensure that the student knows the concept. At times homework can be an extension to what was learned in class. For example if a student is struggling with a particular topic, that student can spend more time and learn more on the topic with an extension of homework. And most importantly, homework allows the one teaching to evaluate the student’s comprehension of the subject.

2. Strategies for Effective Homework Completion

Aside from time specifics, there are more methods to effective homework completion. Dunlosky, et al., give information found to be useful no matter what the homework type, grade level, or subject. One of the most familiar yet ignored methods is to find a quiet, well-lit study area and keep it as a designated homework environment. Dunlosky says that “By selecting the same location to study, something students do quite often whether working on class assignments or preparing for tests, they provide a consistent environmental context that can facilitate retrieval later on” (Dunlosky et al.), the retrieval done later is recalling previously learned information and is a major objective of homework. This tip also can make a habitual homework time easier to implement. An environment free of distractions like television or video games is crucial to maintaining efficient homework procedures and completion. A noteworthy method but difficult for some students is to practice self-questioning while attempting homework. This can be a time-consuming method but is a very active way to… (a (Farthing and Kelly) and when comparing this method to rereading it was shown to be the superior method for improving understanding and memorizing) which are major goals of doing homework. Another technique that Farthing and Kelly propose is using…

Weekery and Maczuga (2013) indicated, “Homework can have a very positive effect on students’ success, and it will be important for them and their teachers to consistently put forth their best effort when attempting to complete their homework.” But how can students determine if the effort being given is their best? How does one achieve effective homework completion? According to Cooper (2007), homework completion strategies are crucial to determining success on homework assignments and obtaining the positive effects homework can provide. Cooper and colleagues’ analysis on the optimal time students should spend on homework relative to the ensuing academic achievement found out that “many American students are spending less time on homework than recommended,” which is ten minutes per grade level per day (Cooper). Cooper offers insight on an easy-to-calculate but difficult-to-enforce strategy for successful homework completion: setting a timer for the correct amount of time.

3. Overcoming Homework Challenges

One of our biggest challenges is the homework favorite – reading comprehension. It’s the bane of children who are auditory processors and who’ve not yet developed an interest in reading for knowledge and pleasure. So here’s my solution: Auditory comprehension learning via the Scanmarker reading pen. Imagine a pen that reads the words aloud as you scan across a page. It works with books and worksheets and your child can set the reading speed. It’s non-marking, making it a huge bonus for when your kids have to borrow library books and there’s a dramatic increase in recall and the ability to answer worksheet questions independently. This has been a game changer for a number of my students who have attention and learning difficulties. Another common obstacle is a resistance to homework, particularly in the upper primary school years and beyond. Learners have already spent several hours being instructed at school and the workload often doesn’t match their energy or ability levels. When combined with other extracurricular activities and learning support sessions, homework simply becomes another source of stress for the whole family. In such cases I recommend that children do their homework while playing background concentration music – an atypical, yet strangely effective solution. The style and volume of the music are individual preferences; some kids concentrate best with relaxation music, others with heavy metal! This simple act of sound blocking can also help children escape their sibling rivalries and teachers often find it disarming to have students do homework in a safe pair of headphones.

Useful suggestions on how to conquer homework challenges

4. Creating a Homework Schedule

Once your to-do list has been turned into a schedule, hang it up in a place where you will see it often. You may want to make several copies of your schedule and post them in your room, your backpack, or your locker. If ever you find yourself procrastinating or wondering what to do next, take a look at your schedule and do the task that is coming up next. And of course, if something happens to disrupt your planned schedule, take the time to reorganize and plan out a new strategy. The process of making the schedule is just as important as the schedule itself, and the practice of planning your time is one that can benefit you throughout your life.

Remember that the point of the schedule is to plan your time so that you can complete all of your tasks, both school-related and otherwise, without feeling overwhelmed. So, make sure that your schedule is doable, and be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day, and in a week. A good schedule will help you feel less overburdened by your schoolwork.

As you write your to-do list, you may find that some steps can be broken down even further, into smaller, more specific tasks. For example, “write a rough draft of the English paper” is still pretty broad. Which part of the paper will you work on? Is there a particular point or section you want to address? A more specific task will leave less room for procrastination. When you have a list of very specific tasks, estimate how long you think each task will take. Then, compare each task to the other obligations in your week (including leisure time and sleep) and decide when you will do each task.

One way to ensure that your homework gets done in a reasonable amount of time is to create a homework schedule. A schedule can help you plan your time effectively. It can also help you avoid the habit of procrastinating on your homework. To create a schedule, work backwards from the time that your homework is due, breaking down the assignment into a series of doable tasks. Write matters down on a to-do list, ordering the tasks in the way you plan to do them.

5. Seeking Help for Homework

Homework clearly presents an opportunity for students to learn. When a child is struggling in school, the first thing a parent should do is ask for a problem-solving conference with the teacher. In educational research, the general agreement is that homework can be a meaningful activity. This is a significant stepping stone for students’ learning. When a teacher sits down with homework in hand, he knows how the student performed on it. There is a high probability that a teacher will return to material the student didn’t understand in class. A child can also learn independently, monitor their evaluation, find out how much they understand about a subject, and receive quick feedback that can be easily checked by the teacher. This all sums up that homework is a chance for students to learn.

With the textbooks, tests, and quizzes, they’re also simply not learning well. The education system and its standards have an impact on the general level of individual, family, or national economic health, material well-being, goods, and services. Declining pupil effort affects both the student and the economy, so getting students to do more and study more productively should be a priority. We must encourage students to engage in active learning.

Meaningful learning happens by doing. It’s human nature not to enjoy the hard tasks in life. Can you imagine a world where students can’t wait to get home to do their homework? According to “A Nation at Risk,” the US Department of Education found that students are not studying enough.

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