medical school secondary essay editing service

medical school secondary essay editing service

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medical school secondary essay editing service
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1. Understanding the Importance of Secondary Essays

They are not an afterthought. Every medical school works hard to compile a class of 56 applicants who are interesting, mature, inquisitive, intelligent, and compassionate. These qualities are reflected in the third- and fourth-year student and alumnus survey that all US and Canadian LCME-accredited medical schools receive, so it is essential for applicants to demonstrate these qualities on their primary and secondary applications. Many premeds believe that if they have an average MCAT score/GPA and well-rounded experiences, they do not need to put much effort into their medical school application because they will get overshadowed by applicants of a higher caliber. This is very wrong. The majority of premeds who are successful in gaining admission into medical school are attractive candidates because they have a strong character with the qualities mentioned above. They have demonstrated this through effectively portraying who they are and what they are about in their application. If adcoms believed that USMLE scores and grades were all that mattered in a good applicant, they would base admission solely off of those two things, yet they do not. What ultimately separates those who are accepted from those who are denied is their ability to sell themselves. If you are successful selling yourself, you will make a connection with someone in the admissions office who will fight for you, and this is what gets you admitted.

2. Crafting a Compelling Introduction

A good introduction immediately establishes the tone, grabs the reader’s attention, and provides the thesis. A good introduction is fresh, engaging, and interesting. Below are more detailed questions to consider when responding to individual essay prompts. Be sure to explicitly answer the posed question at the end of your essay. This involves reflecting and coming up with insightful, and often introspective, statements and self-assessments. So now that you know what you’re going to say, how will you say it? Keep in mind that you are essentially trying to sell yourself to the reader, and people are usually persuaded by likability. Establish rapport, build and maintain enthusiasm, and, above all, stay positive. You want your reader to like you. So how do you do it? Be charming. Charm comes through a positive attitude, and revolves around a likable and consistent character. Your writing should be friendly, confident, and energetic. This is usually achieved by using an enthusiastic, diverse, and active-voice vocabulary. It’s always a good idea to have a few people read over your essay for you. Adcoms, professors, research colleagues—anyone whose judgment and writing skills you trust; someone who knows something about personal statements and has helped others with them. A good writer and a reader should be able to engage in an honest dialogue. This will ultimately help you to write a more organized, intriguing, and convincing personal statement.

3. Showcasing Your Unique Experiences and Qualities

You need to understand that every perspective, every aspiration, and every unique quality you possess has come from a singular experience, no matter how lasting or small. Everything that has occurred in your life, whether by your design or by chance, has made you the individual you are today. Admissions committees will look for this quality in your essay. Remember, however, that you are essentially writing a story – your argument should be supported by your experiences from the past. While we did read that someone is “compassionate” or “sympathetic,” it could not compare to the truth of an example set by Mother Teresa: In Calcutta, she once removed her own shoes and gave them to a man who appeared to need them more. He was later seen by the same nun to be dying, without any comfort – she took the man to her hospice where she bathed him, changed his linen, and fed him. This later resulted of course in the founding of the Missionaries of Charity, for which Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. His thoughts, feelings and the events that have occurred to lead you the decision of wanting to become a doctor and an individual who will have a positive impact in the world, must manifest deeply and sincerely. By reading your essay, your experiences should merge to provide evidence that you have deeply contemplated your decision to enter medicine.

4. Addressing Weaknesses and Challenges Effectively

Describing about the habits of research and inquiry, it should be mentioned whether it is related to the patient or some illness or it is related to the organization of professional practice. If the physician is in habit of looking for some information on a medical or health knowledge or clinical practice it will help in improving the educational resource. Self learning often will be focused on remediation of a problem or enhancement of medical knowledge and it is very true till the quote that charity begins at home. Any research or inquiry work if positive definitely has an impact on a scientific basis method or biomedical knowledge changes and it can just only a self hypothesis question or explain some better understanding of the patient regarding a particular physician’s treatment. This type of research work can modify regulations and certification and hence a reflection of that done by the doctor should be disclosed. This may be at last but not the least it is a basic or clinical sciences research for period project by a part time or volunteer interested position. Then the most important change in habits leading to an expected change and patient care should be narrated. This is the best way to reflect the doctors habit changes, weakness solutions, challenges undertaken and the ultimate assessment of all these.

Many resident doctors are forlorn concerning how their talents and abilities are measured on being weak or strong. Being weak does not mean that a particular doctor is incapable, however if things get better after showing some realization of their weakness are not overlooked, it will also give a good impression to the patients regarding the doctor. Having the ability to show weakness and acceptance of challenges are looked at by the people who assess your accomplishments. Hence, addressing to the weaknesses and challenges effectively is a very important yardstick to measure the actual transformation of an individual time by time. Mainly, the past medical history and present job performance should contain the doctor’s weakness or challenges faced by him. This indicates the clinical evaluations and also the outcome of CME and professional development programs. Self declaration/evaluation would be the best tool to know about the solvency of encountered problem/weakness by the doctor. We can formulate a very good example for the same that a doctor X had little or no confidence in an outpatient procedure and coped by reading and attend a workshop. Then an involvement of a specialized skill sessions should be mentioned. Outcome: learning and practice of a defined clinical procedure or standard of practice.

5. Polishing Your Essays for a Stellar Application

The next part of writing a stellar essay is to always consider your audience when you are writing. Remember, this is a professional school, and you are a future medical professional. Your immediate goal here is to get accepted to medical school, thus your audience is anyone who is or will be involved in the admissions process (in other words, an admissions committee). An admissions committee consists of members of faculty, staff, and medical students from the school. Therefore, a successful essay should communicate the type of person you are and the characteristics you have that make you a qualified candidate. While understanding that your audience will be diverse, it’s essential that you hit on qualities that are considered universal traits of a good physician. Lastly, an admission to medical school is the first step in your professional development. Always remember to maintain a professional manner, and avoid classic blunders seen in other essays.

The first rule with this segment is simple: consider any suggestion or advice faculty gives you. A secondary essay will truly tell you how you can improve your application. So if you’re given a task to write an essay in 1000 characters or less about why you want to go to XYZ medical school out of all others, do not ignore this request and think a standard essay discussing why the school is great and what resources it can provide will work. They want a clear-cut reason why you want to be at their school, and answering this question is vital to your success. Use all the characters they give you and if possible, don’t hesitate to write them an email asking if there is any flexibility with this guideline, as making any essay shorter than it should be just won’t cut it. This continued habit of reading between the lines with what is actually being asked for a particular essay will guide you from potential acceptance to fading to the “hold” list.

Now that you understand the purpose of the secondary essay and you have identified what medical schools are looking for with this question format, it’s time to figure out how to write something other than standard, rote or cliché, and communicate with what would be considered a “top tier” secondary essay.

5. Polishing your essays for a stellar application

Guidelines for Writing Exemplary Secondary Essays Inside Medical School Application

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