literature essay introduction

literature essay introduction

The Power of Literature: A Persuasive Essay

1. Introduction

The power of literature is the unending feeling that literature can induce within a human being. Literature can become a confluence of readers in our fast-paced society. There are those whose reading habits are solely for education and uses logic. However, the creative aspect of these individuals becomes difficult to discern, whereas, those who partake in heavy surveillance of creative literature are associated as impulsive, overly emotional simpletons. Literature without question appeals to the emotional characteristics of a human being, but is this truly detrimental to society? Is it the act of taking the time to learn about another human’s thought or feeling that causes social divides. Literature and the many forms of literature do much to unite individuals from different parts of the world, allowing others an introduction into one’s society or social environment.

The power of literature: A persuasive essay. If asked what he or she wants to be remembered for, the common answer is usually that we are not to be remembered at all. The thought of being remembered may sometimes promote egocentric tendencies, longing to be remembered by strangers whom we care nothing about. Many times, we all have our individual favorite authors to be remembered by, the general consensus for the purpose of leaving a legacy is to touch someone’s life. It is majorly seen as the importance of leaving loved ones. It is believed that in literature, writing is utilized to bring life to a story. Perhaps too, writers can leave a legacy.

2. Impact of Literature on Society

When one hears someone say ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,’ oh, surely everyone immediately thinks about the goodness that Huck does by helping the runaway slave, how he saved Jim. But I see something else; I see the societal lesson. The lesson that Huck learned which in turn should teach us that just because something is law does not necessarily make it just. In this case, the law in the pre-Civil War United States gave slave owners the right to lose their minds when they found that their ‘property,’ referring to their slaves, of course, had run away. The complication with the right to own slaves indicates a corrupt and immoral society. Throughout this book, the characters portrayed as civil, intelligent, religious, and moral commit acts by which even then would demonstrate their true colors. When the well-off decide to utilize their skills of moral discernment, they “pinched their fingers harder through the holes in the sleeves” from Huck & Jim’s statements rather than educate those involved about the correct ideology that would sever the chain that enslaved their souls by following the laws set down by man.

“Finally, from the re-written classic, nearly every single one of those 286 students has written the same thesis for their final literary analysis of ‘How does the author’s background and time period have an influence on the book? Does it reflect the morals and values of society back then and yours today?’ How will they ever learn about the morals and values of their society today? Here’s their answer: By reading new literature. Essays on The Hunger Games, ‘The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian,’ ‘Marley & Me,’ ‘After Tupac and D Foster,’ ‘Fast Food Nation,’ ‘Nickel and Dimed,’ ‘The Last Lecture’ and a provocative, thoughtful essay, cry out about the world and society we are today, hoping for change, just as Upton Sinclair’s ‘The Jungle’ and Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’ did about their societies.” As Mrs. Wood unraveled the nearly unreadable loop on the chalkboard, we all agreed. So much for leaving a thumbprint on the picaresque globe.

3. Influence of Literature on Individual Growth

Many high school students don’t read when left to their own volition, but this is not the case because they are inherently lazy or they disdain literature. It is because students have become learned individuals in school, meaning that they are forced to read text because it has information or a moral reason. When students are told to analyze direct meaning and learn from the provided material rather than considering their personal response, they lose touch from appreciation for literature. They begin to believe that every text does this without the personal experience, when literature is so emotionally powerful because of how it connects to each unique reader. If students are not finding a way to express their psychoanalytic response with the work, based on previous information that they know rather than outside analysis, the book is almost worthless towards future education and personal development.

How many times have you opened up the pages of a book and been mesmerized by the captivating characters and intricate plot points that follow? Literature has a way of doing that. No matter if it’s fact or fiction, prose or poetry, literature has the power to shape the society from which it comes. It has the ability to further the personal growth and self-actualization of individuals. If we remember a time where we felt personally seen or expressed through a particular novel or poem, we can acknowledge this power of literature. Any individual can find opportunities to learn and grow in their lives, and literature provides these opportunities. So, why do we discuss the constraints on this knowledge? If we allow society to categorize books based on its information rather than the power that it provides to individuals, we are killing a form of expression that is crucial to the development of society.

4. Importance of Literary Analysis

Having finished my two years of literary analysis, I now realize how much it has boosted my comprehension and reading abilities. As a reader, it is important to notice the small details of a story, such as character development or who the real antagonist of the story is. Literary analysis shows readers that and much more. Many readers often overlook character development and forget about how critical it is to a story. Character development is not an easy thing to create, that is if one wants a real well-rounded, well-developed character. It won’t happen if the character is instantly in love with someone wanted them to be in love with; it won’t happen if the main protagonist starts off wanting to avenge their father but dumps that goal halfway through the book to help a stranger. An example of a well-developed character would be reasoning for the protagonist’s tenacity of revenge, maybe the problem is that the helping of the stranger is something that his father would have helped with.

There are two different forms of literary analysis: thematic analysis and stylistic analysis. Thematic analysis is one of the simpler types of analysis in literature. This type of analysis is used to show readers the deeper meaning behind the plot. In other words, thematic analysis is used to show readers the minor details that the plot may not depict, such as hidden metaphors or ideas. There is a vast amount of things to look for when analyzing the theme of a novel, that I just couldn’t cover, but, knowing this should help with your literary analysis papers. Stylistic analysis, a more complex form of analysis, looks at the different writing styles that present themselves within a novel. This type of analysis is used to think about the literary work as written by the author. However, stylistic analysis concerns itself more in uncovering the deeper blocks of texts in a story through a different look at the structure and language of the piece.

5. Conclusion

The government recognized the collective power of the English departments, awarding these departments grants, thus encouraging future enrollments in the fields of literature and composition, fields that impact all students. As described, literature provides insights into political, philosophical, social, and psychological aspects. The impact literature holds translated into a large industry, comprised of professionals in the field. To study literature teaches individuals how to conjure arguments and build support for their positions with valid evidence, potentially convincing others. Unlike studying fields such as business management, literature allows individuals to communicate their feelings rather than channel stress and frustration. Such communication, as outlined in economics, proves vital in allowing technological communities to engage in honest and constructive discussion to strengthen their knowledge base. Therefore, Rory Badenage argues that the study of literature is crucial, for it helps us approach the world and enables us to communicate with the community.

The study of literature can greatly enhance one’s understanding of the world through its powerful insights and evocative types of understanding. Readers can immerse themselves in the text, being shaped by the characters and experiencing the literary world. Also, one becomes aware of their personal capabilities through the actions of the characters. Reading can captivate the minds of readers in a way that other fields, like business management, cannot. Indeed, most people like to read books, for they provide relaxing and entertaining activities. Throughout American history, the government funded the study of literature, recognizing the power of literature. They encouraged students to participate in the English departments, reshaping them in the rapidly growing Universities of the 1960s. So, the study of fiction proves highly beneficial to the masses, allowing them to better appreciate the world and themselves.

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