i need to do my homework

i need to do my homework

The Importance of Completing Homework

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i need to do my homework
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1. Benefits of Homework

“It reinforces and extends the classroom learning. Out of class activity as assignments is an extension of classwork. There is a lot that is taught in the class that never gets understood, and then a lot that is understood that is forgotten because it contradicts the norm. When a teacher gives out an assignment, it is to reinforce what they have taught in the class. During class, all work is halted and the children are taught whatever the teacher believes is true. This just becomes another theory being imposed upon them. When the student goes home and does the assignment, they discover for themselves whether the theory is correct. If it is mathematics, they will do a couple of problems and will know immediately if they are doing it right or wrong. If it is a social study, they will find out the true cause of a current event. They are basically finding it out from trial and error, and this will be engraved in their memory. Another way the assignment helps the student is that it creates the ability to think independently. With the wealth of knowledge that a student gains from the assignment, they will begin to think about alternate solutions to a problem. This is what the teacher wanted. He wanted the students to understand the substance of what they were taught to a point where it can eventually be incorporated with the students personal beliefs. Any and everything learned in a classroom has some effect on society, and if a student can think about the issues that are associated with what he has learned, than that student will have no problem understanding it and remembering it. Homework also encourages students to go beyond what is taught in class. This is especially for advance placement students. For the average student, doing the assigned homework is what he/she considers to be going above and beyond.” It helps the students develop good study habits that are essential for learning. Efficacious study skills were found to be the single best discriminator between A and C students. Got a problem with that? Homework should be utilized for practice which is an essential part of learning, and it should consolidate what was learned in school. But in order for the assignment to be beneficial, the student must do it. If a student has an assignment due the next day, he has no choice but to take out the book to try and do it. This is an important first step for the development of good study skills. Homework should be utilized for practice which is an essential part of learning, and it should consolidate what was learned in school. But in order for the assignment to be beneficial, the student must do it. If a student has an assignment due the next day, he has no choice but to take out the book to try and do it. This is an important first step for the development of good study skills.”

2. Strategies for Effective Homework Completion

Another strategy is to organize yourself using a to-do list. Start with the most difficult assignments then work your way to the easiest so it becomes easier as you go on. Take a break every hour and make sure you time it so that your breaks do not go over ten minutes. This way you will not procrastinate when the break is over. Two interesting and effective strategies, provided by Greene and Martinez-Wolfe in “Upping the Homework Ante: Are High Stakes Bad for Low-Achieving Students?”, are teaching students specific and strategic reasons for doing the assignments and get the students interested personally and emotionally in the topic of the given assignment. For example, one student may be motivated if he knows doing the assignment will help him better understand the material for a test, and another student may be motivated to do an assignment on the history of civil rights if he knows it will help him form an opinion on the topic. Always keep at the back of your mind what your long term goal is. This is very important because if you plan to go to college you will need good study habits and completing homework is a very good habit to acquire. Always think about the long term effects from your actions. Consider both the positive and negative effects that the completion or noncompletion of an assignment can have on your overall grades. Finally, always plan to do more than is required. The best students are always striving to be better and doing optional homework is a surefire way to secure success in a given class.

Start by doing your homework as soon as you get home from school. Do it at the same time every day so it becomes a habit. This works if you have a lot of homework or just a little. Write it down in your planner and check it off when you are finished. Another effective strategy is to use the school agenda book and to have your teachers initial it every day to ensure you are doing the right assignments and staying up to date in your school work. It can also be helpful to do a little bit of your homework in school when you have free periods so that it is not as hard to catch up if you miss school. Set a goal for the amount of work that you will do and complete it. For example, plan to complete the biology assignment by 6:00 pm, then give yourself a reward.

Use a variety of strategies for making sure you do your homework. This will help you to develop a routine and ensure that you don’t forget to do your homework. Try a few different things to find the one that works best for you. Some of the following ideas are provided by Harris Cooper in “The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents”, 2nd edition.

3. Overcoming Homework Challenges

Successful completion of homework may depend on a student’s ability to fight off distraction, using techniques to focus, increasing self-discipline, and learning how to deal with failure. Given the related challenges, it may come as a surprise to learn that overcoming these obstacles may benefit the student. In fact, homework is a chance for students to continue learning at home and develop positive study habits. This, in turn, is associated with preparation for higher education and the workforce. Homework is a good opportunity to connect parents, classmates, and other family members with your education. The better your support network, the more likely you are to succeed in life. Parents’ involvement is another key factor. If you are experiencing problems with your homework, try discussing it with your parents. You may then decide both pride and presentation are at stake and put in the effort to complete your work to the best of your ability. This can be a turning point where you realize that by succeeding in school, you are making steps to succeed in life.

4. Creating a Productive Homework Environment

Finally, communication between the parent and the teacher can clarify the amount and difficulty of the homework, and even give insight where children are having trouble. Even the most intelligent children may need extra assistance on a subject, and parents knowing this can suggest a tutor or offer additional help. In essence, a productive homework environment is the foundation of a structured education and starts a child’s development of good work habits.

Step three, getting organized is something that children needed to be taught, yet is an important factor for academic success. A method that is proven to work is by having a homework schedule/planner. Ask your child to write down each assignment as it is given and prioritize them to determine what should be completed first. What’s great about this tool is that it teaches time management and reward at the same time. If a child finishes their assigned math homework for Monday on the bus ride home, free time after dinner can be determined and it’s well deserved! This is an excellent alternative to the no-time-for-free-time scenario due to overtime in one subject. Another method of organization that can be used is to have separate folders or trays for completed and uncompleted work. It’s a good feeling to come home and know you finished all of yesterday’s work and that folder is now empty.

Step two is to establish a routine by scheduling a regular homework time. By having a regular homework time you are enforcing the importance of homework and its significance in your child’s education. Children who do not have a set homework time are more likely to put off their work, leading to incomplete assignments onset by overtime in one subject.

The first step in creating a productive homework environment is to eliminate the distractions, as they will only cause frustration and could lead to incomplete assignments. The best way to obtain a quiet, well-lit area is to enforce a no-TV rule during the weekday. If needed, combine similar aged children in a room to work on their homework together, this can be effective as long as the children are able to concentrate on their work. Keep in mind each child is different and the homework environment may need to change from year to year. Depending on the work load of the day, some children require a quick break or may need to split homework time up in order to finish all of their assignments. When there are sports and extra-curricular activities going on after school, sometimes it’s necessary to find time after dinner during a weeknight to complete homework. This can be too late for some children, and may need to be a special arrangement. Other children may do best to wake up early in the morning to complete their work. By creating an environment that best suits your child, you provide a higher chance for them to succeed in completing their homework.

5. Seeking Help and Support

The last type of methods are indirect strategies. This type of strategy uses someone or something else to help the child perform a task or function independently. A child may use prompts to perform a task. For example, a parent may ask “What do you need to do first?” to remind the child to get started. The child may use a visual chart listing the steps in a task. For example, a poster reminding the steps in multiplying fractions. This method may also involve changing the environment. An example of this would be to reduce distractions for a child who has a short attention span. All of these methods attempt to help the child help themselves. If a child does not understand a specific homework exercise and the parent is not able to help, there are numerous websites which provide additional information and tutoring in the form of short lessons. Scholastic, for example, has a specific site called StudyJams! which offers a series of slideshows with information on different math and science concepts. Finally, and if only absolutely necessary, it is possible to contact the child’s teacher either in person or by email. The last resort strategy to completing work is seeking help from other people. Often a child’s parent is ill-suited to help them directly in a certain subject. Maybe it’s been a long time since the parent set a long division equation! In this case, the child may get a family member, older sibling, or close friend to help as a private tutor. If no help can be found between close family and friends, the next stop is often hiring a professional tutor. A tutor can be a reliable way of filling in gaps in the child’s understanding of a subject and provide the most appropriate help for the specific level of the child. Finally, professional teachers may offer extra help in the form of “homework clubs” or additional meetings. This has the added advantage that the teacher who is most familiar with the work and how the child is doing in the subject is able to give help.

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